Asking for forgiveness is a brave thing to do. Accepting forgiveness and giving absolution is just as huge. Often times when asking for forgiveness once must be prepared to not get it. And be at peace with that. Which is easier said than done. Case in point… Redditor orangesaredabomb wanted to discuss her experience and […] More
To truth or not to truth… that is the question. It’s never easy dishing out hard truths. No matter what, the messenger tends to be the villain. So what does one do? Ah… there is the real question. Case in point… Redditor Cultural-Counter5605 wanted to discuss her experience and get some feedback. So naturally, she […] More
black sheep looking through fence
Jose Francisco Morales on Unsplash

Every family has a black sheep or every family in its entirety are black sheep.

What is a "black sheep" anyway?

It used to mean a person who brought shame or embarrassment to a family, but it's more often used now to mean the member who is just very different from everyone else—sometimes in a good way.

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Professionals Confess Industry Secrets From Their Chosen Field
Photo by Lee Thomas on Unsplash

We've all heard some conspiracy theories about certain businesses, most of which are outrageously false.

That laundromats are simply a facade for shadier practices (including, not so ironically, money laundering) or that the Coca-Cola company invented "New Coke" with the express purpose of improving sales on original Coke.

But every now and then, we can't help but wonder what really goes on behind closed doors in certain professions.

And are eager to hear all the juicy tidbits from people working in that industry.

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Pregnant women go through a lot of stress during pregnancy. It takes such a toll on the body and the psyche. That’s why a lot of pregnant women shy away from the extra attention. Not everybody wants to be coddled or touched. That can lead to some uncomfortable issues. Case in point… Redditor No-Comfort-670 wanted […] More