Disability is not always immediately visible. But whether or not you can tell if a person is disabled—if they say they are, they are. In fact, if someone tells you they are disabled—you don’t argue with them.  They know themselves better than you ever will. Redditor CaptDeliciousPants found themselves in a tricky situation when another […] More
For anyone who has ever experienced it, we can all agree that discovering our friendship means more to us than to someone else is hurtful. But it especially stings when that friend uses us first, confided the “Am I the A**hole?” (AITA) subReddit. Redditor Adeisconfused was thoroughly confused after helping their college friend plan their wedding, […] More
Juggling a college courseload and a job is a delicate and often difficult task. For one college student on Reddit, this situation became downright combative when one of their professors, who went past the usual ending time of a class, got angry when they had to leave on time to make it to their job. […] More
People are, by and large, social creatures. We want to be included. A painful counterpoint to that, of course, is to be excluded. To not be invited to the party, to not be in on the secret. What happens when the person excised from the group is the one person the group actually needs? More […] More
College is a big investment. Two to Four years of tests, books, essays, and everything else is a tremendous amount to commit to, and that’s even before the costs get involved. What happens, though, when the college commitment falters and you’re the one left holding the bag? This was the question which brought Redditor and […] More