People Explain Which Topics They Give Absolutely No F**ks About
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Have you ever found yourself enjoying brunch or a few drinks with friends, when you find the conversation swerves into a new topic?

While the rest of your friends continue to talk about this topic with excitement, going into great detail, all the while, you can't help but ask yourself:

"Why should I care about this?".

Redditor RunikVarze was curious about which topics result in people immediately rolling their eyes, by asking the Reddit community:

"What is a topic you absolutely cannot give a f*ck about?"

Why should I know who they are?

"Which celebrity is dating whom, who broke up with whom, who got back together."- SuvenPan.

"TikTokers, influencers etc."- tyler980908.

"Celebrities' personal lives."- wut3va.

"Celebrities, royals and influencers in general."

"I'd rather talk about pinching glass."

Happy Call Me GIF by Looney Tunes Giphy

Ugh, not this again.

"Paid content with commercials."- MarshallBoogie.

"Anything on any ad played before a youtube video, ever."- ofsquire.

Rich people rewarding each other, how exciting...

"Any awards show."- Alpacazappa

Remember when people used to become famous for their talent?

"Reality singing competitions."- rickmitchel.

Simon Cowell Facepalm GIF by America's Got Talent Giphy

Why not be surprised?

"Gender reveal parties."- CoachEvan15.

The things that people actually find interesting can be truly fascinating.

Perhaps the only thing more fascinating is that they actually expect other people to care.

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