It’s always an adjustment for children of divorce to meet their parent’s new significant others. In some cases, they immediately accept each other, and become as close as if they were actually parent and child. Other times, the situation is not so lucky, as one of them might find them constantly striving to earn the […] More
Besides the love story of it all… A marriage is an agreed upon partnership. Equal partners is all aspects. A part of that contract is “for better or worse.” And in those times, naturally one partner might be pulling a heavier load than the other. But sometimes, the load can start to be too hard […] More
We all want to  be there for our family, and offer them help in whatever way we can. But sometimes, the behavior of certain family members makes helping them far more difficult than it needs to be. Particularly if they begin to take advantage of your help. Redditor Calm-Demand-5746 wanted to be there for their […] More
There is still progress to be made, but we have thankfully reached a point where certain outdated views on gender roles are officially a thing of the past. That men and women should all be expected to behave a certain way, and like certain things. Sadly, some people are still in the mindset that men […] More
Redditor TraditionImpressive2 is a female flat-owner with a boyfriend with whom she dated for 18 months. Their relationship just entered what should’ve been an exciting chapter for both of them, but their future plans recently hit a snag. The issue stemmed from her work history, which initially didn’t bother him–although he did ask her to […] More