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People Over 35 Share Their Best Advice For Gen-Zers

We all hear how hindsight is 20/20.

So what are tips and life hacks that people wished they knew when they were younger? What would have helped them with life?

The over 35 crowd of Reddit decided to share some of the best advice they wish they had taken to heart.

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People Break Down The Things That People Romanticize But Are Actually Awful

Do you know what popular thing I’m sick of people attempting to make romantic? The 1940s and 1950s.

How many times have we all heard the sentiments that dating isn’t like it used to be? Marriages don’t last like they used to?

Or how men knew how to be men or women were so glamorous back then? Or “I was made for a different time” citing romantic ideals of ice cream shop dates and car hops?

It’s a bunch of hooey.

Yes, we all love some great retro fashion but the time period was horribly oppressive. Those women—if even able or allowed to work—made so little per hour compared to men they could not typically be fully self sufficient.

Women were still raised for marriage and not their own dreams. They did awful things to themselves to fit into societal beauty standards at the time as it was tied in directly to their worth.

People of color had no rights, they were kept segregated and abused. The fight is still going today to undo the grievous social harms done during and after this time period.

So, forgive us if we don’t see the romance in “the olden days”.

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People Break Down Which Things Are Wrongly Attributed To The Bible

Arguably the most widely published and widely speculated about book in the world is the Bible. With a seemingly endless number of translations, religious denominations and different individual interpretations, it is hard to say whoever could be “right."

There are some statements though that have to be taken at face value or not, because they don't appear in any version of the Bible.

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Women Share The One Thing They Find Most Attractive In A Man

This magnetic pull between people, attraction makes a person alluring and pleasing to the sense of another. But what, in fact, makes someone attractive? Is it the physical such as a strong jaw or how close or wide set their eyes are? A smile? A sense of humor? Or something deeper?

The most attractive qualities in a person for long term commitment, at least for this writer, center around emotional intelligence, being kind and steady, compassion, creativity, and a love for life. A great smile and shining hair are wonderful however, in ten, maybe twenty years time a white smile fades, hair can thin. What is left is not so much the outside but the heart and if that’s ugly, well there’s really no amount of makeup, clothing, or plastic surgery able to fix that is there?

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