Men Share The Sex Advice They Think Women Need To Hear
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***WARNING: NSFW thread***

Why are so many of us such puritans when it comes to discussing sex?

After all there is a lot to chat about.

Why so shy?

Everybody needs to speak up on the matter more.

It's all the non-speaking that leads to trouble.


Men have a few things they want to share.

Redditorjestgowithitwanted the gents of Reddit to let the ladies in on a few details about sexy time.

They asked:

"Guys of Reddit, what is one piece of sex advice you could give to women?"

Sex is a communication sport.

No matter how many people are involved.

So let's communicate.

Working Together

"Firmly but gently." ~ JuanCSanchez

"A fun, sexy tip I gave on reddit once was: girls, if you'd like to learn how to masturbate a guy properly, buy lube, have him grab your hand and use it instead. Lessons will be learned, and everyone gets to enjoy themselves." ~ leroy_hoffenfeffer



“Women, if there’s something that turns you on, if there’s something that gets you excited, something that really makes you hot, makes you nasty. HOWS ABOUT FILLING US IN AS TO WHAT THE HELL IT IS!!!” -the late and great Sam Kinison." ~ goateyboyjr

"I think, as a woman adding on, some of us don’t really know what we like until we try it so we sometimes don’t know. I didn’t know I liked to be fondled until it happened and I didn’t know I liked hickeys until I got one. I would always fantasize about doing it from behind but when I actually did it, I felt like a cow." ~ CapriciousSalmon

Feels good to be wanted...

"Please be more touchy. Run your hands over a guys body, feel him, grab, caress, kiss." ~ Reddit

"Haha. Just left a similar comment under another comment. Like damn girls we like to be touched and kissed and caressed and devoured all over too. Feels good to be wanted. I always hear guys don’t do foreplay but so many women just give a couple tugs and think nothing else is warranted." ~ ChillinVillianNW

For Starters...

"Don't be afraid to initiate sex." ~ degeneratesumwitch

"I remember trying to initiate many times with my ex but he was not interested any time I did. Then he had to gall to tell me I never try to initiate sex! I told him I did but I stopped because of rejection so many times so I just let him do it since he got horny at weird times like 2 in the afternoon." ~ Lick_The_Wrapper

Be Real

"Don't fake orgasms to spare your partner's feelings, you'll end up teaching them to do the wrong things in bed and make it even less likely they'll get you off the next time." ~ Spike-Rockit


As a gay man so much of this is over my head.

But I'm willing to listen.

Go For It!

"If you want it, don't be shy. It's a huge turn on when a girl goes for what she wants." ~ User_492006


You're Beautiful!!

"Don't be self conscious about body parts, stretch marks, shape, or any of that stuff the vast majority of us adults don't care about. Nothing is going to stop the blood draining from our brains." ~ -technosapien-

"Oh man. My GF has stretch marks all over (2 kids + medical issues with weight gain/loss in the past). I don't even care because she's still sexy af, clothes or no. Having her in my arms is the best thing that's ever happened to me and she's finally all mine (and I'm all hers)." ~ thepenis_mightier

Open Up...

"Communicate; talk about boundaries, likes, dislikes, etc. early on. Don’t be afraid to initiate sex with your partner; a lot of men (like myself) are dense or have a hard time doing so ourselves, even when we’re comfortable with our partner. If he doesn’t last long, and I can’t stress this one enough, he can use some assurance!" ~ Omni_Devil

Be Blunt!

"Stop being coy! We are NOT going to get it!" ~ ColinBridgerton

"Oh man, as a guy I must second this. Hell, I don't even notice clutter, forget subtle advances. Wife did some tidying while I was at work. Then coyly asked if I noticed anything different. Like, baby noooo. I didn't even notice when your Mom painted her kitchen and living room colors on the opposite side of the color wheel from their original state."

"Like sure, it might feel tidier and more open now that you mention it, but you need to be blunt 😂. Elaborating on the MIL story a bit. When my MIL asked if I noticed anything different, I didn't. So I went with the ole 'yeah it looks real clean in here today!'" ~ nbuzd

Start it Up

"My penis is attached to my body. Don't act like you're trying to start a damn lawnmower." ~ pardonmynonsequitur



"Be vocal. For the love of hell, TELL US what you like/don't like."


"With specifics. Slight changes in volume or cadence to a moan can still be ambiguous. Gotta be like those guys at the airport directing a plane into the gate. Leave no doubts about what needs to be done."


Thigh High

"Don't question why it's sexier to leave on your thigh high socks during sex just leave them on."


"Sorry but I’m stunned anyone would question this or remove them. I specifically put them ON for a reaction (and my own)!"


"Oh lawd, thigh-highs get me going faster than a night gown or even the sexiest lingerie you got."



"Before you put your finger in someone’s a**, ask for consent."


"THIS. I had a girl over once and she kept touching my butt like she wanted to eat it but I said no soooo many times and then she kept edging her fingers closer to my a**hole and I was like 'do you want me to do you in the butt?' And when she replied no I said 'well until you say yes I’m not saying yes either' and then she completely lost interest in me because I didn’t want to let her peg me like dude CONSENT!!"



"Once you get consent, It is perfectly OK to slam a guy into the bed and take what you want."


"I once went to this guy's house for sex of course but even before we did anything, we were already hot I was already on my knees I looked up and asked for his consent to take his pants off and I swear it turned him on even more. I'm hot just thinking about it."


be happy

"Enthusiasm is everything. You don’t always have to do it right, but you, at the very least, have to want to do it right. Right?"


Happy Gene Simmons GIF by TrueRealGiphy


"1) Make an effort in bed, don't just lay there..."

"2) Don't be afraid to be vulnerable..."

"3) If we're not doing it the way that you like it, teach us how YOU like it. Don't hold back. Every woman is different, and we can't read your mind. Most guys get really turned on when they know that they're 'hitting all the right buttons.' It's a primal thing..."


Respect your body...

"Respect yourself. Respect your body. You are not obligated to be a porn star or to do anything you don’t want to do. Humanity got by pretty damn well with vanilla sex for thousands of years and men didn’t complain. Now with generations growing up with porn as their sex guide, they have a twisted and warped idea as to what sex is."

"Don’t fall into that trap. Be confident. Be yourself, and men will fall to your feet. Don’t bend yourself backwards to please mens sexual perversions unless they're yours too."



"Don’t fake orgasms. Teach. If there’s an ego thing with all that, I recommend saying 'hey how bout tonight is all about you, partner. Why don’t you just tell me what you want me to do. Tomorrow, how bout it’s all about me, I’ll show you what I like the best.' Give then take. That’s how my wife and I got better at each other, and our orgasms are pretty mutual… unless she’s faking."


We're dumb...

"Talk to us. We're dumb. Tell us what you like and don't like. Take our hand and put it there."


​So DumbGiphy


"We have extragenital erogenous zones, just the same as you do. Ears, lips, eyelids, fingertips, nipples, pelvic region. Look at a Nervous Homunculus illustration for reference (warning: do not expect to be titillated by the image as it is somewhat off-putting). These are areas where somatosensory nerves are closely clustered."

"Basically any attention paid to our skin, from soles to scalp, is a turn on, but these areas in specific will drive us crazy. Just remember to be gentle. We are all made of the same material, and men have a far lower threshold for pain."


Well I hope all of this helps.

Now go on out and have some fun.

Responsibly of course.

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