People Who Broke Up With Someone Because Of Their Sexual History Explain Why

Just when a person thinks they've met someone who is an ideal match, something inevitably goes wrong and they find themselves back to square one.

But the turn-off isn't always because of what the other person did while in the budding relationship.
Sometimes, all it takes to call it quits before pursuing a deeper relationship with someone is because of their past sexual exploits.
Curious to hear from strangers online, one Redditor asked:
"Men and women of reddit, have you ever rejected or broken up with someone due to their past sexual history, and if so, why?"

There are some things that should simply not be shared with a family member. Like exes.

Going Through The Family

"She f'ked my brother and was my sister’s best friend. Felt like she was collecting the infinity stones of our family and decided to pass on hooking up."

– Lowdog00

Age Deception

"i found out that he lied about his age and had hooked up with my sister about a month before."

– Annual-Bumblebee-258

Revelation Before The Deed

"Was about to have sex with my crush. Seconds before insertion, she says 'Now, I can compare you to your brother.' Nope. No you can't. Bye."

"Edit: I sat back and made sure that I heard what I thought I heard, making me flaccid. I facepalmed, said 'that's f'ked', and left."

– ottoman76

Someone with a history of infidelity is not marrying material.

A Warning

"Not really dating, but I met this girl in college. We were interested in each other. And one of the first things she told me was that she had never been faithful to any previous boyfriends."

"Obviously, We did not get further than fwb."

– WiseFool4

The Red Flag

"I’m from Ireland. My house mate in uni (complete tool) went to Texas for a summer and worked on a farm there, met a girl and started going out with her. I met him heading into our second year of college as he was just coming back from this summer trip."

'Guys, she the best thing in the world, I might marry this girl. She had a boyfriend when we met but couldn’t keep our hands off each other. It was crazy hot sneaking around.'

"Red flag, talked about it a bit more and she had several boyfriends over the years and cheated on every last one of them."

"Tried telling him, maybe this girl isn’t the one. He literally tried to fight me so I shut up and went cool, she’s the one. So around Halloween he paid to fly her over to Ireland and go see some sights in Ireland (blowing the last of the good money he made in Texas on her)."

"End of the trip rolls round and you’ll never guess what happened. She was seeing someone else but decided to go through with her all expenses trip to Ireland with a tour guide to see if maybe she was wrong about this guy. She wasn’t and she went home to her new boyfriend (who she cheated on with this guy while in Ireland)."

– RavenBrannigan

Target Demographic

"Sorta similar situation with me and a girl I used to work with. We talked a bit, and she said something peculiar. She said she liked dating married guys because they were just looking for sex."

"I was single so didn’t fit her target demographic. Between that and some other things she said I decided that she also didn’t fit my target demographic."

– OldBob10


"I dated a girl for 2 years that would tell me things like 'I don’t date white boys', and 'I always thought I’d be with someone more muscular', along with other similar things."

"She would also talk about her past partners 'size' to my friends with me in the room, but never alone with me. That was weird too."

– Accward

These Redditors recalled relationships with people who were extremely toxic.

The Rebound

"A girl I dated used me as a rebound and would always brag about the awesome sex her and her ex would have."

"This went on for months and I had to learn that sh*t was just not acceptable."

– mjohnsimon

Using And Abusing

"Once, she seemed nice but once I learned more I realized a history of getting back with this one guy time and again and had cheated on several boyfriends with him till he tired of her and tossed her aside again, I figured maybe I'm worth more than that."

– Lostboxoangst

The Confession

"I met a girl a over a decade ago I really liked. But started to catch her in lies. We fooled around but didn't have sex."

"She then told me that throughout her childhood she was abused by her dad and his friend. I started out being supportive, but it got weird when she had him on facebook and talked to him often."

"Eventually I spoke to her older sister who told me that she'd accused multiple men in her life of abuse. I stuck it out because I didn't believe anyone would be that twisted. Turns out, she lied. She confessed that she told me it so I'd stick around and protect her."

"I ran far and fast... Every few years she reaches out to me and tells me she loves me, but I don't buy it now."

– Zeus_vs_Franklin



"She made it obvious I was just a rebound, wanting her ex to see us together, and she wasn't that into males anyway."

"That girl was all kinds of messed up now I look back at it. Hope she found a nice guy or girl once she sorted out her problems."

– Hattix

Partners discussing their previous great loves all the time was considered a huge turn off.

Reliving Past Victories

"I dated a girl who 'wanted her lover to be her best friend' so she would talk about everything EVERYTHING about her past love. Particularly the ones she had great sex with. What she love about them, their bodies, the size of ther penis, etc. She'd also talked about her co-workers that were hot and 'suspect would be great lovers.'"

"It just gotten too much. It felt like there were 20 men in the bedroom."

"The last straw was that she wanted to take it slow with us. I'd try to do things she'd talk about with past love and she'd say 'were not there yet.'"

– shaka_sulu

Bad Timing

"Never broke up with someone over it but I did once reject my wife's sexual advances once when, literally right in the middle of foreplay she blurts out that her ex husband had a 10 inch dick. Like seriously, here I am with a not small but definitely not close to 10 inch dick and she just blurts out that his is giant. She tried to save face but bad timing is bad timing and it wasn't happening."

– dfieldhouse

While it must have been unsettling for these Redditors to hear about a crush's reckless sexual history, it was probably a blessing in disguise.

There will always be someone else more suitable as a romantic companion who won't repeatedly have sex with an ex or go down the family line to hook up with your siblings.

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