Life lessons are hard learned and often not a fun process. What a gift good life advice can be from someone who has gone through the experience. The difficult thing is that sometimes, until we are ready, we don't understand the full meaning or value of that advice.

How many times have you looked back and wondered “why didn't I listen!?" Well, hindsight is 20-20 so when an elder shares their advice with you, it is often helpful to consider it.

Redditor starblade1337 wanted to know the best advice the internet had to offer. They asked:

What life lesson did you learn that you will never forget and when did you learn it?"

​Everyone is not your friend...

“Not everyone at work is and wants to be your friend, some just pretend and then screw you over. Learned that doing my apprenticeship and found the same sh*t in almost every other company I worked for so far." ZockStartion

You don't like everyone...”

​“‘You don't like everybody, so don't worry about everybody liking you’. Of course, be respectful to everyone you meet. But don't bend over backwards to please all of them.” QueenFlowers91

A lesson hard learned...​

“You can delegate authority, you can't delegate responsibility. Been a mantra my mom has spoken since I was a kid." oniwolf382

“I learned this one as a young man. I was a maintenance supervisor at a resort and every week we had to shut down a floor of each building in the wintertime to do repairs and refurbishment on all the condo units. One employee complained that he got stuck with painting all the time so I told him if he was comfortable replacing the hot water heaters that week, he could do that job."

"So I was focused on all the logistics and normal operations and let him do his thing. The day before everything was to be inspected and put back into service I discovered that the employee had four more water heaters to replace and he had not put all the previous unit's cabinetry back together (the heaters were hidden under the countertop in the kitchen)."

"We had to pay thousands of dollars to a plumbing company to come in and finish the job because there was no way to get it all done in time. My boss in the home office was furious and asked how this happened when we were doing all the other floors on time. I tried to explain that the employee f**ked up and didn't tell anyone in time."

"But my boss explained to me that it's my job to make sure they did their job and not make excuses. I was pissed but after I cooled off, I realized he was right. You can assign tasks and projects to others but ultimately you have to be responsible for the overall outcome." BaconReceptacle

Your attitude counts for a lot...

“If you're right but you're obnoxious about it, people won't see you as the good guy. Took me until the end of grad school to figure that one out.” rocketparrotlet

They're trying to be polite offering...

​“Never refuse when someone offers you a breath mint - my grandfather after I declined a breath mint from him.” Reaper

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​“It'll eventually drive you apart...”

​“You don't ever truly know another person. Unless you can take up residence in their head, you'll never be privy to their true nature. Learned this through the process of growing up and losing friends/SOs.”

“It's not always malicious, sometimes you latch onto the idea of a person rather than who they are. It'll eventually drive you apart as you realize that there is incongruity between who they are and who you think they are.” Titronnica

​Good advice...

“My dad taught me as a teenager that relationships should be easy. Biggest and best lesson I've ever learned. Relationships should not be filled with drama but with friendship and respect. Really helped me choose who to be with. Now I teach my daughters the same thing so maybe they can prevent being in a painful relationship.” Dianne_Disco_3

unapologetically do what makes you happy...”

​“As you reach adulthood , ie paying for a majority of things on your own and you make a majority of the decisions in your life. Believe in the decisions you make and unapologetically do what makes you happy regardless of what your parents think. They don't live your life and you will develop resentment if you don't do what truly makes you happy. I was 26 when I realized!” Cheslee3

She was wise...

When I was in high school, my mom and I took a day to go church shopping in a new part of town. We must've gone to 5 services that day. Some were fun and lively, some were quiet and reserved. But one in particular really stuck out to me for being so… kooky."

“It was October, and the preacher was starting his sermon to the room of 40 people with 'Halloween is right around the corner. Who here celebrates Halloween?' I was the only person to raise my hand. The preacher goes 'Good! Because Halloween is celebrating the Devil, and we don't do that here.' At this point, I quickly drop my hand as people give me weird looks."

My mom then goes 'by the way, it's not a good idea to volunteer information to a group of people you don't know.' I learned that I need to wait until I understand at least the basic dynamics of a group before sharing anything about myself. In these cases especially, it's better to be quiet and anonymous than to stand out and be a target. We never ended up going back to any of the churches we saw that day, though." psburrito

You can't trust people...

Don't become a walking charity. When I was in my early-to-mid-20s, I had a lot of 'friends' who were falling on hard times or needed various types of help. And I was only too happy to help - I had the money, I had the time, I would do anything for them."

“Not one of them repaid - financially, or otherwise. Instead, I was just taken advantage of, left, right and center. It all ended when I suggested a friend of mine who broke up with their partner and had no place to live come stay with me. Next thing I knew, they were inviting their friends over all the time, often without my permission."

"They weren't contributing a penny to the income of the household. Their new partner soon moved in, and my house basically became a doss house. And they became a mean-spirited, emotionally abusive a**hole who made my life miserable in my own home."

"Now, I offer advice only. If you need financial support, you can go to the council. If you need housing, you can go to the council. If you want me to provide either of those things, you can bugger off." RedWestern

Some well thought out advice, hopefully we all can apply a little bit into our lives.

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