People Share The Strangest Qualities That They Find Extremely Attractive
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Imperfections are what make us unique. Our imperfections are what make us sexy. In this time of body positivity we're all being groomed to embrace all the beautiful things we are, finally. Now don't get me wrong, I love a person who is the image of perfection. But that person is rare, and often times "enhanced" by a scalpel, or a pill and what not. So we can't chase an illusion.

So let's discuss the things that draw us to others. What small, sexy detail drives us wild? The people want to know, so that we can embrace these little things about ourselves. Weird isn't bad, sometimes it's the best.

Redditor u/Undecided_User_Name wanted to hear about what turns you on, by asking:

What is the weirdest thing you find extremely attractive?

I love a lot of things about people. I can be turned on by the tiniest detail, I can also be turned off just as fast, but that's a different article. Sometimes I don't even realize an attraction is happening until the moment occurs. Which is good, it means the connection is about the person.


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"When a person stifles their laughter. Something about the way their face scrunches up whenever it happens makes my heart flutter for some reason. Also, scars."

- sheepclouds

Confidence Game

"When they go all the way dressing up. Not in the fancy way, but in the "oh there's a theme and I'm not shy to go all the way with my costume." Shows confidence and a great fun factor."

- mijranda

"My wife likes this about me, but it's not just dressing up. I really truly enjoy Christmas and Christmas music and will choose to put it on and sing to myself when it's Christmastime."

"I love decorating for Halloween, and all the similar events where for some reason people pretend they're too 'adult' to have fun with. Also I've always wanted to do (but could never wrangle up the people for) a murder mystery dinner party where we all come in character. I guess I just reached a certain point in my life where I legitimately stopped caring what other people thought was lame."

- KnightDuty

Prince Charming

"I dated a guy for a couple of years in my early twenties who always wore an open button down shirt over a tee, and whenever he laughed really hard, he would grab the open shirt and bury his face in it while his whole upper body shook. He had a very giggly laugh too, the whole thing was ridiculously charming."

- chatteringmagpie1

Power Schnoz

"Big, but structured, prominent noses. Idk what it is about them that I just swoon over, but it always happens."

- Global_Box_7935

"Trust me when I say: those prominent noses, like the ones on old photos & statues are hot. Greek, Mayan, whoever. Works on men and women for me. I cry inside every time I hear of women getting a nose job to remove that gorgeous proud arch on their nose. At least men usually leave it alone. It just makes a face powerful."

- UselessBunch


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"The neck, when a woman has her hair up and those little bits of hair curl around."

- Able-Ad191

Physically, I love great hands. Hands that can sculpt and paint and lift me up over their heads. And good wrists that support great hands... magnific! And let's talk ears...


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"A girl nibbled on my ear exactly one time unexpectedly and I haven't stopped thinking about it."

- WowDoILoveEatingA


"Men's calves. Snuggling up to those bad boys can be a real turn on!"

- confused_insomniac88

"I guess the female equivalent for me would be thighs. Don't get me wrong, I like boobs and glutes as much as the next person, but there's just something great about thicc thighs. Having my head against thigh is such a great feeling."


"I was looking for this one. It's a big one for me, well-defined calves. Maybe it's because my first shag post-marriage was someone with well defined calves, which was in stark contrast to previous dude."

- sassisarah

Greenery Lover

"Houseplants. Chicks with plants are just very hot to me. Also, the more comfy a girl is, the better. Something about sweats, blankets, overly large sweaters, or girls cuddled up real tight is really cute and turns me on so much."

- Human_Kaleidoscope_7

"I have an ex that was obsessed with house plants and really good with them. I loved it because I love having greenery around the house. She also held really strong opinions about how fake plants are an abomination. I tried keeping house plants after that relationship and just sucked at it."

"It wasn't until someone gave me permission, "if you like the look of them why not just get fake plants?" that I was like "…ya know what, yeah." Filled my house with fake plants and even though it's not the same as live greenery, I love the vibe they add to my place and I don't ever have to worry about them dying because I overwater or underwater or just forget about them."

- TheVeryElect


"Eye crinkles on men."

- Itsnotallaboutyou888

"My husband is older than I am, and he started getting "laugh lines" around his eyes a few years ago and I LOVE them. I have mentioned it to him but it makes him feel self conscious about "wrinkles" so I have to keep it to myself, but those and his freckles... swoon."

- whatever-lola-wants

Perfectly Imperfect

"My girlfriend doesn't have perfect teeth. She's super insecure about how two of her teeth are a little crooked, but every time she smiles it's the most adorable thing ever. Something about those slight imperfections just make her that much more perfect. She's planning on getting braces when she saves up some more, which is kind of a bummer. More power to her though."

- TehNibby


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"People who can ramble on about their passion/s for hours. I love listening to people talk about the stuff they love."

- andeelee23

All those things sound sexy. See, natural is sexy. Just be natural, be real and the attraction will draw them in. I also love a person who dances with abandon. Good or bad rhythm... just dance.

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