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Fictional characters in cartoons and movies are drawn to portray those characters' personalities. Our hero's look like people we want to be friends with, the leading ladies are conventionally attractive, and our villain's look like someone we want to avoid. However, what if we develop stronger feelings for these animated characters?

Well, one Redditor wanted to know which fictional character we found attractive. This was clearly something on the internet's mind as over 19 thousand people commented about their various attractions.

Some of them weren't even just about their looks, but their charming personalities.

Redditor PigEgirl420afk asked:

"Who is a fictional character that is attractive in a weird way or you thought you would not be attracted to?"

Let's see which animation teams we have to blame for this not safe for work content.

James and the Giant Peach

"A while back I illustrated a James and the Giant Peach horror piece, and was very surprised to learn how many people wanted to f*ck a claymation spider."

- LegendaryKirkFogg

"It was Susan Sarandon doing a French accent for a goth spider. It's not a mystery."

- borkamork

"It was definitely the scene where she wraps James up in a web for bed, tucks him in, and tell him no one can tell him what to do. Instantly sold."

- Octaivian

"tell him no one can tell him what to do"

"She can..."

- Twillzy

Robin Hood vs. Zootopia

"When I was a kid I thought the animated fox that played Maid Marian in the Disney Robin Hood cartoon from the '70s was very very pretty."

- henazo

robin hood fox GIF Giphy

"There's a certain community that I understand considers those characters the...ah...'gateway drug,' perhaps?"

- fangsfirst

"Haha, let's talk about the modern version."

"Nick Wilde."

"I didn't expect to feel those things when watching the movie the first time."

- Far414

nick wilde selfie GIF Giphy

Penguins of Madagascar had a great cast of characters.

"Kowalski from Penguins of Madagascar."

"The intelligent hopeless romantic type just gets me."

- Anxious-Ninja

"Why not all the penguins? Sure, Kowalski is the most stable, loyal, and dependable - very sexy, but the others would be crazy fun, too."

- StuntID

Roxanne from Goofy Movie

"10 year old me definitely had the hots for Roxanne from a Goofy Movie."

- whole_nottha_issue

disney max GIF Giphy

"It was not about her look. It was about the way she looked at Max. We all dreamt of having a cute girl looking at us like that."

- Cactus-Frog

"As a bisexual woman in my mid-20's who came across a screenshot of Roxanne on the internet long after watching the Goofy Movie last: they had no right to make a teenaged Disney character that attractive, it definitely was her looks for me haha."

"But yes you totally have a point lol. Everyone wants that."

- jelleem

But also Goofy.


"Dedicated father, selfless, caring, loyal friend...dude is grade A material."

"I'd sleep with him, I'd marry him, we'd grow old and die together....hyuck"

- suestrong315

Not quite the character but close enough.

"So my friends still make fun of me for this, but like 10 years ago we went to Disney World and took pictures with a bunch of characters. We posed with Goofy, and I put my arm around him, and that guy was ripped. We walked away and all I said was 'Did you FEEL Goofy?!'"

"They still laugh at me. But I stand by it, that guy was hot."

- StuckOnPolynomials

Okay, this one was unexpected.

"The Pixar lamp."

"Have you seen the Pixar lamp? It hops onto screen with what I can only describe as the most graceful movements ever. It shakes its little booty at you, straight up squashes the letter I, and then gives you this stare as if to tell you that your next. It's intoxicating."

"Included a link so you can dissect this reply and you'll likely understand at least a little bit Pixar lamp."

- Mycologist-Nearby

animation luxo GIF by Disney Pixar Giphy

"I like how this thread is 90% people listing conventionally attractive characters and 10% 'yeah that lamp.'"

"My answer is the bear from Annihilation or the weird blood alien from Alien Covenant."

- AradinaEmber

If you had a character in mind that wasn't on this list, don't worry. It's clear that you're most likely not alone given the fact that nearly 12 thousand people wanted to bang the Pixar lamp.

In 10 years, maybe we will see which fictional characters our kids have a crush on.

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