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Straight Men Confess How They'd React If A Gay Man Hit On Them

"Reddit user FregeanCoder asked: 'Straight men, how would you react if a man hit on you?'"

It can take a lot of courage to put yourself out there and let someone know you're interested.

As long as they're not creepy, aggressive, or crazy, it should be flattering, right?

If you're straight and a person of the same gender as you flirts with you, this should be easy to deal with.

In most cases, it took a lot more courage for them to ask than for you to hear.

The following question has been asked to many a straight guy over the years.

Let's see how the times and reactions have progressed.

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Rainbow cake
Alexander Grey/Unsplash

The word gay, which was often used to describe moments that were joyous or lighthearted and carefree, has evolved considerably.

In modern usage, the word "gay" colloquially refers to homosexual men, but it can also be used in a demeaning way typically drawn from LGBTQ stereotypes of men behaving or appearing in a flamboyant manner.

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Trans People Share Their Biggest 'Culture Shock' Experiences After Transitioning
Elevate on Unsplash

Gender transition is a lot more complicated than pop culture usually makes it out to be (there is no such thing as a single "The Surgery", for example [and don't ask trans people about their surgical history if you're not their medical provider. That's a really weird thing to do.]) and not all transgender people will choose to, or be able to, transition. Sometimes transition looks like simply asking the people around you to use a different name and different pronouns to refer to you, and sometimes it might look like starting hormone replacement therapy or seeking gender-affirming surgeries—or any number of other things.

People who do transition tend to notice big differences in the way that the people around them act, and not just the people who knew them before and during their transitions. A lot of the ways strangers treat you are based on split-second judgements based on the way you look, dress, or behave, so changing those things can significantly change the way you're treated.

If you're interested in some of those often drastic and fascinating changes people noticed in others' behavior throughout their transitions, keep reading.

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People Divulge Which Questions They'd Like To Ask Trans People Without Judgment
Towfiqu Barbhuiya/Unsplash

Humans are naturally curious creatures - it's a primate thing.

As kids, we tend to explore those curiosities and ask whatever random question popped into our heads. As adults, we learn that some stuff just isn't our business. Some questions are intrusive or uncomfortable.

We don't necessarily "mature" beyond ever having an inappropriate or intrusive curious thought. We are just mature enough to know we aren't entitled to those answers, and that it's unfair to make someone uncomfortable by asking those questions.

But then there's Reddit...

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People Share The Questions They're Too Embarrassed To Ask The LGBTQ+ Community
Photo by Sara Rampazzo on Unsplash

It's PRIDE month. It's time to be loud and proud.

Well, every minute of everyday we should be loud and proud.

But this month gives you an extra special buzz.

So in the spirit of learning, we will be taking questions from the class.

I know cisgender straight people still have a lot they don't understand.

What do you need to know?

Redditorhre_nftwanted everyone to feel comfortable enough to be as aloud what they've been waiting to ask a queer person. Safe space for all. They asked:

"What question have you always wanted to ask LGBTQ+ people but didn’t because you don’t want to offend them?"
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