People Explain What Began As A Joke But Then Became A Legitimate Thing

My whole career.

That's it. That's the best example of something that started as a joke and got serious.

You know that whole Michael Cera theory that he was lost one day and wandered onto a film set and has just been too awkward to tell anyone he's not a real actor, and now he's famous?

Yeah. That's pretty much how I got here.

Reddit user oreoboom12 asked:

"What started as a joke but became a legitimate thing?"

So there's me, there's Michael Cera, and there's ... this stuff.

Julius Pringles

angry episode 2 GIFGiphy

"Someone on Wikipedia wrote on the Pringles Wikipedia page that the name of the Pringles mascot was named Julius (full name Julius Pringles, I believe he named it in honor of Julius Peppers the football player)."

"Eventually this joke became Common Knowledge so Kellogg's legally changed the mascot's name to Julius Pringles."

- turkeyinthestrawman

"It even made it into a Jeopardy clue before he revealed the joke."

- CosmicCommando

"But the Mascot was supposed to be a caricature of Dennis Gage. Their inventor."

- OutWithTheNew

Thag Simmons


"There was a cartoon (The Far Side) that had a caveman showing a picture of a dinosaur with a spiked tail. He is pointing at the spikes and the caption says "this is called the thagomizer, after the late Thag Simmons.""

"Spiked and clubbed tails are now called thagomizers in published papers."

"Edit; Apparently Thagomizers are the configuration of 4 spikes on a Stegosaurus tail, not all clubbed or spiked tails."

- CountDown60

"I just loved that no one In years of paleontology, ever thought about naming the stegosaurus’s rather unique tail spikes"

- Mrwright96


"I am a huge Far Side fan and remember this comic, I did not know this lol that's amazing"

- IAmSpike24

"They have a thagomizer fossil at a museum in Portland and it brings me joy every time I see the name on the formal placard."

- redmoskeeto

The Catalina Wine Mixer

step brothers GIFGiphy

"The Catalina Wine Mixer from Stepbrothers."

"It was made up and in the movie it was actually shot on the mainland and you can see the island of Catalina in some scenes. It wasn't until several years later that they actually started holding a Catalina Wine Mixer on the island, which was inspired by the movie."

- Ms_KnowItSome

" 'It’s the f*ckin’ Catalina wine mixer!' ”

- DangersVengeance

"I've been to the wine mixer and tbh it kinda just feels like a huge cash grab. Acts are just a meme and they nickel and dime you for everything. I went in 2018 so idk if anything a changed since then. Main st Avalon is more entertaining"

- sleurlee

"Ha, I went there a few years ago and there was seriously a whole store dedicated to "Catalina Wine Mixer" merchandise. I had no idea why, but I did go to a nice beer festival that weekend :')"

- darkenedgy

Bee Movie

Peace Out Respect GIFGiphy

" 'Bee Movie.' "

"Jerry Seinfeld supposedly pitched the idea of a B-movie about bees as a joke, but Steven Spielberg liked it so much that it got greenlit."

- vivalahomestar

"That movie is just so funny for the wrong reasons. A kids movie where a human and a bee have a very questionable relationship that even Jerry Seinfeld admitted later on he didn’t know wtf he was doing."

- sleepy--ash

"If you watch the movie without suspending disbelief, it is the most hilariously ridiculous movie ever. A woman leaves her boyfriend for a bee."

- rich1051414

"one time when I was in a chemistry lecture I had the bee movie playing on my laptop and I got a note from a guy 2 rows back asking me to move my laptop slightly to the left so he could also watch"

- mithoolee

"I mean that movie is a joke so... yeah lol"

- Dunkinmydonuts1

Sup Doc

Wake Up Reaction GIF by Looney TunesGiphy

"Bugs Bunny’s carrot started as a joke about a scene in a 1934 movie called 'It Happened One Night'.""

"Now, almost a century later, the joke has been lost and the carrot has just become part of the character."

- Parhel

"Bugs also changed the meaning of 'nimrod' which originally meant a skillful hunter. He called Elmer Fudd a nimrod (sarcastically I guess?). I’m not sure if people knew it was sarcastic or if they assumed it meant an inept person or idiot. But that’s what people think it means now. Idiot ."

- TheDirtyFuture

"Carrots aren't even a good food to feed a rabbit! Well, the 'carrot' part isn't, anyway.

"They're too high in sugar content and if you feed it to your pet rabbit too often, can lead to serious health problems."

"Carrot tops (the leafy greens, not the actor), on the other hand, are great for rabbits and packed with nutrients!"

"In conclusion:"

"Bugs Bunny: What's up, doc?"

"Doctor: Your blood sugar again, Mr. Bunny."

- coffee-and-insomnia

"Mel Blanc, who voiced Bugs Bunny, was allergic to carrots. Unfortunately, they couldn't find anything else that sounded like biting a carrot. So every take, he'd bite off a carrot, then immediately spit it into a bucket."

- Awdayshus

Cool Way To Sleep

"Tauntaun sleeping bags - started off as a ThinkGeek April Fools product, and then they started selling them"

- rebuildmylifenow

"RIP thinkgeek"

- Rimbosity

"Holy sh*t, ThinkGeek is gone?"

"When did that happen?! /s"

- 1337b337

"I lobbied for and bought one of these!! We gifted it to our nephew (and wished they came in big kid size too). It was so plush and soft and cozy. I saw one recently in a thrift store. They had a crazy price on it but it gave me a nice smile to see one in the wild."

- WhatMyWifeIsThinking

Mr. Worldwide

Wink Celebrity GIF by MLBGiphy

"Pitbull’s concert at a tiny town in Alaska"

- tornadobravo

"I actually gained a lot of respect for Pitbull from that."

"He could have backed out of it, or gone somewhere else due to the votes being obviously manipulated, but instead he went to a remote location and gave the people there something really special."

- HutSutRawlson

One Josh To Rule Them All

"The Josh fight"

- Western_Insect_2610

"Didn't Josh win that?"


"Aww, thanks for reminding me that that happened. Good memories."

- miss_kimba

"Please explain this, I've always heard about it"

- Bandito21Dema

"Last year some guy named Josh Swain on Facebook added a bunch of people with the same first and last name as him to a gc and then challenged them to a fight in a random field in Nebraska to see who would keep the name."

"It got ssed and spread across the internet. There were a lot of memes about it on Reddit and stuff. On the day the fight was scheduled, over 1000 people showed up (only around 50 were named Josh) and there was a Rock Paper Scissors match between the only 2 Josh Swains in attendance."

"There was also a fight with pool noodles between the fifty Joshes (a little boy named Josh Vinson won)"

"Finally, everyone who showed up got a pool noodle and started to fight"

- dpcmufc

Petty Revenge

"Several months ago, I was pulled over by a county sheriff (of course) for an expired sticker on my license plate. Didn't even know my registration was expired."

"He happened to catch a peek at my wallet which had numerous of my friend's old/expired/school ID's. He claimed it was the 'beginning stage of identity theft' and took my ID's from me."

"All of my friends personally gave them to me (inside joke) and I keep them in my wallet cause it's funny/for memories? Idk."

"Anyways, he was just phishing for anything he could possibly have against me, started asking about an old license plate from a car I don't even own anymore (never got rid of the plate) and just overall being a d*ck."

"He said if I wanted them back I would need a court order or to have all of my friends ask for them back since it was 'their property'."

"I jokingly said to my girlfriend, who was there with me the whole time, that I should be petty and make a legal case against him, but then I started thinking that I could just ask my friends to come to the station with me and demand the ID's back."

"Couple months later we head to the sheriff's office and ask for them back, turns out he shredded them not thinking anything would come of it."

"We're now in the beginning stages of filing a destruction of property suit against the station all because this guy was being an a$hole during a regular traffic stop."

- SquidlordOG

"Dude you’re a hero, a champion of the people. Cops do these petty power trips all the f*cking time, good for you for giving a little pushback."

- IrrelevantPuppy

"This is the kind of joke turned real we need.

" 'Hey, let's go demand our expired IDs back from the cop who took them'."

"Cop: 'So I shredded them thinking nothing would come of this'."

"Enjoy destruction of property suit dill weed."

"Honestly, see about destruction of evidence as well. If you had made a case out of it he destroyed the evidence. Real boneheaded move right there."

- RolyPoly1320

"This is the exact meeting point of pettiness, standing up for yourself, and sticking it to the man that I live for....godspeed."

- majinspy

"The malicious compliance here is amazing"

- optimushime

B.I.R.D. Avian Boogaloo

Bird Hello GIFGiphy

"The 'birds don't exist' fake conspiracy theory that was made specifically to make fun of conspiracy theories. Apparently, it was convincing enough that idiots genuinely believe it now."

- angel_and_devil_va

"Flat Earth 2: Avian Boogaloo"

- OJezu

"I've seen pictures of people taking the joke to the extreme like customizing their 20-year-old van with all sorts of birds aren't real decals, but is there any real proof that these people are like, anti-vaxxers, or flat earthers?"

"I'm not doubting you I just haven't seen anything that doesn't look like an extremely high effort sh*tpost"

- Zenketski_2

"I'm in the Facebook group and always assumed everyone knows it's satire. You get the occasional numbnuts who posts something along the lines of "Do you guys actually believe birds aren't real". I'm sure there are some who do but I think it's only a small percentage. (I hope anyway)'

"I think this is how flat earth society got started though."

- evil-kaweasel

"If it flies it spies."

- CraziestPenguin

"You mean Bio Integrated Recovery Drones?"

- Salay54

Africa Cover

"Weezer covering "Africa" by Toto happened because a 14-year-old girl made an account whose sole purpose was making this request. And the account gained enough popularity that they caught on and thought it was funny, so they did it. For her."

- AllFuzzedOut

"Their version sounds so much like Toto’s that I question why they did it"

- smileusgood

"They played it this year at Rock am Ring and holy fuck was it worth seeing it. That girl knew whats good."


"Yeah saw them about a week ago and the crowd definitely were into Africa more than any of their other songs. Crazy really"

- notliam

So Many Blades

season 16 episode 20 GIFGiphy

"People making fun of razors with multiple blades and Gillette actually making it. This happened twice."

"SNL predicted a three blade razor in one of their fake ads in 1975 (it was called the triple-tac). At that time one blade was the standard and three blades just seemed unnecessary and ludicrous. Well, Gillette followed suit and released the MACH3 in 1998."

"Then The Onion ran a story called 'f*ck it, we're doing five blades' by the CEO of Gillette and 18 months later the Gillette Fusion with five blades was released."

- Goat_In_The_Shell3

"MAD Magazine had a twenty blade razor plus a lot of other shaving inventions in an Al Jaffee article back in the late 70s."

- imapassenger1

"A straight razor is a better shave if you know how to do it. It’s a lot of work, and you’re guaranteed to cut yourself plenty of times using a straight, that’s the appeal of multi blades. Multi blades are for close shaves that are much safer and easier to do, they’re disposable and don’t require as much upkeep or prep."

- WaltSneezy

Goose Video Game

"Untitled Goose Game"

- SovereignGFC

"This is my 4-year-old daughter's favorite game. She calls it 'naughty goose' and it cracks her up."

- funky_grandma

"A guy put the song from Righteous Gemstones to the trailer for untitled goose game when it came out and it’s one of my fav things I’ve ever seen"

- santichrist

"I'm using this game to introduce my kids to video games. Some of the later puzzles are still a little above them, but they like to run around and annoy the farmer"

- Enginerdad

Minor League Major Names

"The Minor League Baseball team name for Huntsville, AL — the trash pandas"

- gingerwoozle

"Macon Georgia has a Minor League baseball team called the Macon Bacon. Their hockey team Is the Macon Whoopee."

- HBCDresdenEsquire

"A lot of minor league team names are awesome like that."

- washyourhands--

"Ah yes. I remember when this happened. Everyone thought it would be hilarious to vote for the name 'trash pandas' without realizing that voting would have an effect on the situation."

- cognitiveSmack

Down With The Flatness

Flat Earth Comedy GIF by Bob's BurgersGiphy

"My dad was a member of the Flat Earth Society in the 80s. He thought it was the funniest thing ever to pretend that anyone would actually believe that shit. I wonder what he would think if he were alive today."

- Nymaz

"This was my thought as well. While there has always been a sincere 'Flat Earth' movement among hardcore Evangelicals and Bible literalists, the modern Flat Earth movement was a combination philosophy/trolling experiment to observe the ways Internet conversation would debate comically long-debunked concepts.\"

"Apparently, the experiment was too successful, as the Flat Earth 'troll philosophers' developed argument points effective enough to persuade others (particularly those unaware of the actual movement's sociological roots) into actually believing it."

"So much so, these newly 'enlightened' fools outnumbered the trolls, ultimately hijacking the thought experiment into a living breathing monster of pseudoscience and conspiracy theories."

"It's now impossible to tell if a Flat Earther is actually sincere, or if it's just some next-level evolution of Internet troll taking it way too far. Certainly a mix of both, for sure."

- QuarantineTitans

"He would think the joke reached peak saturation, to the point where idiots thought they were serious about the earth being flat."

- EpicGuard

Naming Things

"Boaty McBoatface"

- Locked_door

"Never forget. The internet won big that day. Boaty McBoatface, however, did not."

- DeathB4decafe

"Yep. If you're going to do a poll like this, then you need to give the internet a list of pre-selected names to choose from."

- MarkNutt25

"YES! This was funny as fuck. Then every small town copies it and now half the small towns in the Midwest have a snow plow called 'plowy McPlowface' it got overdone real fucking quick"

- JessesaurusRex

perrie GIFGiphy

"Chris Crocker 'leave Britney alone'."

- Ambitious-Edge-4698

"I honestly feel bad about how much I made fun of him and that video. He was right and I feel bad for Britney too."

- kurinevair666

"It makes you wonder if the conservatorship would still be going if not for that video."

- will_holmes

"She was right but the video was still hilarious. So melodramatic."

- Quirky-Swordfish-218

"That is her Dead Name. She goes by Cara Cunningham now."

- Witness_me_Karsa

If we've learned anything today it's that truly there is no such thing as driving a joke into the ground or proverbially beating a dead horse. Eventually, if you press hard enough, a joke becomes reality.

... I feel like this explains so much...

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