Times change, people change, as the poet Bob Dylan once wrote about. We can always expect the supposed next big thing to swoop in, hoping to take its spot at the height of the public conscious. Even if some new trend or cultural phenomenon does manage to become top of mind odds are it'll fade into the past, just like all these things we once found "sexy."

Reddit user, u/Jasonjones2002, wanted to know what a decade can do when they asked:

What was sexy 10 years ago but isn't now?

Right Off The Bat.


Using the word "sexy" in marketing/digital teams to describe sleek interfaces or products


July 18, 2006 Justin Timberlake began promising to bring sexy back and has been relentless in its pursuit ever since. I am unsure about his success rate as I look around and things appear status quo.


We All Have Wastes For A Reason

Those jeans that were so low you could see a persons buttcrack.

Why, just why?


*clackety clack clack clack*

Acrylic nails.

I know, I know, these are still in style somehow. I don't get it. They look ridiculous; like you have pieces of plastic glued to your nails. Someday (soon) we'll look back at these and wonder wtf we were thinking? I'm surprised they've lasted this long...


Them's Fighting Words

Whale tale/tramp stamp.

When i see either now im like ick get your life together


A Symbol Of The Times

Don juans. Tv shows like Entourage, Californication, Mad men started a few years before but I guess were at the top of their popularity.

Crazy to compare women roles on tv then to those around now.


Wait...These Were Sexy?

Wearing fitted Tapout and Hot Topic type clothes with all those skulls flames and swords.


"...Laughably Small."


It was amazing that you could record 45 hours of HD content directly to a hard drive in your living room!

Their stock price hit over $50 a share!

Now streaming has replaced local storage and 45 hours of content seems laughably small, that's not even enough for one good show.

And after being acquired in 2016, the combined company is worth less than $8 per share.


Wearing Clothes For Their Required Purpose?

I'm 40. I've been practicing and teaching yoga for many years. 10 years ago, women were shamed for wearing leggings because they were "too revealing." If y'all saw what passes as appropriate yoga attire now, you'd pass out. It's basically a competition to see who can wear the least clothing.

It cracks me up though— Yoga is sweaty and long pants can dramatically help manage the sweat. There are plenty of arm balances that I can only do in slightly damp pants because they provide more grip. Sweaty skin on sweaty skin is a slip-n-slide. Just impractical and silly. Plus good quality material actually keeps you drier and more comfortable. I'm old.


Shake That Thang



Now its like, you didn't move on?

You aint learned anything new in 10 years?


Keyboards? On Phones?

BlackBerry phones. Back in the day it was sexy to own one and share BBM pin with fellow Blackberry users. I haven't seen anyone using BlackBerry or BBM in a very long time.


Big Ol' Ear Holes

I'm not sure if it was considered "sexy" but I remember so many people getting their ears gauged at my high school around 2009ish. The bigger you could stretch your ear hole the cooler you were. I never understood it and feel so bad for them today.


Bump, Bump, Bump It Up.

The hair bump/poof for girls made popular by jersey shore. I always thought it looked trashy but it seemed like everyone did it.

That and too much bronzer.


I was in middle school during this fad- one of my friends told me they wanted to do my hair for the school dance and I was hype, until all she did was "bump" my hair and I had to pretend I liked it


Less Oompa Loompas

Fake tan?

I think every time I go out (Not so often, but anyways) I seem to see less and less orange ladies.


Nah. Fake tan is still a thing, but the formulas and technology have become better at replicating the look of a real tan for not very much money.


Strangely, Yes, This Was A Thing? Right?

When I was in high school there was 1 year where every girl at my school suddenly started wearing a feather in their hair. Did anyone else experience this or was my high school weird?


This was huge at my school in the spring. So when we came back to school after summer break no one had theirs anymore and it was totally uncool. One of my teachers didn't get the memo that it was over and she came to school with hers in on the first day and everyone talked about it. I still feel bad lol.


Just Smile. Like, C'Mon, Dude.

To me, personally? Artsy boys in skinny jeans who are deeply tormented souls who the rest of the world just doesn't understand. No lie, I once (unironically) swooned when a boy (unironically) used the line, 'I just have to keep creating or I'll die.'

Now I just want a regular guy or girl who wants to laugh during sex and go out to get a burrito afterwards. (Not before. Never before.) Performative sexiness is way less sexy than an effortless connection. I am happy to leave the artsy boys to the next generation.


Yeesh. Now We All Feel Old.

Tila Tequila


Now she is a literal Nazi. Not the "I don't like this person so they're a Nazi" Nazi, but an actual "There are only two things in this world, for which I would gladly sacrifice my own life; the destruction of all Jews and preservation of the white race" Nazi. Yes, that is an actual Tila Tequila quote.


Everything's Getting LARRRRRGER

1 TB of data storage.


I have 1.5 TB of storage on my PC. I thought it would be enough for years and years. Its been 3 years and its nearly full.....


This Will All Repeat Itself, Anyway.

Skinny eyebrows


As long as they are not taking it too far into the extreme, with thick, overdrawn Groucho eyebrows.

Beauty is cyclical; Thin eyebrows will be back eventually. It happens every 25 or so years. Girls in the 70s has thin brows, Clara Bow and other silent film stars 100 years ago had thin brows. But yeah, I agree that it looks weird at this point in time.




I feel like women's casual wear in general is always sexier than it was ten years ago, and it's starting to make me feel old.

I imagine when I'm old I'm going to comment on some lady's outfit being really revealing and my grandkids are going to roll their eyes and say something like "You're so old-fashioned grandpa, her a--hole isn't even open."


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