There's an old saying that describes women as a mystery; however, today we're going to crack the case…well, at least a little bit. This thread allowed men to ask the questions they've always wondered about in a safe, informative zone. This can be difficult in face-to-face conversations where personal or private questioning is not always appropriate.

Have you ever wondered what women really do at sleepovers? What do they think of your flirting? Or the truth behind "size doesn't matter" but could never really ask? Then this one is for you. We've lined up some of the most common questions that people don't dare ask from one Redditor's bold question.

Redditor _somename_ asked:

"Men, what are some questions you've always wanted to ask women, but were too embarrassed?"

The responses from the women of Reddit were helpful and matter of fact even when it came to some would-be awkward questions.

Female baldness...

​“How are most of you not bald? I swear I can make a muppet with the amount of hair my partner and female friends seamlessly dump all over the house. Why the h*ll am I pulling a 2 ft long hair out of my a**crack lmaoRealFlyForARyGuy

Women's hair thins with age, too, and some do actually experience a degree of baldness. More woman than you realize are wearing toppers, extensions, or wigs.“

“Women losing their hair is way, way, WAY less socially acceptable than men losing theirs, so those who suffer from hair loss tend ito go to great lengths hide it, in a similar way to how we are so secretive about how much hair grows everywhere else on our bodies.” AccessibleBeige

Flirting vs. being nice?

​“How do I differentiate between a woman flirting with me and just complementing me?" Issac_-

“Compliments aren't stretched out for long periods of time unless you're in a relationship. People usually give 1 or 2 compliments then continue the conversation. While flirting will be part of most of the conversation." Blake-Bell

“If she's at work, just assume she's not flirting. She might be, but it's way more likely that she's not and it's just too messy and awkward. So don't hit on baristas or bartenders or cashiers." Mehhhhhhhjay

Yes, please, just shave it!

Not embarrassed to ask this but since women are giving their honest opinions, how do y'all feel about being attracted to guys who are balding/bald at a young age (20-25)? Does it make a big difference to you?” ​arixrdc

“Personal opinion, shaving it off is way hotter than going for the prince William look of pretending like it's not happening. Just shave it. If you are able to, grow some facial hair, that balances out the shaved head. But it's not important.” Hoppinginpuddles

Conversation skills don’t always come naturally…

“How should I approach/ meet people? I'm really shy and bad at conversing and genuinely believe I'm probably going to end up alone since I'm 30 and can't talk to people like an adult.” Panicradar

So there are a few things that I want to touch on here. One, if you are approaching a strange woman in public that you're romantically interested in, you need to tread very carefully. Women are socially conditioned to be polite even when we feel uncomfortable/threatened.”

So if you are going to try, you need to be very aware of leaving ways for her to exit the conversation (both socially/verbally and physically--a lot of guys I know unwittingly block exits because they don't realize how big they look/don't have to constantly worry about safety like that).”

Beyond that, practice. I once went without answering ‘good’ or ‘fine’ to ‘how are you’ for a few weeks as a challenge. Even just switching to something like ‘It's almost the weekend’ or ‘I can't wait for spring’ and a smile to the checker at the grocery store gets a much more warm and genuine response back.”

“They'd tell me about how they heard the weather would warm up soon or tell me if it was almost the end of their shift. I didn't form any deep relationships with them or anything, but it gave me the confidence to at least try to talk to people in other areas of my life.” tonightbeyoncerides

The question most men want to know…

​“Does penis size actually matter to y'all?DefectiveJay

“It's like boob size. A vocal minority cares a lot, the rest is just happy with what is there.” Allegutennamenweg

Different ways to support…

“How do I support you in public if I'm anxious and nonconfrontational? If someone's being kinda creepy I may not feel confident enough to speak up... what is the next best thing to do?" SeatDisastrous2262

“Get us out of the situation quickly and safely. You don't have to fight someone to show us that you want to keep us safe. Support us by helping us get to safety and be open to talking about it after." OIWantKenobi

Someting to never ask irl...

​“Do periods stink?OrdinaryBallowski2

“The metallic smell is the iron from your body. You are shedding so much blood and loosing that iron. That's why some people tend to get super thirsty/dry mouth, chew ice, or get light headed while on their period.” jadapotatoe

People Share The Craziest Lies They've Told That Came True | George Takei’s Oh Myyy

FYI, its like carrying a bowling ball in your groin that kicks and makes you puke…

“How do pregnancies feel? is it like carrying a backpack on the chest? is the baby pulling down? does it block ways of sitting?” SlimeCrafterLP

“This can vary among women and which stage of pregnancy they are in. At first, you might not feel anything or your pelvis might feel really tender and kind of bloated. At a certain point you can start to feel movement inside.”

“When the baby is small and has space to move around it might feel like a flutter. After the baby is bigger and space in the uterus decreases it can feel like getting poked and prodded from the inside. This can make the pregnant woman feel happy and reassured but also sometimes uncomfortable.”

“Sometimes the baby will kick you in the ribs or push into your back. You could compare it to carrying a backpack but imagine that the back pack is inside your body.”

“After a certain point it does feel like the baby is pulling down on your body especially if the belly sticks out a lot. Being pregnant can make different physical positions uncomfortable but again, it depends on the person and the stage of pregnancy.” JstVisitingThsPlanet

Bathroom conditions…

“Are women's bathrooms really cleaner than men's? I've heard that they just get cleaned more often.” ChronoLegion2

It depends! I've used men's public restrooms before in a pinch, and I find it's usually just different kinds of messy. Women's restrooms would have the occasional blood stains or hygiene product that isn't properly disposed of, and men's restrooms would be more likely to have feces where it didn't belong. Plus, sticky floors? Especially near the urinals.”

“You're definitely right about the cleanliness thing! I find it more common with women to be concerned about dirt or grime, with more leeway being given to regular clutter (clothes on the floor, books scattered around, etc). My dad and brothers both seem pretty blind to nasty messes.”

“They'll leave used plates and bowls or cups in their rooms for days, let their trash cans pile up with god knows what, and I've seen them wipe their runny noses on their clothes way too much.” Lilac_Summers

“…get smashed and order stupid amounts of food…"

​“What do you actually do at sleepovers?” yrrrrrrrr

“Talk about guys and gals we think are cute, watch movies (usually Disney or horror), listen to music, play video games (Mario kart, Mario party, super smash bros, just dance, etc), take over the kitchen to bake at 3am, dance around in our pajamas, try out ridiculous or extravagant makeup looks, and occasionally play dress up, too! and depending on our age, get f**kin smashed and order stupid amounts of food lmao.” Lilac_Summers

Period planning 101

​“How do you plan around periods? Do you have a calendar for when you're due and put protective measures around that time? Do you just wear something all the time? Or do you bleed on your underwear on a regular basis?Alyeanna

“I have a calendar and know when it's coming +- 2 days. It does not come like BOOM a lot of blood, usually it starts with a few little drops I notice when whiping after peeing and then I know i should probably put my cup in in a few hours.” Rayancanmore

No, no it does not…

“Always heard some women say ‘wasn't able to walk after sex’ does that mean the guy was good/ideal?” Bbclive123

“Not necessarily, sometimes guys go overboard and are pretty thrust happy and that doesn't always mean that it was pleasurable.” MarieLouise01

women feel pressured to make men happy even if we aren't interested.”

​“What's better? - A guy asking your cell number. - A guy giving his number and saying ‘I had a good time with you and would like to message/call/see you again. Here's my number, text me if you like’.” Somnscipios

“The second one for sure. Sometimes women feel pressured to make men happy even if we aren't interested. The second one is thoughtful and conscientious, and if I was still dating I would personally be more inclined to reach out if a guy offered me the second option.” OlWantKenobi

Hints she might like you bro…

“What hints do girls give when they are interested?” shanidar1

Here's my personal signs that I'm into a guy! I make and maintain eye contact with him more, I'm more likely to touch him casually (on the arms, shoulders, do the whole ‘you have something on your face/in your hair, can I get it?’ routine, stuff like that!), my body language is more ‘open’ and relaxed, and I tend to face him with my whole body!”

Not just with my face, unless, y'know, I'm not physically able to face him with my whole body. Plus, I'll make comments on his physical appearance! ‘Wow, your hair looks different today! Did you put something in it?’ or ‘That shirt looks really good on you! You should wear it more often.’”

Stuff like that! I try and really listen to what he says, and try to remember stuff he likes or is interested in! Back when I worked retail, I was always baking stuff and trying out new recipes on my coworkers. If I had a crush on a guy, he'd be one of the first people I'd bring something to.”

Or if it was something I'd made before that I knew he'd like, I'd save him a couple extra and give them to him personally, instead of just letting him find a tray of cookies in the break room. That last one is really specific to me though because not everyone is super into baking like I am!Lilac_summers

Different sex drives…

​“Are women as horny as men are?Intelligent _Maize_71

Women want sex just as much as men do, but we do not get turned on the same way. Emotional intimacy and safety ignites interest a lot more than straight up propositions. Women are often objectified, and straightforward propositions are often a turn off.”

“Women who are openly sexual are slutshamed, and receive more unwanted propositions. It's just easier to save all of that excitement for the bedroom.” VansChar_

For real, avoid the tangents…

So what would be the best way to bring a girl into the stuff you like: hobbies, favorite shows, movies, etc. etc. I'll gladly admit that I'm an über nerd that gets excitable over the stuff I like. When I get on topic I can get going on several tangents that I'm just blazing through cause I just LOVE this stuff that I'm talking about.”

“Unfortunately I've seen it happen all too often where eyes glaze over and you just get the polite ‘Yeah!’ and ‘Mmhm!’ with a nod here and there. It kind of makes just not want to share. So what's the way to try and bring you in enough to where maybe we can actually talk about it rather than me just talking at you.” Qant00AT

First of all you can't really make someone like something. You can try to introduce it little by little, maybe find some aspects of it that you know will interest her. It's desirable to be passionate about something but DO NOT talk for hours about it if you see she's bored. Also show some interest in her own hobbies.” mmmaja_s

It is individual choice…

“Do you feel makeup is essentially a self-fulfilling prophecy? Like wearing foundation to remedy your complexion, it messes up your complexion, then you have to wear more? I've always felt men have better skin…sometimes.” Jocfrost

I agree. Plus you wear makeup to ‘fix’ your complexion, then you only feel pretty when you're spending so much time and makeup to look a certain way. I want to wear makeup because I think the designs are pretty, but I'm waiting until I'm genuinely happy with the way I look so I don't depend on makeup for self confidence.” Strong-Second-2446

Online dating can be rough…

​“When you put on your dating profile "don't just say 'hey' or 'how are you'" then what do you want is to open with?” RetailDrone7576

“Well, I always like it when a guy opens with something that shows he read my profile! Maybe a reference to some of my listed hobbies? Questions about my schooling? Something casual, not like interview style questions.” Lilac_summers

Consent before touch is sexy j/s…

​“Should I ask or should I just go in for the kiss? I feel like I'm good at reading the situation but I always ask first because I'm not brave enough to just go in for it.” thatguy2650

“It is completely okay to ask! I've had guys ask me before and I always think it is so nice of them to ask for consent before, especially because I've had guys not ask and me not want to be kissed. So asking before especially if it were like a first or second date is very refreshing.” cheetosgoldenhoney

They can seriously hurt…

“How painful are periods actually. I have had a girl tell me it feels like every bone is being broken which no offense if it's true but I think that's an over exaggeration. So how painful is it really.” Iamultraweeb

They can be extraordinarily painful, especially if you have a condition called endometriosis. It can literally feel like you're being gutted with a knife. Sometimes it's just a dull ache.”

“The thing about period cramps is that they can spread to your back/kidney area, and medications don't work for everyone. Plus we have to continue on with our day while being hormonal and uncomfortable and in pain and bleeding.”

“It's a big suck all around. And, a lot of women experience diarrhea while on their period so that's super fun too. Birth control can help with period pain, but for some women it's horrendous and for others it is manageable.” OlWantKenobi

Some of these questions wouldn't exactly be appropriate in the real world so we're glad we got to get answers here.

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