Most parents would agree that teaching kids the value of money is important. For one parent on Reddit, making their three teenagers fund their own voracious appetites for junk food seemed like the perfect opportunity for this lesson. But after their daughter and some other family members criticized them for the move, they weren’t so […] More
Dealing with the death of one of your parents is incredibly hard. But, it is even harder when your partner is trying to control what you do with your inheritance. Redditor Correct-Sea6849 encountered this very issue with her husband. So she turned to the “Am I The A**hole” (AITA) subReddit for moral judgment. She asked: […] More

Sometimes we can all get a little envious of someone in a high-paying role, wishing we could make the same. Relative deprivation is real. But did these people all work hard to earn the salary or did some just simply luck out?

Unfortunately, in our society it isn't all merit based. The idea of “the harder you work the more money you make" is a harmful fallacy. You know who works hard and deals with a ton of stress? Laborers, fast food workers, servers, and retail employees. The office job I have making three times what I did back when I worked fast food or retail is significantly easier. I did get a degree but could I have done my current job well with just good training? Yes.

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Paying the bill has its own set of rules. The safest bet is splitting the bill either equally or just everyone pays for what they eat. But, when the family is involved, other rules come into play. Redditor twistoffate4 encountered this very issue with their spouse’s family. So they turned to the “Am I The […] More

Nothing in life is free. If it seems free it still comes at a cost whether it costs in environmental impact, time, energy, or wear and tear, it is hard to imagine anything completely free. However, some things being free from monetary cost would be a tremendous benefit.

Although there have been many attempts by different organizations to make things like water, medical care, and education free there are equally as many who oppose it. One could argue that providing free education would reduce spending in others areas in a big way.

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