People Who Have Slept With A Step Sibling Share Their Experiences

While there is no genetic variable dooming co-relations to incest, getting it on with a step-sibling has a visceral taboo element.

For this reason, the situation is the notorious fantasy of many. It's arouses a curiosity based on a particular tension: the taboo quality keeps it off limits while the assumed possibility that these relationships truly exist keeps people wondering.

Someone wondered enough to tap into the best place to see about that possible reality: the anonymous legions of the internet, a group that seems to have done and thought about everything ever.

ShadowSwoopz asked, "People who've actually slept with their step-sibling or sibling, how did it happen and how was your relationship affected?"

A Belated Taboo

"I had a friend in high school that dated this girl for like 6 months before their parents decided to randomly get married, they (the parents) only dated for like a month."

"A few months later he is trying to set me up with his sister and bragging about her prowess. It was very weird."

-- illpicklater

Robbing a Hand-Me-Down Cradle 

"My older brother dated our older step sister. He was 15-16 she was 30-32. My mum was LIVID about it; her dad pretended it wasn't happening."

"She was a bit of a sugar mama; bought him lots of nice stuff; flew him places. She took him to parties."

"My mum thinks she dated my brother just to spite her."

-- amibritain

The Spitefully Motivated Kind

"Mom dated a guy. Guy had a son same age as me. We hated our parents and slept together. Had a fun time. Broke up due to him using drugs and me not dealing with it."

"Both are married(to other people) and happy. We don't talk even through we see each other at family gatherings after our parents got married."

-- anonjane199701

A Shocking Realization

"I accidentally boned my half sister while we were in high school. Basically we had never known each other before hand and when we met in high school she confessed that she had feelings for me, so we started dating."

"About 1 year in we started having sex."

"Then she introduces me to her parents and there I meet my father who I had only known from photos, since he and my mum got divorced when I was born."

-- homurablaze

Strangely Non-Dramatic

"Our families had recently been blended and we were living together for the first time. We just slowly grew closer together and eventually kissed. I'd often sneak into her bedroom late at night."

"We cooled off because I went away to school and got a serious girlfriend. We ended up hooking up and having sex on the regular for a few years when we lived in the same city and we were both single. We stopped when we both got partners."

"I don't regret it at all. It was an act of lust between horny teenagers that deepened to acts of loving affection between consenting adults."

-- Sistrepreneur

Not How I Expected This Story to End

"I slept with my step-sister. She came in town for visit her dad and when I went outside to help bring luggage in she gave me the "eyes" as soon as she saw me and instantly I knew I was in trouble."

"For a week and a half I kept being polite and trying to remain distant...but I had never had anyone want me that badly and I gave in and we secretly got together for the remainder of the month she spent in town."

"We were both young and dumb and fell in love, and thought we hid it well. But when my step-dad found out after she left I got my a** beat."

"For a few years they wouldn't let her visit and we kept in touch, then after college I moved to where she lived, and we have been together ever since. 11 years now and we have a 5 year old daughter and 3 year old son. Everyone is completely fine with it now and we make jokes about it all the time."

-- Lolchickensandwhich

Down the Road, Out of Nowhere

"My Mom had a best friend. She died; adopted her son who is older than me. I was 8? He was 18? And I idolized him. He took me shopping, out to eat, and just hung w me like a brother. I lived with my father, my mom died, we both grew up."

"Ran into him when I was 19 and THAT was a fun weekend. Now I'm much older, we still talk but we never talk about it."

-- baltimorelady

Repeatedly Left Alone 

"I slept with two of my step sisters."

"One day I'm stuck in a part of town real late after the trains stop running. No way to get home I remember my moms boyfriend lives around there. I walk to his house, only his daughter is home. Mind you were both about 21 now, she lets me in and we start hanging out and drinking."

"One thing leads to another and we do the deed. At some point her father came home but he didn't say anything and just went to bed."

"Second story is about the sister of the girl mentioned above. We're at a house party at the sister #1 apartment. After a night of drinking it winds down and everyone leaves. Sister #1 goes into her room with her boyfriend. So sister #2 and me are alone in the living room talking."

"The drunk me starts asking about her old friends and the conversation turns sexual somehow. Then we start kissing and make our way to a spare bedroom."

"Yes. I think I may have had a drinking problem."

-- YeaThatWasWrong20

Washing the Hands

"She and I had a one night stand. Didn't know she was my step-sister until I found out that my father secretly got married to her mother. We never mentioned it again."

-- SimpleEnglishTeacher

A Mere Technicality

"My parents are actually step siblings. They began dating when they were teenagers and when their parents met they fell in love and got married, making my mom and dad step siblings."

"They ended up moving in together since they were both still living with their parents and my grandparents just let them share a room. It's always been a joke in our family that my mom is my aunt, my dad is my uncle, and my brothers are my cousins."

-- cutekindofcoconut

Can't Even Keep this One Straight

"My dad's brother married my mom's sister. My parents somehow didn't really meet until several months after the wedding."

"My cousins and I are as close to incest as it gets without actually crossing blood relatives."

"Just for fun, my siblings have a different dad than me so I actually look more related to those cousins than I do my own siblings. I just try to not explain that to people but it definitely is weird when it gets out."

-- whitethrowblanket

Unflattering Reputations

"Rumor has it her and her brother are 'oddly close.' I just found this out from somebody who grew up in her town."

"Apparently they always seemed more like a couple than siblings. She describes her brother as her 'best friend' but his meddling and overall nosiness about our relationship has more of an ex bf feel to it than protective brother."

"Obviously I can't ask her if she used to f*ck her brother, but after hearing that it was a pretty widespread rumor, it's definitely concerning."

-- VirgilCaine_

It's Not Always Just a Fantasy 

"It was years of sexual abuse & it literally f*cked up my life. I don't talk to him & have made it clear to my entire family that I don't even want to hear his name in conversation. Huge family drama ongoing years later."

"I hope he does an awful death & burns in hell."

-- Maid_Of_Mischeif

Simply Put

"Sucked my brother's d*ck once, we just pretend it never happened." -- bubba_y

"I can't imagine how awkward that would be. I'm glad you guys didn't linger on it or try something else." -- TheAmazingDisgrace

Slowly but Surely

"So my mom was dating this guy she met on around the time that I was 15 years old. His name was Stan, and his daughter was f*cking hot."

"Stan lived about 2 hours away so he usually came up on the weekends to visit."

"He would bring his kids to our house for the weekend and we would all sleep in my room. Her brother on the floor and her in the bed with me. Often. Nobody questioned this. We started messing around pretty regularly at this point. Making out and hand stuff mostly."

"One night we were awake really late watching music videos, her brother was asleep on the floor, and it just happened. She looked at me, I looked at her and then I pulled my teenage piece out and she stuck it in. It was dope."

"I did my thing, and then instantly leaned over the bed to make sure Stan jr was still sleeping only to see his traumatized eyes wide open staring at the TV."

"This carried on for about 3 more weeks until Stan jr told his Dad what me and his sister had been up to. He broke up with my mom the next day and asked for the ring back."

-- Wilde_Cat

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