People Confess The Things They Honestly Just Don't Understand
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There is so much confusion in life.

And try as we may, we are never going to understand it all.

Truthfully, maybe we're not destined to get it all.

In school I made it as far as Algebra 2.

Then I did 7 weeks of Chemistry and dropped out right before the deadline.

I tried. I swear. But it just does not compute in my brain.

I struggled with that.

"Why can't I get this?"

The answer was... just because.

There are just some things we'll never understand.

Redditor caloriedeficit101 wanted to see who would fess up about and embrace a certain lack of knowledge.

They asked:

"What do you honestly not understand?"

I'm also up on biology. That is a whole other mess.

Sudden Poop

"Mining crypto. How does a powerful computer use an algorithm and suddenly poop out a bitcoin of real, monetary value?"


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Through the Lense...

"How cameras work. It honestly freaks me out how they can literally just capture moments."


"Imagine light as lots of streams of coloured water. When it's dark, those streams are weaker, and when it's bright they're like a fire hose. The sensor in a camera is like a lot of little buckets, and the camera opens a door for a very short amount of time to let the streams through."

"After, you see how full the buckets are, and use that information to create the picture. When it's dark, you open the door for longer to let more of the 'water' through. If you let too much through you fill the buckets and you saturate the sensor (it comes out as white). Not enough, and all the buckets are empty (black)."



"How people can just 'invent' new math. Or actually how people can sit down, start writing equations, and figure out something about the universe. I wouldn’t even know where to begin. I absolutely love math and the idea of it but man do I truly suck at it. I’d love to let some math PHD just talk my ear off about what they’re working on even though I probably wouldn’t understand any of it. I just think math is neat."


A to B

"I've have tried many times to watch explanations of how gravity affects time and I always find myself just short of 'getting it.'"


"Think of light travelling from A to B in a straight line. Now imagine that line is pulled by gravity so its curved, it now takes the light longer to get from A to B. Light travels at a constant speed so it doesn't change speed but the time it takes to get there does, that means time slows down to accommodate."



"Celebrity worship."


"People worship them because they're infatuated with the idea that everyone knows them and they feel it's impossible to ever be able and do that, so they think these celebrities are special and different from ordinary humans.


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Why do we obsess over celebrities? Over the lives of people who are complete strangers... ah, an eternal life struggle.


"I don’t understand how when people undergo surgery they don’t bleed out or why there isn’t blood everywhere. Someone please explain."


Penn Badgley Joe Goldberg GIF by YOU Giphy


"Why it's illegal to blind other drivers with your high beams, but those super bright LED headlights are totally fine."


"Those lights are so fucking awful. Mostly just the fact that I've literally never seen a vehicle with properly positioned lights. Right light lower towards the side of the road, and left pointed lower facing the road. They would be SO much more tolerable, and safer for all parties that way."


Crossed Wiring

"Wi-fi! Like I understand the concept of how it works, but when you get past the theory of it it makes absolutely no sense to me. How can such complicated and absolutely MASSIVE packets of information just be in the air? We seriously went from sending single electrical pulses through a wire(pretty easy), to using radio waves( makes sense), to heres all the information humans have ever known just in the air and it can be read by a tiny cluster of glass and metal (like what?!)"


I gotta do something...

"That feeling that I get where I feel like I'm meant to do something (but I don't have anything particularly to do) and just builds up anxiety."


"Master procrastinator here. The really fun part is when you get so accustomed to that anxious guilt that it never leaves! Then the free time you’ve actually earned becomes guilty too and the proverbial doomsday clock is always ticking!"


The Skies...

"Astronomer here! Dark energy. The idea that the universe is not just expanding, but accelerating in that expansion despite there not being enough matter that we can see for that to happen, is just mind blowing and I can't make heads or tails of it. On the bright side, no one else can make heads or tails of it either and understands what's going on, so we're all in good company on this one."


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You don't have to know it all. Just know enough. The rest will come.

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