Erica Diaz

Taylor Wilcox/Unsplash

So listen, we don't expect teachers to have a master-level grasp of everything they teach. Nobody expects you to be a marine biologist with a specialization in cetaceans to teach a third grader about dolphins.

You should at least know they aren't fish.

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Have you ever wondered what job people would pick if they knew they'd be financially stable?

Not rich; we're not talking "retire-in-luxury to Buenos Aires" level coin; just comfortable and with growth potential if you're smart about things.

If any job in the world put you at the precipice of stability - what would you *choose* to do?

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Eliott Reyna/Unsplash

Aging is DOPE, y'all.

I know we were all sold this idea that youth was where it's at, but trust me—we were lied to.

There is something so freeing about aging, and I'm not about to let anyone lie to the young'uns about that anymore.

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Andre Hunter on Unsplash

Labels are incredibly useful for things like organizing your canned goods, knowing what protein/marinade combo you've got in the freezer, finding the right haircare products - that sort of thing.

Not necessarily so useful or appropriate when it comes to human beings.

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John Arano/Unsplash

So I have this cracked tooth that I haven't been able to afford to fix yet since ... ya know... American healthcare and all.

Anyway, since I've had it so long, me and "Mt. Crackatootha"—yup, I named it and yup, it's an awful pun—have been hanging out for so long, I've developed this weird habit of pushing at it with my tongue or sucking at it 'til it hurts juuuuuust a little.

I normally wouldn't ever have confessed that to y'all, but this Reddit thread has me convinced I'm not the only one who kinda likes it when something hurts so good.

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