There's been books, there's been relationship classes, there's been a multitude of romantic comedies, all exploring the topic being discussed today. The vast differences between men and women span far and wide, typically in the way we're brought up. Our surroundings and upbringing decide a lot of what we become, however when society, on the whole, says men must behave one specific way, that's when you get a lot of stories like these.

Reddit user, u/Original_Diamond_235, wanted to hear about:

Women, what do you not understand about men?

This All Really Depends If You Live In America

homer simpson doctor appointment GIFGiphy

Why y'all refuse to go to the doctor.. I genuinely sat and begged for hours for him to go but hes like nah I'm fine...when he was so not fine


Unless I'm dead, don't call an ambulance. Yes I'd rather die than have to pay for it out of pocket. I have 6 dollars to my name.


There's Playing It Aloof, Then There's This

Why do you say you love a woman, yet act so uninterested?


Never Saying What They Want

What they want in a woman.

I was dumped so I'm trying to figure out what was wrong with me.



While its hard, if someone doesn't appreciate you for you, then they arent worth your time



Honestly sometimes I don't get how oblivious some guys can be. In my personal experience this includes things that I feel like my boyfriend knows will make me upset, especially after 4 years of dating and living together for most of that time. Like its so weird to feel like someone knows you but doesn't?


All That Work To Only Lose Interest

they do everything to win a girl's heart and when the girl starts to like them back, they suddenly don't care about her at all. bro, just why?


Listen, Guys, Everyone Thinks It's Gross.

Spitting on the street - I have seen men do this in every corner of the world. What, exactly, are you spitting out and more importantly, WHY?


A Million Thoughts An Hour

The answer to the question: "What are you thinking?" Every time I ask my husband that, his answer his "nothing". How can you be thinking of nothing? Is it just him that does not think? Or is it just me that has thoughts all the time? Or am I just like most other women who constantly have some thoughts going through their minds?

My mind won't shut up about thinking something... there is always some thought going on, even if it is in the back recesses of my mind. I cannot think of any time that I was not thinking. My mind cannot be blank.


Tried And Failed

Why do you never talk about your emotions with us?


Men talking about their emotions is something that's almost never taken seriously. It's not something that has to do with a targeted effort by [society], but exists more as an established cultural byproduct.

A lot of men have usually at least tried talking about how they feel at one point or another during their life, realized it's usually an [exercise] in futility and learned from what is often an unpleasant experience.


Playing The Field

Okay serious question. I'm 30 and been in one relationship that ended 6 years ago. Haven't been in a relationship since.

Why do guys in my inbox tell me "you're so beautiful" or "let's do this" or "let's do that" but they're all over every girl that I see on social media? Commenting hearts on selfies when you're telling me you wanna date me? I don't understand, so I just stay away from everyone.


Hedging [their] bets? The more they ask the higher the chance of someone being interested.

I like to think that (on dating sites at least) women get too much attention and shut down. And men get not enough and act out. And the ones that are left over are ones that thrive on attention

But I'm just a rando on the internet so who knows.


Desperation Dictates Action

How they can happily have sex with someone they despise. As a woman, I immediately lose all sexual interest in someone if they are a bastard, even if they are gorgeous. Men don't seem to care how awful someone is, they still want to bang them.


It's like having to use the bathroom. If you need to piss, you'd prefer a nice hotel bathroom, but the gas station will do if you're desperate enough.


A Few Mysteries Wrapped In Easy-To-Take-Off Shirt

Relaxed Homer Simpson GIFGiphy

How do they always have warm hands[?]

How do they always know what that guy is really up to[?]

How do they pull their shirts off one-handed without like choking themselves in the neck or something[?]


Where Do They Get Their False Ideas From?

Why do you put so much value in the words/opinions of random men? Especially when it comes to thoughts on 'masculinity.'


Men do not have the same inherent value placed upon them by society that women have, so men have to seek approval from society, and hence from other men. Placing importance in the approval of other men is giving them a sense of being valued, that they matter to others.


No, Seriously, I'm Thinking About Silver Surfer Fighting The Walking Dead

When you say you are thinking about random, weird and unlikely stuff like pirate raids, zombies, space wars and what not, are you actually thinking of that? Or are you just trying to be funny?


There Are No Answers. Just Pain.


Did they just get a really bad deal or is there a reason it just hangs? Is it more fertile that way? I think about this whenever i get bored.

Also, if you could kick an ovary would it also cause cancer more easily or be as painful as being kicked in the nuts look like? Or are they just that unlucky? Or are they whiny? There are way too many questions like this in my head


Do They Do It To Feel Better About Themselves?

I don't understand why a lot of men (and mass media) slut shame woman. Men if you want more sex stop with the slut shaming. Pro-tip, woman want sex too, we just don't want to be shamed for it.


Society's Standards Are Falling Away

Why they rarely have a best friend, or friends, they can confide in and can be vulnerable with


It's because men can't open up a lot of times. Also in my experience I'm the guy who listens and is a problem solver. BUT when the shoe is on the other foot no one cares or listens to your problems or issues. When you do tell those people you hear "yeah yeah well here's what happened with me."

Truth be told I'd kill to have 2-3 guy best friends and have the same interests as me. Normally I only find them on video games lol. It's also a weird deal too when you meet a guy where you're like "hey that dude was cool" what are you going to do? Ask for their number? Rofl.


A Gelatin...Sword.

Why do men just passively play with their bits so much?

Maybe not all of them do this, but my current boyfriend does.


Dude it's like a gelatin sword but attached to your body


What Did You Expect To Happen?

Unless you're dealing with an extremly shallow woman, we don't care about your penis. What's up with that ?

Also, while it never happened to me yet (thanks God), apparently it is somewhat common for men to send unsolicited pics to women... what are you expecting ? I genuinely don't understand, at all.


Sometimes, They're So Simple

One time, I saw a stand-up comedian say, "Women, if you haven't figured out men then you're thinking too hard."


Yup. most men are really simple. We say something? That's what we mean.


It Has A Name. And It's Brilliant.

sexy homer simpson GIFGiphy

How they lose interest in anything sexual the moment they climax. It's like my husband is ready to go hunting minutes after sex is over. Like a brain switch happens 🤷♀️


Post-nut clarity.


True as can be, I start thinking about my to-do list immediately and try to fight it.


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