turn off

Image by Robin Higgins from Pixabay

Being turned off by someone can be just as easy as being turned on. I hate to admit it, but it can only take one minor infraction, in a split second to sour my taste in someone.

I once was with someone I thought may actually turn out to be "the one," then for a moment, their laugh went a little too shrill for my ears. I was done. They were dead to me, darlings.

I know I'm extreme, but I'm not alone. We all have those little details, and pet peeves that send a big "No thank you flag" out. Some actions are tiny and others are large. And a lot of these traits can be fixed, if one is so inclined.

Redditor u/iamaaronmullen wanted to hear about what details a person may possess that is a big mood kill, by asking:

What is something a lot of people find attractive that is actually a turn off for you?
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There are certain expectations you have of your partner in a relationship, most of which are behavioral.

You make a contract with each other. And if someone breaks that contract, it can break down the relationship.

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