We are living in an age of information, where thousands of articles with millions of words are flying by our eyes at such a rate anyone not born within the last 50 years would have a heart attack at how much knowledge is available.

And then there are people who maybe didn't pay attention in reading class and didn't quite understand the assignment. It's not enough to read something. You need to think critically about it, and have the skills and processing power to understand what's being presented to you.

Still, it's funny to read.

Reddit user, Kat_in-the_hat, wanted to know about the dumbest person you've ever met when they asked:

"What is one thing a person has said to you that made you think ‘wow this person is an idiot’?"

You expect television to teach us a lot, right? What you don't always expect is that sometimes the television lies to us.

Now You're All Singing The Melody In Your Head...

"A work colleague coming in the day after a visit to the zoo telling us that panthers aren't really pink"


"I can almost hear the disappointment in their voice just from reading that"


Curse You, Perry The Platypus!

"My ex’s brother in full confidence said lava was 2 words. Tried to explain its 2 syllables, not words. I was the idiot apparently"

"...for context we were watching a phineas and ferb movie they were all on a chain over lava. Phineas tells them to let go of the cliff and Candace says something along the lines of “I have 1 word for you! LA-VA!” And then his brother looked at us and proudly said “that’s 2 words, dumb@ss”. He was/is notorious for having little to no common sense"


Still, you live out hope in this world that maybe there are intelligent people out there, willing to interact with us and offer us their wonderful insight into how intelligent the human race can be.

And then we meet these people.

Everything Has An Equal And Opposite, I Suppose

"That of course Cats and Dogs are opposites, like the opposite of up is down etc. And that of course they're not mammals..."


People Who Failed Geography Now Offering Their Thoughts On Geography

"Years ago a couple proudly told me they had been going to Spanish classes for a year because they wanted to immigrate to Brazil. When I pointed out that they speak Portuguese not Spanish, I got told that ALL of Latin America speaks Spanish!"

"Even bigger idiot: I thought everyone was in on the brown cows make chocolate milk joke. But apparently there was still some idiot who wholeheartedly believed it."

User Deleted

We're Living In The Tablet Present

"While standing in the middle of Disney World and staring at a foldable paper map of the park in her own hands, my sister in law goes, "Why doesn't this map tell me where I am? These maps usually have a little arrow that says something like "You are here" so you know where you're at."


"You have to pay extra for the "Marauder's" feature."


Not...No, Not Those Kinds Of Bones...

"The government wants you to think we're running out of oil, we're not because it comes from bones. We could extract it from chicken bones".

"I was fascinated by how he had interpreted fossil fuels and then come to the most hilariously wrong conclusion."


Dynamite Parenting. Really, Top Notch Work, Lady.

"Why should I be responsible for my son's late fees?"

"I dunno, lady. Maybe because he's 12 and can't get a job yet? Also there's the matter of the letter you and he signed when he got his library card that says you're responsible for any fines on the account, as his parent or legal guardian. Just a shot in the dark."


You know, maybe it's better there are people this ignorant out there?

I don't know what the reason is, but it must be for one, right?

People Who Failed Science Now Offering Their Opinions On Science

"The first person I dated after my amputation, freaked out over it and said to stay away because they didn't want to catch what I had, as if amputations due to cancer are contagious. This was right when Myspace had started getting popular, and texting costed you like, 10cents per text."


"I told someone I had a biopsy done years prior for melanoma but it was benign. It meant I didn’t have skin cancer. He freaked out because we had messed around (no sex) and he thought I was going to give it to him."


Beware The 5G

"I don't want to take the vaccine it will make me sterile"

"You are 65"


"Most people don't understand the difference between impotence and sterility...they think its the same thing. So he gets an ignorance participation trophy beside his idiot award."


Let's all pledge to read a book today.

Maybe two.

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