Things That Make A Man Instantly Attractive That They Don't Even Realize According To Women

Things That Make A Man Instantly Attractive That They Don't Even Realize According To Women
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While we all notice the way people look, the superficiality of instant attraction doesn’t last forever.

More often than not, a man with a good personality becomes more attractive while men who are rude or have an attitude become less attractive, regardless of their physical appearance.

Going along with that, there are some superficial traits or actions that make any man look attractive.

For example, I really like when a guy runs one hand through his hair when he is thinking about something.

The thing is, many men don’t realize these traits or actions are attractive to potential partners.

Luckily, Redditors are ready to share their opinions.

It all started when Redditor tgfree16 asked:

“Women, what are some things that make a man insanely attractive but they don’t realize?”

Speak Your Mind

"Standing up for what is right, especially when his friends don’t"

– BeautifulInfinite288

Paying Attention

"Attentiveness was something I noticed with my Husband right away. Little things like, I made a face of discomfort so he traded me spots when sitting in uncomfortable chairs or I had said earlier that day to no one in particular I would love a Yoohoo and he picked me one up. The thing that really made me fall for him though is he is like this with everyone. Strangers, family, friends seriously everyone. We have been together almost 10 years and married for almost 8, and he still does this so I know it's not just to win me over lol this behavior has also begun to carry over to my 4-year-old daughter who the other day notice me rubbing my lower back grimacing in pain (I'm almost 9 months pregnant) and she ran and grabbed my back massager without me realizing and started rubbing my back with it."

– bahamamama28

And Don't Say "Calm Down"

"Patience. If a guy is just calm and reassuring when sh*t hits the fan, that’s insanely attractive. Also if he’s teaching something and just gently aids without getting annoyed."

– miss_kimba

"It is SUCH an attraction killer to see a man become angry or frustrated with minor annoyances."

"A man who can handle circumstances calmly (addressing it when needed, showing empathy when that's the right response, or just letting it go when his attention is not needed or not likely to be productive) - whatever that circumstance is - is super attractive to me."

– itsybitsybiter

Listen Up!

"When a guy is a good listener, it’s really attractive"

– saltyy_spitoon

"I know she doesn't see it, but I'm a listener par excellence."

"Wife: Are you listening to me?"

"Me: Yes."

"Wife: What did I just say?"

"Me: Are you listening to me?"

– InsaneRabbitDaddy


"They can take care of themselves. Clean house, cook, do laundry etc. They don't have to be perfectionist but just have a grown up ability to take care of their needs."

– carolizzy81

"In other words are capable of being an adult"

– eileen404

Be Kind

"Kindness, I find men of all shapes and sizes incredibly attractive when they show kindness when they think they are not watched."

"Absently minded petting an animal, greeting a child, very small gestures that show the kindness that is within them, not because they were taught it is the right thing, but because they feel it."

– Myilana

"I remember when I went to Petsmart with my then girlfriend and now wife and I hit donate 1 dollar for pets in need. She made mention that it was sweet that I did that, but I always did that cause it’s only a dollar and pets are cute. But it meant a lot to her that I did that."

– Shadow_Fox1216

The Hair Matters

"I don’t think a lot of men realize just how much a good haircut can help. Obviously it’s a a bit subjective, but a flattering haircut can make a massive difference."

"My partner got a bad hair cut once and although he is a handsome dude, he looked like a turnip."

– NoMrBond3

The Best Voice

"When he has that low, relaxed tone that says he's absolutely chilling. That's absolutely it."

– tif333"

"You just love deep voices. Me too. They are goddam sex in syllables.

– throwaway_messylady


"-When a man makes decisions, big or small. Love that. Also, something very attractive to me is when a man has had the same friend group for most of his life (and they're good people). Just a huge green flag to me that he is loyal and cares about his friendships."

– elmsa517

The Confidence To Be Nice

"Being confident enough to compliment other men without the need to say something stupid like "no homo""

"Like my boyfriend often tells our coworkers nice things, i.e : you looked nice today, I like your shoes, you have a nice smile, ect. and it's nice to see."

"Like as a woman, it hits different when another women compliments me. I'm sure it's the same for men."

– Anxious_Light_1808

"If another bloke walks past and has a nice smelling cologne I'll compliment the scent and ask what it is. Seems not all men can take a compliment."

– WokSmith

Crazy For You

"Not a woman, but something my wife shared with me after 17 years of marriage. She told me that I always have a smile on my face whenever we go to kiss each other. She said I always smile right before we kiss and it is always my genuine, happy smile. I didn’t realize I did it at all until about a year ago when she shared that info."

– Chopperkene

Dads Are The Best

"When they are hanging out with their offspring being good dads. Could be as simple as holding their kid in one arm and some groceries in the other. Like I'm a lesbian, but holy sh*t do dads turn me on. I obviously have daddy issues."

– scubaordie

"Wife and I were dating, I have two boys, they were 2 and 4 at the time, they were running around and had eaten some candy, wife and I were having a conversation about something, I quickly told the kids to stop running because they were going to get sick, as soon as I said that, the 2 yr old stops by the fridge and hurls onto the floor, I scoop him up, take him to the sink, clean him up, let him loose, clean the vomit up, and never stopped the conversation the entire time. That’s when she said she had fallen in love with me"

– surfdad67

Learn Something New Everyday

"Knowing a lot of cool facts about weird stuff."

– Breeblez

"The Doritos mush you get on your fingers isn't there for flavor. The creators say that it's for the "Doritos experience.""

– StayGlazzy

"Every 60 seconds, a minute passes in Africa"

– boy_with_reddit

Passion For What You Love

"When he is excited over his interests. My hubs can tell you anything about fish, like any fish at all. Sounds boring, but it's his favorite thing, and I love the way his face lights up when he talks about it."

– kwunschel316

The Roll Up The Sleeves Type

"That thing when they’re wearing a button down shirt and roll up the sleeves."

– echoIalia

"Ugh YES, especially when they take the time to roll them up properly, like sir, please."

– jadakissed143

"And highly concentrated on doing something that requires them to roll up the sleeves. Physical or mental. When I got my first job I pretty much had crush on every guy when they were trying to figure out a problem."

– javalorum

"Ah f**k I only have button up shirts. I need to do some shopping."

– Over_Necessary_738

I totally concur!

Well, what other attraction-worthy traits and qualities should we add? Let us know in the comments below.

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