A lot of people have this idea that strippers are prostitutes.

These are two different professions. But it no doubt influences what people think strippers do and their ideas about what happens behind closed doors in the VIP areas.

Stereotypical portrayals of strippers in movies and on television certainly haven't helped matters either.

But that doesn't mean there aren't some crazy–or hilarious–VIP room stories out there.

People in the profession (and those outside of it) decided to shed light on it after Redditor MourtyMourtMourt asked the online community:

"Strippers of Reddit: what really happens in a private/VIP dance?"

"It was hilarious."

"Not quite the same vibe. But in Poland my partner and I decided to go to a strip club. We paid for a private dance for us both together. The stripper was gyrating on the floor and kind of fell off the little stage and rolled under the curtain."

"It was hilarious. She was professional about it and came straight back in and carried on like we didn't just watch her do a backwards roley poly out of the room."


Sounds like she was a great sport about it!

Hilarious image, I admit.

"A buddy of mine..."

"A buddy of mine got super drunk after a break up and passed out in a VIP section. She just kept dancing and security wouldn't let us in there and eventually threw us out all together. Had to call the cops to get them to let us go get him."

"They were literally just trying to rob him. I'll never go back to another one again after that experience."


Glad he wasn't robbed!

I wouldn't go back if that were me.

Can't blame you.

"I said he needed a hug..."

"Depends on the girl. I once had a guy who wanted me to punch, slap, and put my 6 inch heel in his balls. I tried but just couldn't do it. I said he needed a hug but I went and found him this real mean girl so he could get what he wanted. Team player."


This is oddly wholesome.

Bet she made some good money, too.

"The only club..."

"The only club I've worked at where anything 'more' was done regularly is now shut down. Everywhere else, the private dances were full contact but sex was rare and risky."


This sounds accurate, going by the stories I've heard from the strippers I've met.

"She had a regular..."

"Not a stripper but had a friend who was for a few years. She had a regular who would buy an hour in the VIP room just so he can have the girls act like he was a dog. Not really degrading just more like he was the loved family dog. He tipped very very well and said she never even had to take off her cloths or touch him aside from pats on the head."


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Well... no kinkshaming here.

If that's what he liked, then it sounds like she delivered.

"My friend stopped stripping..."

"My friend stopped stripping after she had one guy come in and ask for her and they went to one of the private rooms for a dance, and all he wanted her to do was let him rest his head in her lap."

"He paid to spend the entire night until closing just resting in her lap as she stroked his hair and they talked about random stuff, but spent the most time on anime since they both enjoyed that."

"She said it took an emotional toll on her that she can't explain but she couldn't ever go back."


I don't think I can fathom the toll that took on her but hopefully she's in a better place now.

"Some guys fixate..."

"Most of the time private dances are just stripping down until you’re naked and grinding on their junk. Some guys fixate on a certain body part and want to see that mostly. Motor-boating was a big hit, lol. Like some guys like boobs, booties, or feet. It’s honestly whatever the customer wants and the dancer is willing to do."

"Of course there are club rules that need to be followed. I was a dancer about 10 years ago and for the most part I enjoyed it. A guy once paid me $100 to kick him as hard as I could in his balls. Another guy paid me $100 to sniff a line of coke off my ass."

"Another guy liked when I did circles with my finger around his nipples and paid $1000s of dollars over 6 months to do so. Another guy paid me $50 to smell my feet and to put them on his face. These are examples off the top of my head… there are many more I’m forgetting."


I have no doubt that this is in no way the end to your many, many stories.

"In my country..."

"In my country sex for money is not illegal. And most strip clubs also have private rooms for sex, but some customers want to f**k in the private rooms that are for dancing."

"Also here in my country it is illegal for someone else to collect money from sex work (AKA pimping) so the club owners get their money from renting the rooms. Customers who f**k in the dance rooms pay the same but us girls get a larger cut, so we like customer who f**k in the dance rooms."

"Also it is risky because our security staff is checking to make sure we don't f**k in the dance rooms."


Okay, but here's the real question, what happens if you dance in the f**k rooms?!

"I was a stripper..."

"I was a stripper in the past and I once had a man spend two champagne half hours ($500/half) for me to tell him about myself. What my future plans were."


Sounds like you made some quick and easy money!

"I had a dude..."

"I had a dude pay me $50 to sniff my armpits. Then he paid me $50 more to go downstairs [to the locker room], wipe off my deodorant, and let him smell them again."


Again, no kinkshaming here.

Sounds like you were a really good sport.

If you know some sex workers, talk to them sometime.

They're some of the least judgmental people you'll ever meet.

Their stories tend to be rich and enthralling.

Have some experiences of your own to share? Feel free to tell us more in the comments below!

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