People Divulge The Sexiest Thing Someone Has Ever Said To Them

Few things are as good a confidence boost as when someone lets you know how sexy they think you are. You don't even need to be in bed... but it certainly helps.

Let's be real: It's great to know when you're pleasing someone.

People shared their stories with us after Redditor Gthew asked the online community,

"What's the sexiest thing someone has ever said to you?"

"I like your voice..."

"“I like your voice” after I apologized for stuttering for a straight 2 and a half minutes."


It's nice to receive a little validation, isn't it?

"Been with this gem..."

"“You don’t have to be in a good mood for me to want your company.”

"Been with this gem for 3 years."


Awww, this is sweet. It's great to have someone who will support you through good and bad times.

"When my girlfriend and I..."

"When my girlfriend and I started seeing each other, one night when we were going at it, she was panting and when she looked me in the eyes she said “oh I can’t get enough of you” in between breaths and I think I fell in love."


There's a keeper if there ever was one! Sounds like you're both still together!

"I love you."

"I love you."

"Come from an immigrant background where my parents have never uttered those words, and when a woman I liked said that to me, it was a level of validation that it made life livable for the first time."


It's great to hear that you've found someone who loves you – and isn't afraid to say it!

"I wasn't sleepy anymore."

"I was just getting into a relationship with a woman. It was kind of long distance, we only got to see each other on weekends. But we talked every day. We hadn't been physically intimate yet, but we had made out a fooled around a little."

"So one night we were on the phone and I yawned and told her I needed to get to sleep. She said she understood. But just before she hung up she said, "OK, good night, I'm going to touch myself to the thought of you then go to bed to." She then hung up before I could answer. I wasn't sleepy anymore.""


Bold – and it sounds like you had the reaction she wanted.

"I was venting..."

"I was venting my frustration over not being able to find nice gloves at the store because I have bear paws for hands, and the selection of XL gloves is fairly non-existent. She looked at me and told me she loved my huge hands, especially my thick fingers."


This is just the right mixture of coded and bold that can really get someone in the mood.

"After we had sex..."

"The first time I had sex with my partner I was wearing a front zip corset top and went to unzip it and my partner stopped me and said, 'Please, let me undress you,' and unzipped it soooo slowly. After we had sex I cried because I never felt so desired before in my whole life. (5 years later still going strong!)."


Five years! May you have another five... and another five... and another five...

"Lifted someone up..."

"Lifted someone up during intercourse and she said, 'This is my fantasy.' I felt on top of the world for a bit there."


This is the perfect combination of hot/sexy/sweet and everything else. I absolutely love this.

"We were on a date..."

"We were on a date, and I had told her I was recently divorced. After having sex later that night, she turns to me and says, 'Your ex-wife was a f*cking idiot.'"


Hopefully you're still with her – that's such a confidence boost.

"Not really sexy..."

"Not really sexy but my girlfriend sat on my lap as a joke and told her to get off because I was getting hard. She said, 'I don’t care' and kissed me."


Hey, don't sell this moment short – that's absolutely sexy!

Okay, these stories made us feel things...

Well, what are you waiting for? Just be honest... your partner will certainly appreciate it.

Have some stories of your own? Feel free to sound off in the comments below!

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