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In an ideal world, all parents are their children's best and biggest cheerleaders. Children deserve to grow up feeling loved and supported.

Unfortunately, that's not always the case, and even the most well-intentioned parents falter from time to time and can harm their kids in irreparable ways.

This leaves kids with a choice when they grow up.

Do they continue the cycle? Or do they decide to change their behavior and not repeat it with their own children?

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Raising a child is hard and can take a toll on even the best parents. Children can bring a lot of joy but they can also be very frustrating, and it's okay to give parents room to vent. Sometimes, try as they might, nothing they do can calm a child down.

And that seems to hit the hardest during the toddler stage, when children really, really don't know how to handle their own emotions. They'll yell and kick and scream, sometimes for no reason at all.

What's up with that, right?

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The world is a really cool and often strange place. We meet all kinds of people and have different experiences. So many people take different paths. Why would these paths ever collide again, right? It makes sense, at least on paper.

A coincidence is defined as a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection.

That means a bunch of little things had to fall in place for a coincidence to happen, which shouldn't be a surprise because life is often all about timing.

That'll be on your mind when you read the following entries.

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As if finding someone to date isn't hard enough, most of us are inevitably going to have to go through break-ups at some point. They can go smoothly... or they cannot. And few things make a breakup more painful than someone giving you a stupid reason why they're breaking up with you.

Actually, their reasons could be rather funny in hindsight. Pathetic even.

You might walk away thinking you've dodged a bullet from the moment you were broken up with. That's okay, everyone's relationship is different. Both kinds of break-ups are featured here. It's up to you whether to laugh or cry.

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I once heard of this guy who ran after a bus and attempted to leap on just as the doors closed. He did it, and got in. But it could have ended so badly for him. He could have fallen into the road or into traffic. He could have busted his face open or his head. Oh, and the bus was one of those that came by every 10 minutes.

So what was the point of that? That was the definition of "high risk, low reward," if you ask me. Why? Just why?

But others are far more daring—or reckless—than him or I.

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