Sex Workers Who Fell In Love With A Client Confess What Happened

The heart wants what it wants....

Sex Workers Who Fell In Love With A Client Confess What Happened
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The heart is an untamable organ; and as much as we'd like to believe we can control it, it always ends up controlling us. For people who make intimacy a career, they too can fall into traps of the amour. Once you're looking into another person's eyes and a spark ignites, all bets are off. People seem to ignore the facet that sex workers are people too and the career field they're in is actually honest work for many. They end up with love stories surrounding their clients just like a banker or a bartender.

Redditor u/m033118b wanted to hear about the wantings of the heart, no matter what the profession, by asking.... Sex workers of reddit, have you ever fallen in love with a John? What happened afterwards?

Found Her

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When I was in Amsterdam I did a red light tour, and the tour guide told us how when he was young and inexperienced he 'shopped around' the windows for a while, found the beautiful woman he'd ever seen, and kept coming back until he worked up his nerve.

Eventually he went in, stayed in there talking to her until about 4 in the morning, then she took him back to her place, that was nine years before he told us the story and they'd been together since then. She still worked as a sex worker and he was so open about everything, it was really interesting to get such an outlook from a tour guide.


Happily Ever....

Not the SW, but the partner of one.

I was going through a stressful time in my life and things weren't working out the way I had hoped. I was single and was always making time for other people and never felt like I was getting what I wanted in life. I knew nothing about sex workers at the time, and had never seen one before. I did some research for about a month or so and came across this girl's ad. She seemed legit and from what I could see in her pictures, attractive.

I booked her and was beyond nervous-scared leading up to the appointment. When the day came I went over and the cutest girl ever opened the door and welcomed me in. We talked about ourselves pretty much the entire night. I had only intended for this to be a one-time deal since it's so expensive! But, I decided to see her a few more times. I noticed she started letting me overstay my appointment time more each visit and I started getting suspicious. I didn't know if this was normal, or if she was into me.

I liked her a lot, but I figured this was her job and she probably just wanted to keep me, a steady income, around. She started doing other favors like making me dinner and my mind started going crazy and had to know what was going on. So I confessed that I liked her and hoped that was okay, and asked her to clarify what she had been doing, and what it meant.

Turns out she totally had feelings for me! We decided to date and now we're getting married!



Really happy for the fairy tales people are telling here, but these stories don't end well often.

I had a second degree cousin who was a sex worker in Brazil. Started doing it since her father left her sick mother without a penny and she was a very beautiful girl. Worked as a sex worker for a few years and ended up meeting a Spanish tourist when she was 22 or 21. The guy was prince charming himself. Came back to Brazil a few months after meeting her to marry her and take her to Spain. Was really kind with the entire family, flooded everyone with gifts and sounded like a genuine nice guy.

A few months passed after their marriage and things seem fine, she gets to visit the family, sends updates constantly. Out of nowhere, silence. She completely disappears for years. It was the 90s, before cellphones or social networks. Her mother tried to reach the police, but it was useless. After around 8 or 9 years of silence, she calls back.

According to her, the guy was extremely jealous and abusive. The first signs were weird, but nothing terrifying, in her opinion. But things got worse, with physical and psychological violence, forbidding her of leaving the house until it turned into a situation where she was completely locked off the external world.

She ended up running away from home after many tries and took refugee on a church. While living at that church, she remembered one of her cousin's phone number - one of the few she memorized - and managed to call the family back. Most of us thought she was dead by then. That was in 2004, she had been missing since 95~96.

Now she is married and living in Spain with a regular man she met at the church.


4 Years In

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My fiancée is a stripper at a bikini bar. I used to frequent her club because my friend's sister was a bartender there and would hook me up on my bar tab. I met my fiancée and got to know her pretty well over the next 2 and a half years, then one night we were both there for my friend's (the bartender) birthday and got pretty drunk. She told me she had a crush on me and then later said she wanted to go home with me, which she did.

A year to the day after that I asked her to marry me, and I've been in the best relationship of my life for almost 4 years.



God, this was years ago when I was 21 but it brings back a lot of emotions even now. One of my regulars was a disabled gentleman in his 50s. He had broken his spine in an industrial accident and was paralyzed from the chest down. He'd gotten a large settlement and invested in property including his beautiful accessible cabin on the lake. He'd pay for me to spend weekends with him there as well as trips to the coast and the casino where he would give me money to play slots or see a show while he played cards.

He was kind and funny and had a comforting nature. I had bad experiences with men, but his disability made him vulnerable and open in a way that moved me and put me at ease. I even learned some of his care routines so I could be with him for longer periods.

He died when he developed a clot in his leg that broke free and got into his lungs. I didn't find out until 2 weeks afterward. His passing really shook me. I thought I had distance. I didn't realize how much I cared for him until he was gone.



Related only, but one of my friends with unlimited business expenses was hosting in NYC clients from London. That night ended up at a strip club across the street from my home, and $1000 dollars in lap dance tickets ($20 each) in the middle of the table.

I tried one, not my thing, so I pocketed 3 of the tickets as souvenirs.

A year later, my nephew was visiting me as he turned 21, so I gave him the 3 tickets and sent him to the strip club. He did not return, but called at 8AM. "I'm making breakfast over at Dawn's place"

They went out for a few months.


The Bikie

A friend's sister and her friend were/are sex workers. They both fell in love with the same customer. The bloke was a biker and I'm pretty sure they loved the free drugs he gave them, not him. They had a huge blow out over this guy and basically didn't take long before they stopped communicating.

They both confessed their love for him and he cut ties with both because he wanted to spend more time with his wife.

Edit for non-Aussie's: Outlaws in Australia once upon a time rode on motorcycles and were/are heavily involved in crime syndicates. We call them bikies (buy-keys) (Australian accent) or singular (buy-key) (Australian accent).


A Good Man

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I worked as a stripper and fell in love with the manager.

I saw girls always fawning over him- leaving some tips on stage so he would bring them back to the dressing room and they could flirt with him. I assumed it was a phase and tried to ignore my feelings. At the time I was suffering from chronic pain and an eating disorder. He just cared so much and went out of his way to help. We've now been married for 15 years and have three children.



Using my throwaway. I was a sugar baby the moment I turned 18. Started having sex with a 60 year old doctor. I was poor so the constant showering of gifts, money, dinners, vacations, and clothes, I guess made me fall in love with him. All I would think about was "Lonny" (fake name) and what amazing thing Lonny had planned for us that day.

One day I get a call from Lonny and he tells me, we can't see each other anymore because he had caught feelings for me. I took this as my opportunity to tell him how I felt and I really thought we would get married. He then told me, "I can't be in love with a girl like you, so I have to let you go and move on to another girl I don't have feelings for." I was broken and depressed for a long time. I ended up using some of the money he gave me for therapy and eventually I got over it.


I Was Wrong

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I'll start with my story to get the ball rolling. Former sex worker.

When I was 18 I began seeing a married man in his early 40s who treated me with respect, genuinely listened and helped me with my school, and we hung out a lot too without having sex. After about 3 months of seeing him almost everyday I started to become attached. Then one day I told him that I thought I was in love with him and he told me, "I still love my wife. I only keep you around for...." I was DEVASTATED and never saw him again.



I've never used the term john, just client. While I haven't fallen head over heels for a client, I definitely have a few clients that I love. It might weird them out so I wouldn't tell them, but it's the truth. You meet some very interesting, caring people in my line of work.


I Miss Him

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Never fallen in love with a client, but I do love some of them. My first ever in person client, and favorite regular is an absolute sweetheart and has a lot of the same kinks as I do, seeing him has the same excitement to it as hooking up with a hot friend. We had to cancel our last session because of lockdown and I miss him a lot.


Getting to know you.....

I worked as a dancer in LA and I met my husband at the club I worked at. We got married last year and have a 2 year old :) We are madly in love and no one knows how we actually met haha. Our life is beautiful together :)

Most people don't realize most of sex work is actually just getting to know someone very intimately. Lots of clients just want to talk, to have a bond, to forget something. Sometimes that bond is simply business but its no surprise that people do fall in love 💓.



I was a regular customer of a camgirl back some time ago. After few stints I gradually started telling her not to take off her clothes and just talk to me, I loved her personality. She gave me her skype, and I thought, ok, and after one or two skype meetings I asked her for her paypal to transfer the money. She was pretty angry because she thought this was a friendship or a dating call and she said she liked my weirdness and general demeanor. We continued skyping for some 2 months more, and now we are actually friends!



Married the guy that was obsessed with me, came to the strip club I worked at every shift I worked for like 8 months until I finally went out with him. Married 15 years, now getting divorced.


Dance of the Lap

Yes but I never really considered him a "John" He was a "regular" but he would just come in the club and we would have great conversations and would pay for a dance just to be polite since I was working but really didn't even want a lap dance. He isn't a lap dance guy, just has grown up with art scene people so enjoyed certain types of strippers and found them interesting, and a great way to take a break from his now corporate life. We quickly became more friends outside of work and if he came in while I was working it would be expected he pay me for my time but he had the money to spend so he didn't care.

Then eventually we started going on dates and we became official and he would just drop me off at the club on the way to work and pick me up after. A year later we moved across the country together and we're coming up on 2 yrs. we haven't fought once and very happy.


The Client

As someone that dated a sex worker, I just want to let any clients and potential clients know: sure. This happens. But it is very very rare, and if you are ever starting to get the feeling that she is into you, there is about a one in ten million chance that she actually is. It just means that she's doing her job well, and that you as a client are not. It's their job to make it feel real. It's your job to remember it isn't.



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One of my closest friends started out buying content and Skype shows. We now talk on a daily basis and have visited each other several times. As a matter of fact he'll be coming to see me in a couple weeks! We have sex and say we love each other and ultimately we are kinky pals. I would call it a casual long distance relationship as we are not pursuing anything different but are appreciative of our place in each other's lives. We say we are bffs with benefits. 😌

Like the Movies

I had to travel out of the country to attend my sister's wedding. The best man was my ex-fiancé (he dumped me) so I couldn't stand the thought of going alone. So I hired an escort to go with me and pretend to be my boyfriend. But he ended up being the most wonderful man and we fell in love. Worth every penny.


Happily Ever

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I'll keep it short and sweet.

I was at work when we met. I quit working and found another job shortly after. We've been together ever since. He turned out to be the love of my life.


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