There's something about a skinny dude who doesn't look like he ever sleeps, that tousled I don't care about anything look, that attracts me each time. Don't ask me why, I don't get it. I might have spent too much time watching Trainspotting when I was younger, which probably says a lot about me.

After Redditor radicalheadphone asked the online community, "What strange trait is very attractive to you?" people let it all out. Leave your judgment at home or otherwise jojn your kindred spirits!

"I love people..."

I love people that seem very silent but after talking to them they act like a whole different happy open person.


"My wife alwyas has..."

My wife always has a very serious and focused expression when doing little activities like baking or crocheting. She looks so adorable.


"Don't know why..."

Ponytails. Don't know why but they just do it for me. And it's not a slight attraction either it could take a 5/10 girl to a solid 8 all because of the hair. Drives me crazy.


"My heart melts..."

My heart melts when I see a big guy with a giant smile and a warm heart, that you can hug like a big teddy bear.


"I don't care about the person's skin color..."

Freckles, little freckles on the nose and cheeks, I don't care about the person's skin color or ethnicity, I find them adorable and special on anyone or a small scar (something that reminds me of them as soon as I think about it).


"True listening."

True listening. Lots of people "listen," but you can definitely tell when the person is fully interested in what you're saying, digesting the information, on the edge of their seat.


"I don't know why..."

Having two different eye colors (like one eye is one color and the other eye is a completely different color). I don't know why but I've always found that attractive.


"When I see a woman..."

A messy apartment. Too many people aren't happy unless everything is clean and organized, and satisfying them takes a lot of energy. When I see a woman who is ok having a decent amount of entropy in her environment, I take that as a very good sign.


"Throw in some odd lip movement..."

Lisps. Throw in some odd lip movement and I'm done.

Sara Rue, Sarah Paulson, Reese Witherspoon and Joan Cusack are some examples.


"I kinda have a crush..."

I kinda have a crush on one of my good friends and he's an avid bird lover. One day (pre-Covid) we went to the national museum to see a new digital art exhibit on the nature of pre- colonial Singapore, based on the hand drawn illustrations of one of our founders.

So here we are enjoying this art installation with beautiful animation and sound effects, and suddenly he starts quietly (but noticeable enough for me to hear) vocalising the Asian Koel bird mating call - which in my country is a notoriously annoying bird noise that has kinda become a local meme. And I'm just rolling my eyes and going "What an idiot" in my head. But I fell hard for that them right there. There was something just so delightful and attractive in being silly and having a sense of humour.


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