Some men seem to think they've got everything all figured out. Until their arrogance come back to slap them upside the head to prove they were never right about the things they claimed to have knowledge of.

Like women, for instance.

Curious to hear examples of what men have assumed about the opposite sex, Redditor Top_Run4841 asked:

"What is one thing, that a man would never understand about women?"

Period pain was a heavily discussed topic.

Here Comes The Flood

"For me it’s when I’m peacefully sleeping in bed and I wake up and feel the gush when I’m laying down. It means I have to get up real fast and run to the bathroom to try to not ruin my sheets and clothes."

– whorgans

Bodily Response

"Laughing, coughing or sneezing - and promptly giving birth to a red jellyfish."

– groats219

"That and clots are the worst about periods aside from cramps."

– Pinecone55

Nothing Pleasant About It

"What an absolute annoyance having your period is. Everything about it is horrible."

– Kayakityak

Women discuss the emotional aspects of menstruation.

Uncontrollable Emotions

"Feeling sad and tired for no reason, because my body is starting to produce less serotonin before my period. I get so sad and I can’t do anything to feel happy for like 2-3 days a month."

– Organic_Ema

Deeper Than Depression

"The hormonal depression is the absolute worst. Somehow it's deeper than average depression. Just a horrible, lonely sinkhole. Even knowing why it's happening doesn't help."

"I face it by driving around, feeling somehow more than empty, trying to fight the urge to run away from my life and vanish into the dark like a dying cat."

– fifteenlostkeys

The Mood Swings

"The worst part for me isn’t the physical aspect. It does suck, but I have a harder time with the hormone cycles/mood swings every month. I get incredibly depressed, insecure, and have a hard time being around others."

– greenwitchery

Redditors mentioned the vulnerability felt by women.

Always Being Vigilant

"How the safety of where we go is always there. Like, I would love to go camping alone somewhere… would I? Nope. Leaving a store at night, we have to be on guard. Walking the dog at night or through woods alone? Always on guard."

– heathers1

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Staying Alert

"The constant checking and awareness of your surroundings because you just don’t know when you could find yourself in a bad situation. I’m constantly figuring out my exit strategy when I’m in a new or unfamiliar place."

– peanutbutterismybf

Safety Precaution

"Also being mocked by men for taking reasonable safety precautions, like locking the doors when you are home alone, locking the car doors as soon as you get in the car, and looking around you to see who is nearby when you are walking from car to store, etc. Not all men do it, but some act as though you're paranoid and unreasonable."

– gracesw

Interpreting A Smile

"That even though we might be 'prettier if we smiled', we literally can't do that even if we want to, because smiling is interpreted by too many men as a sexual invitation. Men are drawn to smiling women like sharks to a bleeding baby seal."

– Haustvind


"My male friends are always like 'everyone should travel solo across Europe at least once in their life'… like no thank you I don’t want to disappear."

– chewypotato21

The Habit

"It's been drilled into me since I was a kid. 'Never go anywhere alone.' My mother would always tell me to take a friend with me even if just to go for the bathroom if we were "somewhere" (swimming pool, park, the mall, etc)."

"I think it's the case for most girls. We're told to do that since such a young age, we never really question it because it became a habit."

– mykingdomforawaffle

The Effect Of Strangers

"Why we are f'king terrified of y’all as strangers whenever we go out alone. I’ve tried to explain it to some and always get 'well all guys aren’t the same' THATS NOT THE POINT."

– cantbesohelpmenotbe

Other discomforts were discussed.

When The Wire Snaps

"Bras hurt. Sometimes the wire breaks free and attempts to impale the boob."

– InWake

Fancy TP

"High quality toilet paper is deeply important to women because we use it every single time we pee or poop and extra when we’re on our period."

– MyVillainOriginStory

Being Comfortable

"Holding my b00b means nothing s*xual. Sometimes I do it instinctively. It's comfortable and warm."

– Puzzleheaded_Net9759

What Guys See

"Having guys assume that smiling, talking, or otherwise showing basic human decency to them means we're flirting."

– White_Wolf_Dreamer

Pregnancy Aftermath

"How your brain gets re-wired by pregnancy. And I don’t just mean the 'I’ll kill anyone who tries to hurt my little bologna loaf.'”

"I mean how some foods you loved now taste like crap. And others you only tolerated taste like heaven. How some smells are now more intense or slightly off from before pregnancy. That you can’t remember how to drive a stick shift (true story, ground the gears for at least a month) but can put together some complicated as sh*t storage unit with no instructions and nothing but a pair of pliers and a nail file, while 8 1/2 mos pregnant."

"That you can spy a poisonous plant from 50 yards away but can’t find the orange behind your water glass. And that if/when you get pregnant again everything will get re/wired in a different way."

– meld68

For men who claimed to know a lot about women, it turns out they have much to learn, and the women of Reddit had no problems spelling things out for them about their gender-specific issues.

So gentlemen, think twice before you start mansplaining how the fairer sex might feel in any given situation. You may be gravely mistaken.

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