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A recent Reddit thread will leave you counting your blessings that sex doesn't actually go down like a bunch of misinformed, puberty-stricken kids think.

Good God that would be horrifying.

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The heart is an untamable organ; and as much as we'd like to believe we can control it, it always ends up controlling us. For people who make intimacy a career, they too can fall into traps of the amour. Once you're looking into another person's eyes and a spark ignites, all bets are off. People seem to ignore the facet that sex workers are people too and the career field they're in is actually honest work for many. They end up with love stories surrounding their clients just like a banker or a bartender.

Redditor u/m033118b wanted to hear about the wantings of the heart, no matter what the profession, by asking.... Sex workers of reddit, have you ever fallen in love with a John? What happened afterwards?
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Gender marketing has gradually become yesterday's news and was often criticized for its sexism due to an increased awareness of consumers refusing to be categorized.

While pink and blue products are the colors often associated with girls and boys respectively, a variety of manufacturers have begun to shun this outdated perception by embracing neutrality.

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Sometimes... he's just not that into you. It's a difficult truth to undertake, but we've all been there. Rejection in the amorous department is a killer and it never gets easier, but we'll all survive. What has been become more difficult is the acceptance of the delivery of the rejection. Why do grown men feel the need to be children.... sorry, I mean ghosts? We may finally get some answers. Just say what you feel. Be a human being.

Redditor u/bzctz827 wanted all the men out there to give us some inside scoop, reasons and hard truths about the state of relations today.... by asking.... Men who ghosted women for seemingly "no reason", what was actually your reason?

Let's all get some vodka and reconvene.

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Washing windows for work is the closest a person can get to professionally becoming "a fly on the wall." Those guys must see everything.

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