People Share The Most Useless Facts They'll Never Forget


I'll remember forever....

The brain is an extraordinary thing. We only use ten percent of it. It's filled with crap mostly. It's too bad our computer memory isn't as spacious as our human memory.

Redditor u/happyhappyhannah wanted to know what we've all retained besides water by asking.... What's your favorite useless fact?

Citrus Lives.


Lemons can float but limes can't. Xilef_Fox

Tiny & Thick. 

The longest dinosaur name is Micropachycephalosaurus, which means "tiny thick headed lizard." good-evening-clarice

That's what they used to call me in elementary school. lfantine

Mt. Krakatoa

There is always magnitude 1 earthquakes happening but they're so subtle, you can't feel them. Only seismographs can detect them

The most powerful magnitude earthquake was a magnitude 13 earthquake. It was caused by the meteor that wiped out all the dinosaurs and the affects of the earthquake caused megaquakes, lava tsunamis, mega-tsunamis, meteor showers, and super-volcanic activity.

The most powerful earthquake we've experienced is a 9.5 earthquake in Chile. It was so powerful, the tsunamis it created reached Asia.

Congrats, you just learned about the many epic earthquakes on earth.

Bonus: While I'm here, the loudest sound ever recorded was the explosion of Mt. Krakatoa.

It was so powerful, the whole island blew up. And anyone within distance lost their hearing from their ear drums exploding, or ya know... died. ShadowJDarkus

The Nobles....

The population of Ireland has still not recovered to its pre-Potato Famine levels, 160 years later. C0ntrol_Group

There's a growing contingent that argue the famine was not caused by a food shortage, but by English nobles being... well English Nobles. switch13



Pablo Escobar had so much money and no way to spend or store all of it that he buried caches all around Columbia. Treasure hunters still search for his money to this day. MontagueorCapulet

Making Change.....

There are 293 ways to make change for a dollar. gampeegamp

There 292. Unless you count giving back the whole dollar "making change." Or maybe you're thinking of dollar coins.

293 is number of ways to subdivide a dollar, including by leaving it whole. Homunculus_I_am_ill

Just Leave Oz. 

The makeup trial for the Tinman in The Wizard of Oz went horribly wrong, causing poisoning and hospitalization. Poor Buddy Ebson. They had to hire another actor to replace him and the make-up was STILL toxic, causing an eye infection for Jack Haley.

Margaret Hamilton (The Wicked Witch of the West) suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns from her famous red smoke sequence also going horribly wrong.

Pretty sure she got some mercury poisoning from her green makeup as well.

They swapped directors halfway through production, Judy was addicted to drugs at 14 years old, two munchkins got drunk off-set and caused a media ruckus, I could go on.

Basically the entire production was such a trainwreck, but you'd never know from how amazing that movie turned out. RaspberryCheese


The technical term for an animal laying on their belly with their butt in the air (the way corgis lay down by default) is "splooting." Reddit


As dead bodies decay, they "burp" or release gasses.

For this reason, mausoleums and caskets need to be ventilated so that the gas can escape. Back2Bach

Single File.


If the population of China walked by you in a single file line the line would never end because of the rate of reproduction. savage95000


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