Women Divulge Which Non-Sexual Things A Guy Has Done That Totally Turned Them On
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Dear Men,

Can y'all please put your forearms away, you're creating a distracting work environment for everyone.

Just kidding, nobody expects you to hide totally non-sexual pieces of your body just to make others comfortable. But you need to know... forearms. Forearms, fam.

Reddit user tycooperaow asked:

"Women of Reddit, what is a non-sexual thing a guy did that turned you on?"

Scrunching your shirt to show your forearms is (clearly) my answer, but there's tons of innocuous stuff y'all are out here doing that have people down bad. Fiending. Craving. Thirsting...

Dinner And Desert

GIF by Shameless Giphy

"When we're cooking together. He is just chopping some vegetables and here I am getting turned on."

- flake5991

"Honestly cooking together is a very successful dating strategy for me."

"Have someone over and say you'll cook them a meal, they'll probably end up helping you and it's become an activity you guys do together."

"Then you eat the food, clean up, then before you know it you're in bed for desert."

- writingwithmovement

Driving 'Em Wild

Reverse Richard Hammond GIF by DriveTribe Giphy

"Putting his hand behind the passenger seat and looking over his shoulder to reverse the car, pheww"

- subjectivevalue01

"You know he's about to finesse the hell outta that reverse."

- smol_boi-_-

"I remember once, on whatever freeway that is between Philadelphia and Baltimore, I was driving late at night with my then-girfriend and our baby daughter in the back seat."

"At one point doing the drive, I easily navigated a difficult stretch with one hand while singing 'Always Something There To Remind Me.' "

"My girlfriend, out of nowhere, declared 'I love you.' "

- ATAlum

"I agree, I get jitters in my nethers whenever my boyfriend reverses the car like that so effortlessly 😩"

- Poliwhirlers

"Second this, idk why but dang it's such a turn on."

- _throwaway26374859

Getting Personal

season 4 massage GIF by Chicago Med Giphy

"Giving me a back rub."

"It doesn't start sexual, but after years of giving them to guys for a solid 15-30 minutes at a time (my arm was dead!) who wouldn't do it back for more than two swipes of their arm; a legitimate back rub is so appreciated and immediately turns me on."

"In general though, anything they do just to make my life easier and better on their own without my prodding."

"I noticed tons of things about my past partners (favorite food, favorite game, comfort tv show, comfort topics, comfort activities) that I would actively try to engage them in or give them when I can tell they're having a bad day."

"They don't ask. I just do trying to make them feel better."

"It so rarely happens where my stuff like that gets noticed that when it does, it's just amazing and appreciated and is immediate 'take me now.' "

"I don't mean chores or cooking help to make my life easier, I mean 'I've noticed you get happy and excited around these topics/things and you feel crappy. I'm gonna talk about these things/topics and just let you go deep.' "

"Chores and cooking help is nice, but it's not personal. Personalized help on a bad day is just amazing."

- musryujidt

Heathen Hugs

Kate Mckinnon Flirt GIF by Saturday Night Live Giphy

"Hugging me from behind. Poor guy just wants a hug and my first response is always to wiggle my butt like a dirty heathen."

- mikasa_517

"Uff the hugging from behind is my weakness too!"

- random_star0350

"Let me urge you to be a dirty heathen every time."

- deathbyhours

"Oh that booty wiggle is something else"

- steamenginetrain


cleaning up mr clean GIF by ADWEEK Giphy

"First time I had my now-husband over for dinner at my house, he immediately got up and started doing dishes after he was done eating."

"Married 4 years now and it still gets me going every time."

- Dragoness42

"Choreplay is 100% real. I text her a picture of me doing laundry and dishes while she's out with her girlfriend(s)? She's jumping my bones the moment she gets home."

- throwawayspank1017

"I remember reading a Suzanne Brockmann book (Night Watch). The woman returns with bags of groceries."

"The guy (not yet a boyfriend) is on the phone, but he automatically reaches out to start bringing in the groceries and help put them away."

"I'm like, Suzanne Brockmann, you GET it. That is so hot."

- moonbeamcrazyeyes

"I figured this out many years ago. Women get horny when the house is clean and they didn't do any cleaning."

- teneggomlette

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The Reverse Clark Kent

justice league glasses GIF by DC Comics Giphy

"When a guy doesn't mention he has glasses until he needs them to read or to drive in the dark, then puts them on outta nowhere. Oof."

- Minnie7831000

"When my husband puts his glasses on.... 😈😈😈"

- ainjel

"They normally wear contacts, so seeing them in glasses is a big and nice shock"

- XenaSerenity

"Reverse Clark Kent."

- Ascholay

Monkey Brain

Beauty And The Beast Dance GIF Giphy

"When he's a good Dad to our kid. Nothing makes me love him more than watching him play with, or snuggle, our 9 year old daughter."

"He's always been a good Daddy."

"Whenever I see it I get the happy clenches in my heart :)"

- littlegingerfae

"My wife always said that too. Seeing me just stop everything to take time with the kids to play or teach warmed her up."

- TenuousOgre

"I'm childfree by choice and don't even enjoy being around children. But every time I see him being great with kids I get all ... squirmy. Some SERIOUS monkey brain action here."

- [Reddit]

I Told You!

bash stanton GIF by MLB Giphy

"Aw man, just saw a dude in 3/4 sleeve baseball shirt the other day. I started feeling ashamed for objectifying his forearms so much."

"Worked with this guy for months. I had no idea his forearms were so attractive. I had no idea I found forearms attractive."

- Princessfootinmouth

"Not a woman, but my girlfriends tell me rolled up sleeves showing off forearm does it for them."

- rudalsfg

"I had a girlfriend who loved watching me button the cuff buttons on a dress shirt. Something about the motion of it."

"Never understood it, but always made sure she was in plain sight when I had to button them."

- AmigoDelDiabla

"I'm a little guy, and never had big forearms."

"I had a new girlfriend about 15 years ago. I had just purchased a button up that had a little strap and button for the half rolled sleeve look."

"I came out of the house to meet her with her dog. She tells me later that shirt with the exposed arms is what sealed the deal for her. I laughed because if my forearms worked, any would."

- maaaatttt_Damon

Handle It

I Can Handle It Fast And Furious GIF by The Fast Saga Giphy

"I am not a women but I can give a good example of a non-sexual thing leading to amazing sex."

"Long story short, wife and I heading off on a long road trip, had car trouble on day one. I dealt with it and we got moving again."

"I didn't think much of it."

"We got to our hotel that night and she was like a wild woman, it was extraordinary."

"I was like, 'wow!' and she said, 'I've wanted to do you so bad since you got that car going.' "

"So yeah, maybe just handling a problem?"

- Stumpytoes

"Taking charge and taking care of things."

- Ascholay


Kelly Clarkson Nbc GIF by The Voice Giphy

"Some one being really good at something."

"Like, say a brilliant piano player who really knows how to handle the piano, or a scientist who is insanely intelligent, or a craftsman who can carve beautiful things."

"Straight away I think: 'yes baby, handle me like that piece of wood, you sexy stranger with incredible talent.' "

- turdusphilomenos

Confusingly Sexy

"So this isn't like most of the comments I'm seeing here but I still question to this day why this turned me on."

"We were playing Dungeons and Dragons. My DM was in character as someone we were fighting and threatened the party."

"I cannot remember what the hell he said, but I distinctly remember sitting there for a while thinking 'why is THAT of all things turning me on?' I guess I'm into magic and threats?"

- opalrosehawk

Oh Look, We're Talking About Forearms Again

Oprah Winfrey Wow GIF Giphy

"My husband's best friend from childhood opened a bottle with his forearm."

"Something about that was just Soooo Sexy."

"I mentioned it later to my husband (the trick, not that I thought it was sexy) and he said 'Who do you think taught him that?' "

"And yes, he demonstrated."

"And yes, it was still very sexy!"

- ZubLor

"I'm a simple lass. Rolled up sleeves on a button down shirt with the top few buttons undone is like catnip."

"Can't even really explain it beyond that, it just does something for me."

- BasketSweet2737

Be Free

The Kid Mero Dance GIF by Desus & Mero Giphy

"Generally just not giving a f*ck about what anyone thinks of him."

"He will dance and be goofy as hell in public without a care in the world. He's just living life to have a good time while making other people's lives better in the process."

"We've been together for eleven years."

"Just not giving a f*ck about expected societal constructs is so attractive to me. Men who aren't 'just trying to do all of the things that society expects of them' are sexy."

"Just be you and forget all of the fake social media pics and captions and what your deranged family might think of you. Don't live a lie."

- jolly_poison85


dynasties GIF by BBC America Giphy

"When a man is thinking, focused, in a thoughtful act."

"He could be helping his Old People or his children, immersed in his favorite sport or hobby, talking about something that is important to him, relating to a pet, ribbing his friends, laughing subtly about something really funny."

"Doesn't matter. It's all sexier when he's focused."

- rsogoodlooking


Gym Stretch GIF by Chance The Rapper Giphy

"Ugh my best friend who I'm really attracted to... Has the body of a GOD and if he ever stretches/yawns and I get that one little inch of lower torso when his shirt pulls up I'm DONE."

- tofutti770

"Bro anybody stretching is so f*cking hot…men and women. You can NOT prove me wrong like damn that's sexy"

- Kandle13

Best Vacay Ever

knight ok GIF Giphy

"A guy riding a horse! I love horses and a guy that knows how to ride is just so sexy."

"And I love guys with long hair."

"We went to Medieval Times once and it was like a freakin fantasy for me. Mmmmm."

- mslm90

A Screwdriver

jim carrey screwdriver GIF Giphy

"Not bragging but I was putting away dishes and mentioned my frying pan handle was loose."

"Without missing a beat, my boyfriend pulled a screwdriver out of nowhere and tightened it. Literally the hottest thing I have ever seen in my life and I've lived a good one."

- Archeressrabbit

Don't Panic

Ross Geller Friends GIF Giphy

"I remember I went out to lunch with a co-worker. The server came over before I was ready to order, and I panicked."

"He looked at me and casually said 'the fajitas here are great.' I nodded, and he turned to the server and announced 'two fajita plates, please.' "

"Turned back to me and said 'water? Or something else?' I mumbled water, and he pleasantly turned to the server, smiled politely and said 'just a couple of waters.' "

"Now, I had never had a guy order for me. I always thought it would be something I would even get a little miffed at."

"Maybe it was him recognizing my panic, and just trying to help."

"Maybe it was the way he was so pleasant and charming about it."

"Maybe it was because I am used to staring at my children and insisting they make a f*cking choice about the food so the nice server can go about their darn job."

"But God damn, having someone else handle the ordering business with that kind of dignity and confidence... got me all sorts of hot and bothered in an unexpected way."

- Princessfootinmouth

A Subway Seat

Happy Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt GIF Giphy

"Stranger on the subway asked me to save his seat."

"I was very confused, but couldn't stop watching as he dashed halfway down the car to ask an elderly lady if she wanted a seat. She was fine standing so he came back and I was blushing the rest of the way home."

- kickingtenshi

Studious And Attentive

Austin Powers Flirting GIF Giphy

"Be extremely good at pool. Like pool shark status."

"I've hung out with two guys in the past who you'd never guess it and then next thing you know, they're banking the entire table in like two goes."

"Just the way they studiously approach it and pace around the table, eyes so attentive…"

- ultravioletblueberry

What did I tell you about the forearm thing? I wasn't kidding!

Forearms. Men, women, nonbinary folk, genderfull friends, cryptids... hear me. Take note.


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