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Infamous Movie Plot Holes Explained

Reddit user Animeking1108 asked: 'What infamous movie plot hole has an explanation that you're tired of explaining?'

Jurassic World arch
Christopher Stark/Unsplash

A movie is only as good as its ending.

Unless audiences are left with a major cliffhanger under the premise there's a planned sequel, all plot points should be resolved to a degree.

However, even the best films that are thoroughly satisfying and enjoyable can lead to a disappointing finale that leaves audiences hanging with no promise of a follow-up. It can be frustrating.

And then there are the thin plot holes that are so arcane, it's nerve-wracking trying to make sense out of them.

Yet, there's somehow logic in them that escapes the minds of audiences with short attention spans.

Curious to hear examples of these, Redditor Animeking1108 asked:

"What infamous movie plot hole has an explanation that you're tired of explaining?"


Scenes from these thrilling films left some audiences stumped.

Beast Follows Feast

"In Jurassic World, Claire didn’t 'outrun' the T-Rex (in heels) … because it wasn’t CHASING her. The dinosaur was conditioned to equate the flare with feeding time so it was patiently following her to an anticipated meal. The situation is similar to how zookeepers can have (limited) interactions with lions and bears."

– PARed717

Choosing Correctly

"How does Sarah Connor know which button to press to crush the Terminator in Terminator(1984)?"

"Because she accidentally presses it a few minutes earlier and it set the crusher off, it what lead the Terminator to find them."

– SuvenPan

"Oh, like in The Incredibles where Elastigirl has the remote and Bob tells her to push that button again."

– DBSeamZ

The Glitch In The Machine

"The matrix reloaded the scene where Neo is talking to the architect, the screens behind them are not other ones, it is the predictions the machines are making on Neo’s responses, most of the scenes are incorrect in those predictions, except for when Neo must choose between Trinity and all of humanity, the machines nailed that response on all screens."

– Omegaprimus

These classic examples left some viewers completely flummoxed.

Getting Intimate

"There was a whole topic on the front page a while back about The Truman Show asking about what happens when Truman wants to sleep with his onscreen wife, is that upsetting to her because she’s just an actress, how do they avoid showing it on TV. People offering all kinds of explanations like 'he was raised not to know what sex is.' I thought I was going crazy because not only does the movie directly address this (two guys watching the show complain that the camera always cuts away when Truman and his wife go to bed) but it’s an actual plot point in the movie that she’s trying to have a baby with him so that they can start Truman Show Phase 2, and his obsession with a woman they kicked off the show years ago is ruining the director’s plans."

– plankingatavigil

Remembering Memory Loss

"In Memento, people always wonder how a guy with short-term memory loss remembers he has memory loss. But he’s conditioned himself to say it, just like Sammy was subjected to conditioning in the flashbacks."

– wakeruncollapse


"One of Charles Foster Kane’s servants was outside his bedroom when Kane said 'Rosebud.' The door was wide open. The dialogue later confirms that a butler heard Kane’s dying words and reported it to the paper."

– TheNavidsonLP

Establishing Reality Up Front

"FRIENDS. 'How did they pay for that apartment on their salary in New York?'”

"The very first episode, Monica mentions that her grandma owned the apartment, and she would never be able to afford it otherwise!!"

– PleasantFix5

"And it was rent controlled, plus i think it was an illegal sub lease and they had to hide that from the super."

– turkturkeIton

Playing On A Steretype

"I am so late to the party but… Legally Blonde"

'OMG, a dumb blonde sorority girl studied for the LSAT for a summer and aces it? Bullshi*!

"No. No, the point is that Elle Woods was never a 'dumb blonde.' She was always brilliant. Literally the first scene is her interrogating the salesperson and catching them in a lie because she was observant and smart."

"Rather, Elle was pigeonholed by the circumstances of her looks and her privileged upbringing to pursue a vapid life. While inspired by the wrong reasons, it results in her breaking the mold she was confined in so that she is able to reach her full potential."

– Spectrum2081

Is it too much to ask the audience to suspend their disbelief?

It depends on the movie.

Witnessing The Supernatural

"People sometimes wonder how Indiana Jones initially remains sceptical of the mystical events happening in the second film, when he just witnessed a magical ark mass killing a bunch of Nazis in the first film."

"But that's because the second film is a prequel."

– chillyhellion

Accepting The Mythical As Real

"Also the majority of artifacts and myths Indiana Jones interacts with are completely mundane. They have fascinating cultural significance and implications on history, but they're ultimately just mundane. The encounters with the supernatural are clearly rare exceptions he gets caught up in, not his primary field of expertise."

"Like, even if literally Atlantis was discovered right here and now today, that doesn't mean the lost continent of Mu, or the city of El Dorado, or the lost colony of Norumbega, or anything else is real. It means Atlantis is, apparently, real."

– wererat2000

Heightened Awareness

"On watching The Sixth Sense it may seem completely improbable that Bruce Willis' character didn't realize that he was dead. Yet it's explained right there in the movie: ghosts see only what they want to see."

– prosa123

What makes the moviegoing experience enjoyable is the assessment afterward with other cinephiles.

It's fun to discuss the contrasting takeaways each person may have had from watching the same movie.

Occasionally, there are plot holes that seem easily identifiable, but wind up having a perfectly logical explanation behind them, which warrants a second viewing.

But one movie that my friends and I had a difficult time figuring out was Back to the Future.

Even though Marty successfully corrected the course of time with his parents falling love, wouldn't they have recognized their son when he eventually became a teenager?

They each interacted with the catalyst–their future son–who brought them together in the first place after all.

But that's just an example of the suspension of disbelief.

Sometimes, you just gotta go with it.

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“No. It wasn't me. It was the one-armed man.” – The Mask

Hang on to your hats, here are some fun facts about The Mask.

1. The Mask Is Based On A Comic Book

the mask smoking GIFGiphy

Yup, the Mask character is the creation of Dark Horse Comics. The comic books were more sinister than the film though.

2. The Movie Was Supposed To Be Much Darker

Much in line with the darker side of the comic books, initially the mask wearer was meant to be a dangerous anti-hero with violent tendencies—it was pegged as the replacement for Nightmare on Elm Street. It was difficult for the production to balance the horror elements with the comedy and when Carrey climbed onboard, it just turned into a comedy.

3. He Talked With Teeth

The large prosthetic teeth Jim Carrey sports as the Mask were originally meant to be used only in silent scenes, but the actor taught himself how to speak with them to make the character even quirkier.

4. The Mask Was Inspired By A Real Person

Jim Carrey allegedly based his character on his father. We’re not sure if that’s flattering or not?

5. Jim Carrey Was A Real-Life Cartoon

the mask GIFGiphy

Director Chuck Russell has revealed that the production saved a lot of money on special effects with Jim Carrey in the leading role – the actor’s movements were so exaggerated and cartoonish, they didn’t need to be touched up digitally.

6. The Mask Was A Big Debut For One Actress

The Mask was Cameron Diaz’s first movie role and she earned less than $500,000 for it.

7. Carrey Improvised

The scene where Carrey (as the Mask) is being chased by gangsters and pulls a condom out of one of his pockets, and says, “Sorry, wrong pocket,” was actually improvised by the actor.

8. It Was Shot In The Ghostbusters' Garage

Ghostbusters (1984)Giphy

The interior shot of the garage where Stanley Ipkiss takes his car for repairs is the same location as the firehouse for Ghostbusters.

9. Carrey Referenced His Own Career

Jim Carrey does a Dirty Harry impression in the film, which is poignant since the actor appeared in the last of the “Dirty Harry” movies, The Dead Pool.

10. Carrey Said No

Before the Son of the Mask came out in 2005, there were talks of a sequel, but all that was scrapped when Jim Carrey refused to return as the titular character, despite being offered $10 million.

11. He Had A Real Zoot Suit

The bright yellow suit that Jim Carrey wears as The Mask is reminiscent of a suit the actor’s mother made him for his first stand-up gig.

12. The Dog Couldn't Fetch

The dog used in the film was not well trained, so the scene where Ipkiss is frustrated with Milo while trying to stuff the cash into his closet was ad-libbed by Carrey, showing the actor’s very real impatience with the animal.

13. Carrey Made A Real Nightclub

The nightclub Coco Bongo that the Mask enters in the film is also the name of Carrey’s nightclub in Cancun, Mexico.

14. Carrey Related To The Character

Jim Carrey Reaction GIF by LaffGiphy

A large aspect of what drew Jim Carrey to the role is that his character, Stanley Ipkiss, is a fan of cartoons, just like Jim.

15. They Made Cartoons Real

Representative of that adoration for cartoons, the Mask behaves like many iconic animated characters like: Pepe le Pew (romancing Tina), the Tasmanian Devil (whirling like a tornado) and Bugs Bunny (dramatically “dying” in a gangster’s arms).

16. He Wasn't Quoting Homer

When the Mask swallows a bomb and exclaims, “That’s a spicy meatball!” – it’s a reference to a heartburn relief commercial for Alka-Seltzer.

17. Diaz Wasn't The First Choice

Before casting Cameron Diaz as Tina Carlyle, the producers considered casting Anna Nicole Smith.

18. Carrey Got A Pay Bump

Hey Ace.Giphy

This may seem impossible now, but Jim Carrey was paid $450,000 for his role. He signed the contract before it turned out that his other film, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (1994), was a huge hit. For his role in Dumb & Dumber later that same year, Carrey signed a contract for $7 million.

19. Diaz Didn't Sing

Cameron Diaz’s singing voice was dubbed by Susan Boyd – who also landed her vocals to films like The Little Mermaid and Mulan.

20. Carrey Can Really Dance

Did you see those dancing feet? In the big Coco Bongo dance scene in The Mask, it was actually Jim Carrey dancing. Although Carrey landed his voice for the song and Cameron did not.

21. Critics Hated It

After the release of Ace Ventura, Jim Carrey clearly proved himself to be a cashable star, but the critics hated the film. The Mask turned it around and earned Carrey praise for his performance.

22. Diaz Had To Work Hard

cameron diaz thinking GIFGiphy

Cameron Diaz had to audition 12 times before she got the part – just seven days before shooting.

23. A Promise Fell Through

Nintendo Power Magazine promised a fan a part in the sequel. Long before the dreadful Son of the Mask, they were planning to bring back Jim Carrey for a sequel. Nintendo Power ran a contest that promised the winner a non-speaking role in the movie. The movie never happened, and the winner's dreams were crushed forever.

24. Carrey Wasn't The First Choice Either

Before Jim Carrey nabbed the role, actors who were considered for the role include: Martin Short, Steve Martin, Matthew Broderick and Rick Moranis.

25. The Mask Was Horrifying

jim carrey GIFGiphy

20-year-old Cameron Diaz said she was horrified on the set when Jim Carrey took off the mask. “The process of taking it off is terrifying. It’s just like, glue and chunks of sponge would stay on his face…”

She recounted the story at age 41 with talk show host Ellen DeGeneres. As a prank, Ellen had a man dressed as The Mask sneak up on her, which left Cameron in a fit of giggles.

26. He Misquoted Sally Field

The scene at the Coco Bongo, where the Mask makes a fake acceptance speech and says, “You love me, you really love me!” is a reference to Sally Field’s iconic Oscar acceptance speech for Best Actress in 1985 – often misquoted, since the actress used the word “like” not “love”.

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Movies can be one of the most entertaining forms of media, but it has to be good.

Seems simple, right?

Some movies are really good. As an avid reader and huge fan of book-to-movie adaptations, I enjoyed the ones that were made well. This included The Count of Monte Cristo, The Hunger Games series, and even Twilight, despite not actually liking the book series.

However, some book-to-movie adaptations were so bad, I wished I hadn't spent time or money on it. The Maximum Ride movie, the two Percy Jackson movies (I can't believe a second one was even made after the disaster that is "The Lightning Theif"), and of course, "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince."

David Yates, who directed the fifth movie, also directed the sixth. Known for directing darker movies, he decided to go in a funnier, lighter direction for the sixth movie and took away all the magic that made Harry Potter so amazing. Luckily, he went back to his talents for the seventh and eigth movie, but I spent a fortune (or what was a fortune for a teenager) getting tickets to the midnight premiere, and I ended up aplogizing to everyone for taking them to see that movie. I will never not be sorry about that.

Redditors are familiar with the experience of paying money to see amovie and wishing they hadn't, and they are eager to share.

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