The word "trashy" usually describes something that is vulgar, tasteless, or immoral.

Redditor u/shaunZfrenzy asked people, "What is the trashiest thing you have witnessed?"... and responses ranged between humorous and depressing. People can do "trashy" things, like fight publicly or wear inappropriate outfits, that we can get a chuckle from. But many circumstances we would describe as "trashy" can also be linked to a person's finances, mental health, and can even result in tragedies like child abuse.

20. This enthusiastic car lover 

"A dude with his pants down vigorously humping a parked car. The Tenderloin is a wild and lawless place."


19. Shots fired

"I saw lil xan live"


18. These types of "parents"

"Parents that do drugs with their kids, sometimes preteens, with the excuse they're going to do it anyway, they may as well do it at home. This includes alcohol and cigarettes in addition to harder drugs. My sister got her son addicted to meth and he shot himself as a result. It is my opinion he would have never done the drug without her intervention. He was 17."


17. There's an epidemic of this behavior

"Anti-vaxxers pretending to be nurses on Facebook to make their fake alternative 'facts' more valid, somehow."


16. The sketchiest super stores

"24 hour Walmart parking lots after midnight, it's a congregation of drugs, misfortune and piss."


15. At least they're owning up

"I saw a dude absolutely destroy a bathroom by throwing up all over it, and then make out with a girl right after.

I really hope that girl didn't taste my puke."


14. Do you feel itchy?

"I got lice as a kid because I stayed the night at a kids house who had lice because they were new and I was a friendly kid. The parents did nothing to prevent the infestation and all their children had horrible cases of lice. The entire elementary school ended up with lice within two or three months of them being there. My parents still refer to the kid I was friends with as 'the lice queen'. I hope those kids turned out okay with that level of negligence."


13. This horrifying bathroom scene

"a male prostitute dropped his pants next to me at a urinal and spewed a rope of anal beads out his ******* while he urinated smelly piss"


12. This shameful transaction

"I sold weed when I was younger. I went to take an oz to a guy that normally bought dimes. He got a nice tax return, he said. I get there and we're smoking and he's asked me to call about other drugs too. In his living room was his girlfriend and their under 6 month daughter in a baby seat facing the wall. There was a case of whip its in the middle of the floor and cartridges every where. And I mean a case of boxes of them. He tells me his daughter is blind so he got even more money.

I was ashamed of myself and just wanted to leave."


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11. 60% of a dad

"My wife and I are getting divorced because she had someone else's baby. Then she moved out, we filed for divorce, finally got our court date to finalize, and she showed up pregnant with a different guy's baby. We had three kids together so by the time our divorce is final I'll be responsible for only 60% of the babies born during our marriage. While that is a majority, it's also a shockingly low percentage."


10. This dramatic cat fight

"Two girls in my old high-school got into a fist fight over a guy they were both sleeping with. The police on campus tazed them when the wouldn't stop/were on the ground rolling around. When they got them off the ground one of the girls screamed that 'You can't taze me! I'm pregnant!'"


9. I think you're on to something here

"I knew a guy who would microwave two chicago town mini pizzas, then use them as the bun for a burger.

I was that man. University was not a proud time."


8. And that lady didn't get punched?

"a lady at target spit on another lady's baby after wiping her mouth"


"That sounds like a good way to get knocked the **** out."


7. These parent's didn't have their priorities straight

"Watched a couple gamble away the money they were supposed to spend on their kids shoes for back to school"


6. This adaptable shopper

"One time I saw a woman who instead of wearing a shirt just pulled up her sweat pants past her breasts while shopping at a grocery store"


5. Parents who should be in jail

"Parents smoking meth in front of their children, leaving drugs laying around and having their baby eat an amphetamine pill but not take her to the hospital because they didn't want her taken away, and both parents were already convicted felons."


4. A foul mouthed dad and a burning house

"At a bonfire party out in the boonies as a teenager. People starting pulling the wood siding off the house to burn. And the kid whose place it was, his drunk dad would come out every once in a while and berate his son in front of all his friends, calling him a ******* *** etc. Dad didn't have a problem with everyone feeding the house to the fire though."


3. This trashy shish kebab 

"My neighbor using an old syringe as a fork for their food."


2. These trashy lovers

"Two people boning in a dumpster enclosure (the brick walls containing a large haul away dumpster) behind a fast food restaurant."


1. This fearless bus rider

"An absolute legend of a woman on a bus in Brabant in the Netherlands.

10:00 in the morning and our middle-aged hero finds herself on the bus home after what must have been the party of the year. She was wearing a shirt, but no pants. Just fishnets. Basically butt naked, standing on the bus, casually shooting the shit with the driver"


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