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Movies can either make or break your moviegoing experience based on the impressions trailers give.

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Movies. Movies. MOVIES! Let's talk movies. Hollywood is notorious for milking good stories to death. If a film makes more than $5 every executive's next genius idea is to produce as many sequels as possible until the general public loses all interest.

And then they wonder what happened. They never seem to realize that if you're going to continue the story you have to have enough story to tell and you can't just throw money at all of it.

So most sequels tend to be crap and then blemish the legacy of the original. However, once and awhile, the stars align and a fantastic sequel is made.

And what is even more rare is a sequel superior to the original. It has happened. Let's discuss some.

Redditor u/Tall-Elderberry-3167 wanted to share about some of film's greatest continued stories, by asking:

What movie sequel is actually better than the original?
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We love a feel good movie. Especially in America, we love an underdog going from zero to hero and saving the day. Just look at Captain America's origin movie.

But what about movies where the villain wins in the end? Even if it seems like our main character has caught the bad guy and made out on top, sometimes the villains still get away with their agenda. Regardless of if they're caught, it can feel unsatisfying but makes for a compelling story.

We went to Ask Reddit to know which movies gave the villain what they wanted in the end.

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Never believe the hype, you'll often be disappointed. That is definitely a life truth I have experienced time and time again. I find it is a specific truth when it comes to movies.

I can't tell you how many times I've seen a movie after hearing people and critics go on and on about its glory, and then I walk away thinking... "Well, there's two hours of my life stolen and wasted!"

It makes you wonder if we watched the same film. I know I'm not alone on this. Right?

Redditor u/tosomalerot69 wanted to hear about what movies just don't live up to the hype, by asking:

In your opinion, which movies are overrated?
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I love movies. Who doesn't right? Movies make history. They act as bookmarks for our lives. We'll always remember where we were the first time we saw a particular film. And we carry the characters with us. That's why movie deaths can be so visceral.

Who hasn't openly sobbed amongst strangers when a certain character's life is snuffed out? I believe the earliest movie death people recall being traumatized by is Bambi's mom, and it's downhill from there.

Let's grab some tissues and be traumatized together.

Redditor u/gambit_- wanted to compare notes on which character endings in film we'll never be able to forget, by asking:

What movie death scene is burned into your memory?
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