Straight Men Divulge Which Male Celebs They Have A Man Crush On
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There's some good looking dudes out there.

Don't let your hyper-masculinity blind you to the truth. There's nothing wrong with thinking another man is good-looking. Is it wrong to appreciate a fine piece of art from afar? Is it wrong to admire a good heart or a wonderful talent? No.

Steer into it.

Reddit user, u/jinxykatte, wanted to know which dude other dudes thought had it all when they asked:

Straight men of reddit, who is your man crush?

What did Jessica Rabbit once say about why she was with Roger?

"He makes me laugh."

So Funny They Had To Put A Mask On Him

"Not a man, but my ex husband loved Ryan Reynolds so much I think he'd have left me for him 😂😂"


"Impossibly good looking, funny AF, and by all appearances a generally good dude: kind of hard to say no to Ryan Reynolds. Plus he owns a decent brand of Gin and a terrible English football club"

"Source: I am a man"


Ask Him About How He Does That Card Trick!

"Paul Rudd"


"He looks like the type of guy that would make you breakfast in the morning."


"I would love to eat a spaghetti dinner and talk about his day with him"


Everyone has different tastes, and perhaps those tastes take you in a different direction from what might be "the norm." But who cares about the norm. Let your personal tastes guide you to what you like.

We Have A Limit

"31 y/o married man here. Jimin from the korean band BTS. I've never in my life have been atracted by a man."

"Man we can only be so hetero."


Characters Welcome

Matt Bomer


Ive been scrolling through this, going 'no' 'nope' 'nah' and 'maybe nobo- oh yeah!'


Agreed. I just finished bingeing all 6 seasons of White Collar last night.


That Guy Has Range

"Probably Tom Hardy"


"Yeah, you beat me to it. He has this raw but contained (barely) presence, and is one hell of an actor. F**king fearless, that guy."


"He's my movie boyfriend, as we call it. My husband says he can totally see it, namely in the way that he blinks. Tom Hardy is the most emotive blinker that there may have ever been."


He. Must. Break. You.

"Dolph Lundgreen."

"Physically a specimen."

"Mentally a specimen. (Dude has a masters degree in chemical engineering)"

"And as a martial artist, he has that going for him to."

"Thing is though."

"He must break you..."


Well, yeah.

These ones just make sense.

What Does His Hair Smell Like?

"Jason Mamoa"


"I had to scroll far too much to find this answer."


"Dude, Jason Mamoa. Some dudes aren't tall, some dudes aren't cut, some dudes don't have perfect facial hair. One dude definitely has it all. Lucky sexy bastard."


Yes, Idris, You Wanted Me?

"Idris Elba. No contest."


"He is aware of the effect he has on women men"


Have You Seen The Oil Rig Scene In "Man Of Steel?"

"Henry Cavill, dude can Dom me in a superman or Witcher costume idc"


"He can just dom me while telling me his PC build and what class he played in WoW."


He's Totally Worthy



"Correct answer. Attraction to Christopher Hemsworth has no bounds."


It's Always The Older Brothers

"Jensen Ackles"


"U mean Jensen SNACKles"


There's nothing wrong with a finely chiseled man.

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