Women Share "Girl Secrets" Guys Shouldn't Know About


In an earlier article, we talked a little bit about the stuff that women found totally baffling about men. The article really helped women get a better understanding - particularly of hetero male friendships. Haha, just kidding we're more confused than ever! We still totally don't get it. How can you know NOTHING about your friends?!? What is happening?

Anyway, in the spirit of fair play, some women got together and decided to give men some freebie bits of info.

One Reddit user asked:

What are some "girl secrets" guys don't know about?

Needless to say there is a lot of talk about menstruation and genitals - but there's also a lot of stuff in here that isn't related to bodies at all, but some women still thing it's important for men to understand. Here are some of the top rated responses, edited for language or clarity if needed. You ready? Nope, you're not ready - but we're going in anyway!



Sometimes we stand up and things just gush out of us. We always think it's our period. It feels like giving birth to a small jellyfish.

- Katrinashiny


When you hold your breasts when you walk up & down the stairs or run, it's so they don't jiggle. Jiggling is so uncomfortable.

- MadeOnThursday


If there are any men fashion designers on here - women who like dresses want pockets in the dresses and I don't mean near my boob I mean on the actual skirt part. I love my one dress with pockets.

- tallica_babe


Some of us have to shave our toes.

- Corgitargarayen


Some women have larger labia and sometimes they get stuck in our underwear. It's VERY painful and extremely uncomfortable. And then we have to either walk funny to try to get them unstuck or walk very, very carefully to somewhere where we can just stick a hand down our pants to get things sorted. And don't get me started about getting stuck in lace underwear!

- Headology_matters


Our favorite bra hasn't been washed in 2 weeks.

Edit: It is winter, so maybe I should've said 6 weeks. Oops.

- howfuckedareyou


"Is there anything on my butt" is code for "Has my period leaked?"

- Elite-Hunting



I think most girls appreciate emotional support in though situations more than advice, when I'm crying I don't want my partner to tell me what I should do. Just Listen.

- emotittieonal


The true reason we go to the toilet together is...

...that the waiting queue would usually so long that alone we will a. get really bored and b. feel a little excluded from the conversation for some minutes when we come back to the group. So we go together and chat the whole time we are waiting.

- Spiders_Corpse


Sometimes if I'm struggling with a mechanical problem, I want to struggle with it until I fix it. If you see that I'm having trouble, take the broken thing away from me and fix it on the spot, I lose the chance to fix my own problem.

- ExNihiloAdInfinitum


If you're dating a girl, her best friend already knows your whole life story.



I can't speak for others, but if I hug a guy it either means 1. I have a crush on them 2. I used to have a crush on them (I haven't completely gotten over people yet) or 3. I am kind of interested in them and would definitely consider it if they ask on a date.



Sometimes, but not all, or maybe all, women get aroused when their partner does chores around the house without having being told to or if it's out of context of daily house chores.

If I see my partner come down the stairs with the laundry basket and actually remember to switch them out to the dryer it gets me turned on so much.


Another weird one is watching him squeeze the all-purpose bottle and wipe up a dirty counter if he makes a mess. I can see his muscles flex when he wipes and I'm a total mess down there.

I can't be the only one who thinks this way!



"Oh, she must be on her period lol" is one of the most annoying stuff we hear all the time.

No, not because I was crying I have to be on my period. No, not because I got mad I have to be on my period.

Yes, periods do affect our moods, but it isn't nice at all when guys just assume that our mood is COMPLETELY controlled by our cycle (which is not). It's not fun to have people making fun of girls just because of something as normal as menstruation, specially if you have never experienced bleeding all day and night for a week without being able to do anything on it.

To girls who also do that:

Why would you? Really, why?



Bi girl here- If you think a girl is cute, I probably think she's cute too. I know she's probably straight. Don't discount my attraction, please, I'm not going to creep on her/steal her from you/get stolen from you.

Also, while some women can be totally brutal to one another, in a pinch we can always count on each other. If a girl doesn't help another girl in a dire situation, you can guarantee there's some serious bad blood- we learned from an early age there's safety in numbers, even if that number is two and the other girl is someone you hate.



Hey, someone (if anyone is still watching this thread, I wish I'd seen it earlier) please settle a long-running disagreement between myself and my best female friend. For obvious reasons, I haven't asked anyone about this IRL, and I don't trust her assertion that "all women do it even though none of them talk about it" because if none of them talk about it how can we be sure that that's because of her reason as opposed to because they actually don't do it?

When a woman is having a hard time taking a sh*t, like if she's constipated for example, is it normal for her to reach up in the vag and push it out? Or is that just a rather amazing kinda "life hack" that she came to on her own?

Also there's no torture method on planet earth that would cause me to reveal the identity of this woman, not until it's been confirmed that she's correct and it's a widespread thing. Even then I doubt I'd reveal her identity face to face in real human interaction.

Granted, it's an amazing idea but I'm sure most people (especially guys) would think it's really gross. Although if it's something lots of women do I guess that would change things. Anyway, it just makes me kind of jealous, I don't think it's gross at all - though I should probably add here that bathroom stuff is the opposite of a sexual fetish for me. We all poop, it's not sexy, it's just a function to be completed, like eating or blowing your nose.

I can understand that some people find bathroom stuff sexy, but the closest thing to an interest I have in it is wondering how those people don't get sick. Completing the poop cycle more efficiently is admirable.

If you're a woman who has issues with constipation and you've never heard of this I could maybe ask her for extra tips but as I understand it, it's a pretty straightforward maneuver and process.

Anyway, yeah. Which of us is more correct: Team "that's fascinating but I don't think many people do it" or Team "everybody does this but nobody talks about it because it's poop and they don't want to look gross."



A lot of girls have to straight up shave everywhere. Stomach, toes, nipples. The whole ass 9 yards. We are just as horny as you and just don't show it (most of the time) Sometimes we don't know where we want to eat just means that. You pick.



After women give birth they have the longest and grossest "period" ever for the next maybe up to 4 or more weeks. The discharge is called lochia. I found this out after having my baby.



Anything my guy (who is not a macho/muscular guy) does that would be considered a masculine chore (shoveling, chopping wood, even just carrying something heavy) instantly makes me crave his body on mine. And extra points if doing said chores makes him sweaty and smelly. Mmmm.



It's almost unofficial girl code that if anything is amiss dressing-wise, we take a girl aside and help them out. (Tag out, lipstick on teeth, underwear showing, necklace clasp rotated in front.)

But if it also isn't obvious enough, friend or not, walk up to any girl if you feel uncomfortable for any reason and you're instantly a friend. No questions asked. (I like that one.)



I'm not sure, but I think a lot of girls are insecure about their boobs. I mean, the actresses usually have perfect boobs, and even if they don't, you can usually find some nasty comments about that. Some girls with smaller boobs would like to have bigger boobs. Some girls with bigger boobs would actually like to have smaller but more shapely boobs. Boobs might be asymmetrical, might have big/small/light/dark aureolas, might be saggy, might have a weird shape.

And the worst thing, without surgical intervention sometimes there's not much we can do about it. I mean, it's similar with face, but face you anyway carry everyday for everyone to see and you can make peace with your insecurity and think if someone doesn't like it then they just don't. And with breasts (and also labias) it's that you get that thought "what if he finds me hot, my boobs look great in bra, but then he'll be disappointed when we get naked"?



I suppose this is as appropriate a venue as any to ask this of the ways of girls:

I go to the bathroom at work every day. I work at a place where there are 200 people on my floor and four bathrooms, so they're all fairly occupied at certain times of the day, and someone is coming in and out every few seconds, so you have to walk right by the ladies' room door to get to the mens' room. So the mens' room, everyone lets it rip. At certain times you might swear you are under siege by artillery.


But the ladies' room? Never even heard a polite toot coming out of there. What gives?



If your butt gets wet (canoeing, someone pours water on you, etc) while you're wearing a pad, it will swell up and detach from your underwear. There...is a chance that this happened to me and it fell down the leg of my shorts without my noticing (I was running around a lot during a water fight) and I never found it but some poor soul must have one day.

I went to the bathroom and was like "wtf didn't I just put a pad on like an hour ago? Did I forget?" and then I realized what might have happened. So either I took off the old one and straight up forgot to put on the new one, or it bloated up and made a bid for freedom.



If you think we look stunning, we are wearing a lot of makeup. If you think we aren't wearing makeup, we are wearing a little bit of makeup. If you think we look sickly, we aren't wearing makeup.



If I 'cockblock' a guy who is hitting on a girl, 100% of the time the girl you're hitting on wants me to do that. I'll probably have made eye contact with her from across the room to see if she's okay, and if she isn't, well... that's why I'm the b!tch who stopped you from getting laid. I've even done this for girls I don't know, see a girl who looks uncomfortable, go over and start to talk... if she waves me off, I assume she's okay, if she welcomes me in, I know she needs me to run interference, so I do.



I don't know how true this is of most women, but I've talked about it with my female friends and it's pretty true for them:

More so than men, women need to be clear-headed, present, and decently relaxed before they can tap into their sex drive or have that thought of like, "Hey, some sex would be awesome right now."

Men, on the other hand, not only seem to have this experience multiple times a day regardless of what's going on, but they're more likely to desire sex or some kind of sexual release when they're stressed or have a lot on their minds.

This has been true in most every conversation I've had with men/women and in every relationship I've had.

My husband and I are currently trying to sell our house and find a new one (an undoubtedly stressful time.) Last night he propositioned me and I was just NOT into it. We ended up talking about this difference in sex drives. I explained to him that when we first started dating, I wanted sex all the time because just going to see him was an escape from all the bullsh*t in my life.

Once I saw him I felt relaxed and like everything would be okay. That isn't to say that's no longer true, as I get a lot of comfort from him and have lots of trust in him. But now that we're in this together (this being the bullshit of life) it's different. I'm not leaving my bullshit behind when I go to him. We share bullshit. Such is marriage.



Some of us have to smoosh our boobs flat so we can see where we're going downstairs. Especially if we're wearing those really nice bras that make your boobs look large, lovely and super perky.



When I'm scared or walking alone in a dark I grab my boobs for courage.



On the first few days of your period, when you first get up out of bed and gravity starts doing it's thing, there is a period queef with every step to the bathroom. Every. Step.



Sadly a lot of women never experience an orgasim with their partner. Some are in their 30s before they have their first, which they gave themselves. Then, how do you tell someone your partner without hurting them so they buy a vibrator.



Sometimes we just need to cry in order to feel better. It doesn't mean we're on our period, or that you did something wrong. It's stress relieving.



Every so often, something itches. Is it a yeast infection? Is it a bacterial infection? Is your pubic hair growing back in? Is it dryness? Is it irritation? Did something get stuck in your underwear?

The answer is that 99% of the time everything is fine but you're still gonna worry and squirm uncomfortably trying to get it to stop.

(And also yeast infections in general: much more common thn one would think, and absolutely goddamn ruthless.)



I suppose guys are warned about unexpected boners when they get sex ed, the same how girls are warned that discharge is normal as they're going through puberty.

I see a lot of discussion about said boners, I guess the girl secret would be just how frequent it was to go to the bathroom and suddenly your underwear was so soaked it was insane. (This is talking high school/middle school age, so careful with the replies lol).

And it could dry on them and make em crusty, it could get bad enough that the underwear could get holes in them if they go long enough without being washed. Sorry for the grossness, tween girls can be unsanitary too lol.


Boob acne is a thing that happens and it's perfectly normal, trust me. Same with stretch marks around the breasts and thighs.



We have so many hair related issues... plucking dark random nipple hairs, trying to line up when we shave our areas to when we hook up to avoid guys from seeing razor burn or ingrown hairs, before getting out of the shower we have to pick out hair from our butt crack that fell out from washing our hair, pubes growing and sticking out of our undies, pubes getting stuck in pads or liners...



If you have sex without a condom, we need a good few minutes after to let everything ~drain~ out of us. I always tell my boyfriend "brb gotta go ooze!" because I love seeing the cringe



Sometimes we have to take the "extra long stride" too, because period blood and discharge can make things sticky down there.



Periods suck overall but they are very different depending on the girl!

Some women get emotional, some are completely normal. some periods last for 8 days, some last for 3 days. some girls are in extreme pain, some just have mild discomfort. some flows are very heavy, some are very light.

Aka, "I'm on my period" can mean anything from "sorry, I'm completely incapacitated" or "I'm just feeling a little worse than usual."



Might not be a girl-exclusive thing but I personally need a lot more foreplay to actually enjoy sex. Most of the time I can't get off from strictly penetration no matter how badly we both want it


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