useless facts

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How do I know that? WHY do I know that? The information we retain is astounding. That's why we should never doubt that any one of us could be on Jeopardy. And the truth is... all information is useful. You never know what situation you'll find yourself in and be saved because you acquired some rando fact. Plus useless info can be exciting on a first date... makes you.... intriguing. Trust me.

Redditor u/lyiuc777 was wondering what knowledge people hold in their brain that is so random and only meant for game shows by asking.... what is the most useless information you know?
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Useless facts are never really useless. If nothing else, they're great for trivia, amirite?

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Odd facts and knowledge may not be particularly useful, but they're great when you need to make small talk—and when playing Trivial Pursuit.

Random bits of useless information have always seemed to stick in my brain, while the important stuff seems to wander away into the aether.

For example: I still remember the WiFi password from 3 routers and approximately 10 years ago, but I cannot remember an important date or appointment unless my phone reminds me.

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