Everyone has their own turn-ons. This is what makes new relationships so interesting, trying to figure out what works for the other person and gets them going.

Turns out, it doesn't take much to get people hot and heavy. In fact, we should all be so lucky to find ourselves in the situations these people find themselves in with our romantic partners.

Or, in some cases, total strangers.

Reddit user, Nightfury0818, wanted to know what made your tummy all funny when they asked:

"What was the hottest thing someone said to you?"

Keep it polite, but make your intentions known.

Makes You Wonder How Long They'd Been Looking At You...

"I was listening to the lecture in English class, and one of the smartest and hottest guys in the room looks at me and says “hey [name], your shirt is both inside out and backwards.”

"I mean, I realized that he was right, but at least he talked to me"


Don't Start A French Girl Tripping Spree

"French girl, I grabbed her when she fell. I apologized 'sorry if I hurt you'"

"In THE sexiest accent EVER"

“'Darling….I’m not made of sugar”' and blew me a kiss ."

"Sh-t !! Makes my heart flutter just thinking about it ."


"I didn't know that was a French idiom. You learn something new every day."


The Way To Someone's Heart

"This banana bread is delicious"

"Wow, you make a great goulash"

"I've never had a better lasagna"

"Complimenting my cooking is pretty much dirty talk to me."


Maybe that wasn't enough. Maybe you need to turn the heat up to let the object of your desire know what they mean to you.

It's A Simple Question

"'You want to be my boyfriend?' - some girl who I secretly had a crush on"


Step On Me...What?

"I accidentally knocked a female coworker's water bottle off the table. She looked me square in the eye and said, "pick it up b-tch.""

"I never knew I had a sub bone in my body until that moment."

User Deleted

Hold It In Your Heart

"I like it when you pull me close to you."

"From a girl I had met just 5 seconds prior and started dancing with. Sent chills down my back. I hope I never forgot about that moment."


And then there's these, the moments when all the barriers are dropped and all the pretense is taken out of the romantic entanglement that leads to love.

Stop being so polite and get to it, people.

Who Needs To Wait?

"When we were making out pretty hot and heavy she grabbed my hand and said “stop being such a gentleman”. I thought we were taking it slow but she had other ideas."


"That's the sex equivalent of mashing A to skip all the cutscenes."


Get It All Planned Out

'We can either go out for dinner at 5, or you can f-ck me and we will get there at 530 ish'

"My ex loved planning things out"


Speak Up, Guys

"Anytime a man moans or is vocal in general during sex I melt"


"This, exactly! So many men are quiet and it is so hot to hear those groans."


Don't Ever Let The Passion Fade

"My wife and I were out watching a band. They were really good, place was packed. But she had gotten dressed up for it and looked amazing. After maybe a half hour I turned to her and said, "Want to go home and f-ck?" She said "Yes...", then grabbed my arm and said "Yes!" It was the second yes that got me. We picked up our stuff and started to leave and saw the people behind us smiling. They had obviously heard us, and she clearly didn't care, which was also really hot."


Take a cold shower.

Then call your significant other to let them know how you really feel.

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