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Parents... one of the first life lessons you should be teaching your children is the art of discretion. Children have loose lips. That's why inappropriate four letter words could come flying out of their mouths at any given moment. Family secrets should be explained as such. I know when I was a kid I was a treasure trove of stories. I knew all about the family and neighborhood news because adults assumed I wasn't listening. The surprise was on them. Especially when all the news is aired to educators.

Redditor u/reasonable_doubt1776 couldn't wait to hear from the educators out there who've discovered some "surprising" facts about their pupils by asking... Teachers of Reddit, what amusing family secrets did you accidentally learn from your overly talkative students?
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Science is science. Fact is fact. Truth is truth and simple is simple. These are things we must now attest to in 2021. Can we please all get onboard with what has been proven? Everything is not a hoax. One of the greatest lies that for some reason continues to circulate is also one of the most believed farces. The Earth is in fact... round. Gravity holds us down as it revolves, if it was flat.... someone would've walked off the edge by now. Its in pictures by everyone from space and on Earth. What more does it take?

Redditor u/jbarms wanted to hear from those of us who have come around to giving into facts and science and those of us who brought people to the "circle" by asking..... Former Flat Earthers. What made you come round?
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Hawaii looks like a beautiful place. And I long to visit one day. It looks like perfection, like life there is a constant state of paradise and beauty. But I do know people who have lived there and it seems that paradise is more like every other place in the world, with it secrets and mundane routines. There is definitely a cost and a downside to the "perfect place." But hey... I'm still going.

Redditor u/Higglesworth98 wanted to hear truth from those that spend their days in paradise by asking.... People who live in Hawaii, what are some misconceptions and/or things people don't realize about island life? [Serious]
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Humans are dumb. I'm not being mean that is just simple, scientific fact. Sometimes we're just gonna act a foul. Or our brain is just going to malfunction. Don't panic. It is also perfectly normal to be a bit... scattered. Life is hard.

Redditor u/IMA_COW_IRL wanted everyone to fess up about all the times they've used a few more brain cells than they usually do by asking What's the dumbest thing you've ever done?
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Sometimes, no most times, truth is stranger than fiction. Often people will tell us wild stories and regale us with detailed recountings that just seem s bit.... embellished, but later we see ourselves proven wrong, which leaves us stunned. It is true, some people just live through crazy moments that couldn't be thought up by even the most gifted writers. So be careful when you accuse someone of telling tall tales. They may be spewing facts.

Redditor u/Not-A-Robot12 wanted everyone to chat about the times they realized the truth was the truth which left them stunned by asking.... What was your biggest "Oh, you weren't lying" moment?
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