People Share The Most Morbid Facts They Know

If you've ever been curious what happens to dead bodies and what people's most common last words are, then you've come to the right place.

Reader, beware!

This was today's burning question from one Redditor:

"What morbid fact do you know?"

Warning: Sensitive content ahead.

"If bodies..."

"If bodies are kept in coffins that are sealed tight enough, such as the in wall type of memorial, sometimes enough gases can build up that the body basically explodes and can spill out onto the ground."


I have read about this and it is something I hope to never see in person. Learning about this while watching Six Feet Under was just too much.

"If you electrocute..."

"If you electrocute someone while they are submerged in water, it won't leave burn marks."


You figured this out for yourself, didn't you?! Admit it!

"In Formula 1..."

"In Formula 1, safety belts were not mandatory until 1972."

"Before then, drivers believed it better to be ejected in a crash, and either die instantly from a broken neck or suffer many broken bones."

"The alternative, they thought, was to be trapped and essentially cremated alive should the gas tanks ignite."


Nothing about this makes sense at all.

Let's just give up on safety standards because... reasons.

"A body..."

"A body can swell to three times its normal size especially if the person passes away in a bathtub."


No thanks, I would rather go my entire life without seeing something like this.

"I was a paramedic..."

"Before you die, your last words could be, "I don't feel so good."

"I was a paramedic for 15 years and heard dozens of people's final words. The phrase I heard most often, possibly from half to three quarters of them, were some form of "I don't feel so good." I've also heard, "Wait, somethings wrong." "Somethings happening." "I don't feel right." "Wait, somethings wrong." "It's happening." "Oh no, Oh no."

"People feel the blood leaving their brain I think. Must be like a rush."


That's frightening. But yes, it has been documented that many people seem to have similar experiences just before they die.

"She was murdered..."

"Judith Barsi was the young actress who voiced Anne-Marie in All Dogs Go to Heaven and Ducky in The Land Before Time. She was murdered at the age of 10 by her abusive father, who also killed her mother at the same time. Judith's gravestone displays Ducky's catchphrase, "Yep! Yep! Yep!"


This is truly one of the saddest Hollywood stories. That young girl and her mother suffered for years.

"It is way easier..."

"It is way easier than you would expect to break someone ribs during CPR and it feels really weird. POPPOPPOPPOP like bubble wrap."


I have heard about this too. The movies make CPR look so simple. It's anything but.

"When drilling..."

"When drilling into teeth, the smell that occurs smells like Fritos. The same thing for sawing through bone during an amputation."

"Source: Am a veterinary technician that's assisted with many tooth extractions where the tooth has to be cut in half to be properly extracted and assisted in amputations."


Nooo thank you. As if going to the dentist isn't difficult enough, now we have to live with this fact inside our brains.

"There is a parasite..."

"There is a parasite called Dracun culiasis, or more commonly "Guinea worm" that can enter your leg through drinking infected water. You won't notice anything until ~1 year later, when a small portion breaks the skin to release larvae. At this point, it's a meter long."

"A. Meter. Long."

"And it has to be extracted centimeter by disgusting centimeter."

"NTDs are the stuff of nightmares."


I refuse to go to Google Images.

I refuse to go to Google Images.

I refuse to go to Google Images.

"There's something called..."

"There's something called "Anesthesia Awareness" where of certain people go into surgery and they don't give you enough Anesthesia, it will look like you're asleep (eyes closed, not talking or moving), but the patient can still hear and feel everything that's happening, but here's the scary part. You're unable to move, speak or open your eyes. Unless they have a monitor to show your brain activity, you're stuck with having to endure the pain."


I believe there's a movie about this phenomenon about this phenomenon called Awake. Not a great movie, but can get under your skin under the right circumstances.

Some of these facts could keep you up at night!

Do you have similar stories to share? Let us know in the comments below.

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