People Break Down Which Pieces Of Clothing On The Opposite Sex Are Their Biggest Weakness

People Break Down Which Pieces Of Clothing On The Opposite Sex Are Their Biggest Weakness
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When I think about all the effort we put into getting gussied up to impress people and land a lover, it can make me mad, because we're never going to get that time back.

After a while, and by a while I mean... growing old, we learn that less is more. You don't have to drop thousands on clothes and special fragrances to put together a look that will drive others wild.

More often than not a simple t-shirt and jeans, or a little less than that, can drive another crazy, or impress whoever it is you're trying to send a flare of attention up to.

So let's stop worrying about the perfect look and focus on the basics. Read below if you don't believe me.

Redditoru/isthisourthrowawaywanted to hear about those times we've been struck by a certain bit of unexpected sexiness, by asking:

What piece of clothing on the opposite sex is your biggest weakness?

I've lost track of the amount of times I've agonized over ever section of my wardrobe, to fashion the absolute perfect image, so I can land a little sexy time; only to be hit on in my work uniform. My restaurant work uniform that was covered is spaghetti stains and sweat. That's when I'm most pretty apparently.

No regrets...

moving pictures art GIF by Tech NoirGiphy

"I have 2 kids, a dog and a mortgage due to a white bikini. No regrets."

- JamesMac71

Comfort First

"My wife lounging around the house in a white tank top and a comfy pair of undies does it for me. Also a comfy pair of fitted jeans and a white t-shirt."

- wikidd006

"My gf finally moved in recently and this is all she's worn around the house since. We're in a heat wave right now so it makes sense but damn is it unfair."

- snickerDUDEls

"Lol spot on! That's actually when I found out that it was a thing for me. I was 13 in 1994, and thats the age I accidentally walked in on my friend's mom ironing in a tank top and panties. I knew at that moment it was my weakness."

- wikidd006


"Summer dress with sneakers!"

- bigbbear

"It's hard for me to believe that too. Dresses and rompers with sneakers was cool when I was a kid so it's hard for my brain to make that jump."

- SunDamaged

"As a man, I can't understand this new craze of women wearing baggy jeans with ugly chunky shoes. It looks like straight garbage."

- mind_blowwer


"Stockings. Totally not pretending these hugs are from legs in stocking."

- joshford1992

"Black fishnet ones. Am I writing this for my gf who occasionally stalks my reddit? Definitely yes."

- Tneon

"Yeah, that gets me... I'm the polar opposite side of the spectrum, on the side that is an instant turn off, Jesus sandals."

- North-Mousse

Exhausted & Sexy

Bored Season 5 GIF by The OfficeGiphy

"I'm into the "tired office man going back home on a train" style, white shirt, rolled up sleeves, loose tie, suit pants.. I have no idea why though."

- Sarcastic-Lemonade

Some of those looks make no sense. Nobody looks good in all white, just my opinion. And a tired office look? Well, that is new. But, hey to each their own.



"This may sound weird, but I have go with a cardigan. I cannot say 'no' to an adorable librarian."

- jimmyslaughter

Magic Pants

"Boxer briefs."

- darkangelx86

"I have some that I don't think any guy can pull off lol but they're so damn freaken' comfy! I call them magic pants (pants is underwear in UK) because they're like a strange almost lycra material and after wearing them for a couple minutes it feels like you've got just a wisp of silk wrapped around you there. However it does look like you've crammed one small, intimate part of yourself into a very thin wetsuit."

- Qwsdxcbjking

To work we go...

"Workers in their uniform, something about a guy in a pair of trousers with too many pockets, a pair of boots and a high vis."

- erinwilson97

"This! When my husband puts on his coveralls for work I can't help but get excited. Something about the way they frame his body while giving a rugged but sleek vibe at the same time. Also, dat butt."

- DingusHere

"1000%! Have worked in an office my whole adult life and always thought men in business casual/suits were where it's at. Ended up with an electrician and damn, seeing him in his work clothes at the end of the day, dirty and sweaty, wowza."

- saltstonecastle

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Never Roll Down

"When my bf wears a long sleeved shirt, but rolls or pushes the sleeves up to like, just below the elbow… I mean, I always want to do him anyway, but that's like, shove me against a wall and do whatever the hell you want kind of stuff… just don't roll those sleeves down."

- CordeliaGrace


paul rudd love GIFGiphy

"Okay girls that wears a tank top and an unbuttoned flannel. I swear the flannel acts as the 3D bars you see in optical illusions."

- Vader46


"Not clothing but a choker."

- ApartPersonality1520

"Been wondering if this would get posted. Chokers rev my engine in a special special way. I like simple black ones best. My… crap, ex of three days would wear them for me cause she knew I love them… was also a secret signal that we were gonna have some extra special naughty time lol."

- DairyCoder

Curvy Issues

"Short skirt and looooong jacket."

- cosmiccerulean

"Just FYI long jackets don't really work on super curvy women. It just bothers me they put them on JLO and she never closes them bc she wouldn't be able to. Not bc she is fat, the fit is not for curvy women UNLESS tailored extensively. The characters that wear these jackets would not have the funds or desire to do it. Lost interest in a storyline quickly with those types of styling errors."

- bestchickenfingers

"Casual Friday"

"The "casual Friday" look. Maybe it's because my husband only wears graphic tees and cargo shorts. The very few times he wears slacks and a polo/button-up shirt I just fawn over him it is so attractive. Bonus points if he's rocking a clean shave and a recent haircut."

- ColorGoreAndBigTeeth

More Sexy

vanessa hudgens skirt GIFGiphy

"Skirts. I will forever be confused when Christians mandate skirts for girls because they're somehow the LESS sexy option."

- Vandechoz

Nice and Airy...

"A kilt. Very specifically, my husband in a kilt. I'm Scottish, he's Australian. Before we met in a third country, he had lived in Scotland and whilst there he had a kilt made in his family tartan (his mum's family is Scottish). Flash forward to our graduation from our Masters degree and I walk into the room. He's standing at the top of a set of stairs, resplendent in his kilt, looking like an old world prince. I already knew that I would marry that man, but damn, talking about sealing the deal."

- NixyPix


"A nice 3 piece suit. Oooh baby! Cuz every girl crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man! ZZTop know the deal."

- Foxy_Voxen

"Suits are sexy as hell! A well tailored 3 piece suit is one of the most attractive outfits ever to exist."

- CrimeSceneCop

"About 90% of my suits are 3 piece. It's definitely a little more on the unusual side but I just love the look - to me it's very clean and I love the added detail and shape that it adds to the ensemble. And it makes it much easier to take off my suit jacket and still look well put together. If anybody is insecure about wearing a vest: most people judge you for wearing a suit already, the vest very rarely got additional comments for me in about 6 years of almost exclusively wearing them."

- Truly_Impressed

The Form

"Yoga pants."

- IntoTheMystic1

"Yes… a pair of yoga pants make a complete show of legs and rear. Completely clad but also a complete description of form. Don't even know what the difference between yoga shorts and bicycle shorts would be, but the latter are like the unsexiest thing ever."

- stevenmoreso

I Died!

"Suspenders 😍🤤."

- Touch-Important

"Hot damn yes. On our wedding day, after we got in the limo post-ceremony, my new husband said "I have something to show you" and slipped off his jacket to reveal suspenders (knowing they were my thing). I died."

- MrsSpecs

"bad boy"

Johnny Depp Love GIFGiphy

"Leather jackets. I don't know why, because I don't normally go for the "bad boy" personality type, but something about the biker aesthetic is really, really hot."

- Scarlet_Skye


"This summer, bicycle shorts seem to be a thing with the girls I know - I'm pretty sure they are made by LuLu so are really a type of yoga short… for some reason, the length makes them really hot - not short 'booty' shorts, not knee-length yoga shorts. These are rivalling yoga pants as my favourite thing on a girl."

- MesWantooth

I will never understand the flannel attraction. Just looking at flannel makes me itch. Now the librarian look? I can roll with that.

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