Art is essential way society learns and moves and evolves. Often times people can look to or quote films, books and tv shows that opened their eyes to change and made realize the meaning of empathy, particularly films. But some movies are flat out wreaking havoc on the psyche. I'm looking at you Disney. From Bambi's mother to Ariel giving up her gifts for a man. Some of their "advice" is off the rails. For instance....

Redditor u/WeeklySubject wanted to discuss the times Disney has left the wrong impression by asking.... What's the worst lesson we can learn from a Disney movie?

Kitchen Staff

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Rats in a professional kitchen are OK.


Myself and all the other chefs/cooks I know love that movie for how realistic it is in so many ways, right down the to the pan burns on Collette's arm. But for true realism she should've punched him in the freaking mouth.


Don't Fly

Just think of the happiest things, and jump off the building. Yay.


The Look

Evil people look evil.


Similar. Pretty people are good, ugly people are bad.


Hans was an intelligent and manipulative character. Kinda sexy. He had a plan, adapted well to radically changed circumstances, and very nearly took over the whole kingdom over the span of 24 hours. He only got caught because he couldn't resist the temptation to villain monologue... but what Disney character can?


When I was a Child

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Your toys are alive and resent you for giving them away.


An even worse lesson from Toy Story: Kids who show creativity and imagination by disassembling toys to make new toys are evil and should be psychologically tortured.


Prince Ali

Aladdin taught me that a legitimate government was a thing you could fake with a really good parade.


This bothered me since I was a kid. Aladdin said he "wasn't a real prince" and all we see the genie do is arrange a parade with a bunch of people who all seem to disappear as soon as the parade is over. But Aladdin didn't wish for a fake parade to pad out a long con. He wished to be a prince.

Freaking unwatchable.


Poor Quasi....

The Hunchback of Notre Dame teaches that if you're ugly, you might find acceptance, but you won't find love. Love is for the attractive characters.m


To be fair though the novel is actually waaayyy worse. Phoebus takes Esmeralda's virginity then ditches her. She ends up being hung as a witch. Quasimodo burns the church killing the priest and then disappears. Sooo... Disney's version is a little less dark.


For the Boys

Disobey your father, sell your soul to a witch, all to hook up with some guy you've never spoken to that's a completely different species and would eat your closest friends for dinner.


And give up your voice.... and fall for a man who also falls in love with you when you don't have a voice. Ladies you just need to be pretty, no need to be able to speak your mind.



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Instead of owing up to your mistake, just put the entire kingdom to sleep until it's fixed.


Sleeping Beauty. The fairies put the kingdom to sleep after Aurora pricks her finger until prince what's his face defeats Maleficent.


Beware the Love

All the princess movies, minus Frozen, Brave, Moana, and The Princess and the Frog: The person you instantly fall in love with is your soulmate and you should throw everything away to be with them. The only princess I can kind forgive for this is Cinderella considering her life at home was terrible, so she wasn't losing everything by running off with the prince.

So many people I know personally have done the same thing and gotten themselves into really bad situation/abusive relationships.


Hey You

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Also don't talk to strangers. Unless strangers are hot. Then talk to strangers.


Snow White: Don't trust the woman disguised as an old lady.

Beauty and the Beast: You had better trust the woman disguised as an old lady.


Looks and $$$

A rich and handsome man will come and take your helpless butt away from all of your troubles.


Pretty sure the Melania cartoon from the new Borat film was not produced by Disney....



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My husband's favorite movie is beauty and the beast and every time after we watch it he takes off all of his clothes and he pretends that he is the beast and he runs around the house terrorizing me.


I'll gladly take him off your hands he sounds like my dream man.



If you're not born into power, marry for it.


Bad advice because it's a very hard thing to actually pull off.

A lot of people (mainly women) waste their lives away thinking that marrying a rich or powerful man will one day solve all their problems, when the vast majority will never even date one.


2 better than 1

Ralph 2 = Go turbo for your personal benefits and as the president, abandon all your citizens and abandon your best friends while you're at it.

This is referring to Vanellope.


And that is one of many reasons why I hate Wreck it Ralph 2. It took everything Wreck it Ralph 1 established and threw it all away.


Mama Dearest

I dunno. But, all the dead moms makes me feel like Disney feels some type a way about mothers.


Sort of. Disney's mother did die due to his heater installation screw-up, but a lot of old fairy tales had dead mothers anyway, so the two weren't necessarily related.


Don't forget the evil stepmothers that replace them.


Lip Service

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You fall in love with the random man who kissed while you were sleeping.


Trust Truth

Never. Trust. Anyone. Even. If. They. Are. Family.


Let's be real. For a lot of people that's a pretty good thing to learn early on. Perhaps not the healthiest way to learn it but still.



You can lift anything with enough balloons.


That movie used a silly version of physics, but I think it worked perfectly because it was consistent.

Everything worked the way a kid thinks it would. If they had changed it for realism at any point it would have broken the whole vibe.

But I'm also biased because that movie is just SO RIDICULOUSLY GOOD.


Messy Love

If you fall for a woman, the best way to get her to love you is to kidnap her until Stockholm Syndrome sets in. Maybe give her some hallucinogenic drugs so that she thinks that the furniture and serving wear are alive and singing to her and dancing with her.



walt disney animation studios love GIF by Disney Giphy

All animals speak fluent English.


They aren't speaking English. It's just being translated for the benefit of the audience.

In Lady and the Tramp, there was a scene where they were walking around the zoo after hours, talking to the animals. They went up to the monkey cage but all they got from them was monkey chatter because "they must be too closely related to humans."


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