People Share The Most Useless Facts They Know

Useless facts are never really useless. If nothing else, they're great for trivia, amirite?

One Reddit user asked:

What is the most useless fact you know?

So we felt it was our responsibility to arm you all appropriately for your next online trivia night with the homies.

Oh, sounds boring? You've clearly never played a lightning round where each person has five seconds to drop a fact and if they run out of time or someone else calls bull and can prove the fact incorrect they have to take a shot or complete a challenge.

Look, all I'm saying is I don't really drink, I am not a think-fast kind of gal and my friends are jerky mcjerkfaces who conspire against me - so the last time we played, my neighbors got to hear my version of Whitney Houston's version of the national anthem.

I am no Whitney Houston and wiggling your hand around in the air does nothing to help you nail those runs. The neighbors think I hate America.

Here, have some facts.

Beaver Puns

Beavers potty train their young, and sometimes after they move out of their parents basement the parents will come downstream and help the youngster build his damn so that he can attract a mate. And they will even come years later sometimes.

- Alistair_TheAvarian

It's nice when parents give a dam.

- Bravehamster

Oceanic Predators


Seahorses are some of the most effective Ocean predators, as 95% of their hunts are successful.

- DarthYoda1

How is this possible? They seem so bad at swimming.

- creeds_apostle

Somehow I always thought they just...floated. Nothing more.

- SeleneTheGoddess

The Tootsie Pop Criteria

It takes 1120 licks (and a boring, long car trip) to completely remove the candy coating from around the tootsie pop, fully exposing the tootsie roll center.

I recognize that this is a different criteria than the query originally issued by the commercial. "To get to the center" implies the first time breaking the surface of the candy coating.

This takes around 200-500 licks.

My criteria for completion was different, but I do regret not not stopping to note the more popular criteria for success.

Tongue length and width will likely make a difference. In my case, I remember trying to take fairly uniform licks that were roughly 1.5 to 2 inches of a relaxed (which allows for greater width of tangential contact surface) tongue doing a single pass.

Now that I reflect, it was likely more tootsiepop being pulled over the tongue than the other way around.

All outside if the actual oral cavity (to prevent interference with cheeks, lips, and general humidity.

Occasional nom nom nomming of the mouth was allowed to refresh the palate, saliva, and remove extraneous sugar from the licking surface.

- bullevard

Horses And Mules

I have a "horse girl" friend. She says horses are very fragile creatures and are always close to dying over something stupid.

- BrokenDownDryer

I've owned horses my whole life, and I'm almost 50, so that's saying something. It's like they actively try to find ways to die. It's correct they can't throw up. They can colic very easily, and it can kill them. They can break legs just from running in the pasture. I know one that fell and died instantly from breaking his neck while running with his buddies. They are beautiful creatures, but fragile in that sense.

- bluebayou19

In contrast, despite being half horse, mules are one of the toughest and most resilient creatures around. In many places in the Western Hemisphere, they've been used for centuries to protect livestock from wolves, coyotes, and mountain lions, because they are borderline fearless and will kick and stomp just about any predator to death. You'd better be a grizzly bear if you want to fck with a mule.

- IttyBittyKitty420

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Frank Oz

Yoda and Miss Piggy were both voiced by the same person. Grover is another one.

- brokendowndryer

When my son was 3 and heard Yoda for the first time: "he talks like Grover."

It's pretty much the same exact voice.

- zaccus

A Fine Line

The line between the two numbers in a fraction is called the vinculum.

- Naweezy


The stegosaurus is as ancient to the triceratops as the triceratops is to us.

- [Reddit]

Really? They weren't all walking around together? ...I don't know how to deal with that. They were in all my books as a kid.

- outlawjessie

In time sense it would make more sense to draw a human and a Trex together than a stegosaurus and a Trex

- leancr



Ohio is the only US state that doesn't share any letters with the word "mackerel"

- Hactar42

It's also produced more astronauts than anywhere else. So there is something about the state that makes people want to leave the fcking planet.

- beezleburn

Tasmanian Devils

Tasmanian devils got their name due to their howling. Early European settlers heard them howl during the night and thought it was the devil coming for them.

- lachjeff

Your comment made me realize I've never heard one before so I went to YouTube. If ever before I was told that that little thing would sound more like the trolls from 'Willow' than a rat or cat or something similar. I'd have literally bet money you were wrong.

- Goku3186

I would literally sht myself if I heard their howl. Day or night.

- Metalgirl21

Faking It

Liechtenstein is the world's largest producer of false teeth.

- son_of_a_lorax

Arm's Length

The length of your wrist to your elbow is the same length as your heel to your toe. It seems as if your forearm is much longer because of perspective (forearm is far closer to the eyes than the feet). However, you have become used to seeing your feet as "smaller" because of that perspective and so you assume that they are. Put your foot against your arm. 🤯

- maxkaminsky13


If you mix yellow and red it gives you an orange but if you mix yellow and red markers doesn't give you an orange. If you mix yellow and pink does.

- trapouluxato

That's Bananas


A Banana is a Berry.

- JezzAtomic26

This Guy Makin' It Awkward

In the past not so much but currently, it would have to be the fact that my wife has a vagina. I know it's there, but I don't use it...

- abandonship2020

Echidna Mating

Male echidnas have a four-pronged penis (1 penis with 4 tips). No one knows what the purpose is, but during mating, the heads on one side of the penis shut down and don't grow inside while the other two heads expel semen.

- jujuviola

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