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People Break Down The Stupidest Things Some Folks Still Believe
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When we're little, we're inclined to believe things that seem ridiculous when we get older. Most of us believed in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy at some point. Many of us believed unicorns existed, or that there were monsters hiding under our beds.

When we were 10, my best friend and I convinced our younger brother that we were spies that went to a special spy school in the middle of the night to train. When I was 12, I managed to convince my soccer camp rival that I was pregnant with a carrot. I'm still not sure how that worked!

The point is, when we're children, we tend to believe a lot of silly, or even stupid things. However, some of us carry some of those stupid beliefs into adulthood.

Reddit users shared some of the stupidest things that they or someone they know still believe thanks to Redditor OnionChan_.

He asked:

"What are the stupidest things that some people believe?"
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Everything is expensive! This has always been true. There are ways to save a little money here and there, however.

You can buy things only if they are on sale. You can clip coupons or try and find certain items at different stores for less.

Another thing you can do to save money is to buy things second hand. Certain items, such as outerwear, home decor, exercise equipment, toys, books, and games among others can be purchased after being lightly used by others.

However, there are some items you should NEVER purchase secondhand, and Reddit is here to help us discover what those items are.

To get us started, Redditor ReverseFlash_94 asked:

"What should you never buy second hand?"
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History is ofte thought of a team sport. In school, we study history so that we don't repeat it.

In society, research and breakthroughs made by a certain team will help unlock answers for the next group of people.

However, there are some historical inventions, advancements, or even failures that come down to the actions and decisions of just one person. These historical figures are still talked about today.

Curious to learn more, Redditor MisterDecember asked:

"What decision by a single person had the biggest impact on human history?"
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People Share The Best Ways To Politely End A Conversation

Have you ever been caught in a conversation you didn't want to be in? Or start talking to someone only to realize you want to stop? Perhaps you were talking to a friend when the conversation took a turn for the uncomfortable.

Whatever the case, we've all been in those situations where we want the conversation to stop, but don't want to be rude.

When I was in third grade, I asked if I voted on American Idol that week. I said yes, since everyone seemed to, but of course I didn't know what American Idol was. Being pop culture challenged, I thought it was a ship. Needless to say everyone was confused when I was asked who I voted for and I replied, "What do you mean? I voted for American Idol!"

It didn't take me long to realize something was amiss, and I probably would've very rudely excused myself from the conversation (fueled by my embarrassment) if my teacher hadn't called us to attention at that very moment.

Luckily, the people of Reddit were willing to share their methods to politely end a conversation when Redditor Spritti33 asked:

"How does someone politely end a conversation with a person who won't stop talking?"
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People Divulge What They Think Happens After We Die
Photo by adrianna geo on Unsplash

Death is a certainty in life, but what happens after death may be one of those mysteries we never solve. I've always believed that when we're dead, we're dead. However, there are plenty of other theories.

Is there an afterlife? Do we face a supernatural judge who decides whether we go to heaven or hell? Do we get reincarnated as soon as we die? Or is death truly final?

These questions prompted Redditor Maleficent_Team430 to ask:

"What do you think happens to you after you die?"
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