People Share The Most Hurtful Thing Someone Has Ever Said To Them

People Share The Most Hurtful Thing Someone Has Ever Said To Them
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Why would you even say that?

I think that is a question people really need to think about.

People seem to have lost control of their internal filter.

Even with good intentions, you can still inflict pain.

And just so everyone is aware, there is a difference between being truthful and flat out rude.

Words leave an impact.

It sounds dramatic, but it's true.

Redditor Themadadealtinwanted to hear about the times someone's words have left a wound.

They asked:

"What’s the most hurtful thing someone has said to you?"

I can't even begin discussing what I've been told. Let's just say... people don't like me fat.


Shannyn Sossamon Cringe GIFGiphy

"Everyone loves you until they realize how f**ked up you actually are!"

"I still wonder how much truth there is to that."



"This actually happened last week. My brother is visiting from overseas. My parents, him, my GF and I spent a week on holiday together. Just before we left, I thanked my mom for inviting us. She turned to me and said 'I didn't invite you, (brother) did. You were only supposed to stay for two days.' For some reason that hit me hard. Like I wasn't welcome."


Cuts Deep

"'Why aren't you normal?' - My mom."


"My dad said basically the same thing to me when I was around 14 and my depression and anxiety was worsening and it had gotten so bad I couldn’t even set foot in my high school without having full blown panic attacks so I had to be homeschooled and my dad said 'why can’t you just be normal like other kids?'”

"That cut so deep, I already was struggling with coming to terms with my declining mental health then to be made to feel even more like a freak was and still is devastating. I’m so sorry that you had to go through the same and I send you a huge virtual hug ❤️ no one deserves to be told that and treated like that especially not by a parent."


Sniff Away

"40 years ago I was 18 and my father died suddenly, I was devastated and grieving, his then business associate told me not to sniff around the office because I would never be the man my father was. This still makes me sick to this day when I think about it."


Thanksgiving, 2009...

offended danny devito GIFGiphy

"You're useless to me."

"My dad, right after I got my foot broken by a piece of heavy machinery while we were moving downed trees. I'll never forget it, the day after Thanksgiving, 2009."


Good Lord. Some people really shouldn't be parents. That's awful.

bad for me...

Youre The Worst I Hate You GIF by Brooklyn Nine-NineGiphy

"'You going to therapy would be terrible for me' that was the beginning of a 30 minute lecture from my mom on Thanksgiving. I almost ended it."


“I don’t get this.”

"I asked my teacher for help. I didn’t understand something in my workbook. I waited quietly and patiently for her at her desk while she helped her favorite students and when she got to me I pointed to it and said, 'I don’t get this.' She sighed, rolled her eyes, and said, 'You’ll never get it.' Then she walked away and ignored me."

"I was left standing at her desk, holding my open workbook, not knowing what to do or how to finish the assignment. I never forgot that. She did positively influence my life though because I am now a teacher myself, and that day was a huge reason why I became one! (I have a lot of student loans and I barely survive paycheck to paycheck but my students go home from school knowing they are loved.)"


“best friend”

"My mom passed from ovarian cancer when I was in my mid 20’s. I had just graduated college and dropped out of my graduate program to go home and care for her bc she wanted to die at home. It was just my dad (who was in deep denial and my brother who is disabled). Needless to say I was caring for everyone."

"About a month or so after my mom passed I went back to see my 'best friend' at the time back in NC where we both attended college. I was looking for a distraction from my grief and trying to manage it as well. We were sitting on her porch having a few drinks and joking around and my GF for some reason blurted out in laughter 'oh, just get over it already!'”

"I had no words. I was just so shocked and hurt - I just sat there and felt ridiculous and sad all at once."


Don't Speak

"Everyone I used to work with, including management, quit very suddenly. I wanted to have a conversation with the person they sent from corporate who was going to be our temporary management. They told me, 'I don't speak to the hourly workers.' I quit on the spot and hope he chokes on his money but it hurt me anyway."



Schitts Creek What GIF by CBCGiphy

"I don't see what he sees in you, I bet you just lie there."

"-My mother."



“'Honestly, no one really wanted you around anyway.' An ex best friend, telling me I was simply an annoying tag-along whenever we went out with their friends. I struggle to connect with people now, and constantly feel like a burden to everyone."


"You’re not the burden. Those kinds of people are."


Punch to the Gut

"I was adopted as an infant. A coworker found out I'm adopted and asked me, 'Why didn't your mother want you?' Felt like a punch to the gut. My step mom (who my adoptive dad married after my adoptive mom died) asked me, 'Why weren't you aborted?' She assumed my birth mom didn't want me and phrased it in the worst question ever."

"And a doctor (who was overweight, too) told me, 'You'd be pretty, if it wasn't for the weight.' There was no reason for her to say that. I've struggled with my weight my entire life. I know I need to lose weight. But I don't go to the doctor to have my attractiveness evaluated."



"My now ex-boyfriend went to see his ex in the Netherlands to ‘apologize’ for what he did during their relationship. He was supposed to come back Monday morning, I asked him when he was coming back, he was online and ignored me. I knew it in me that he was with her not to talk about the past for sure, I tried to call him, he ignored me even tho he was online. I sent him a text saying that if he didn’t called me that he could pretend that I never existed in his life, and he answered right away with an alright."



the joker smile GIFGiphy

"'I understand exactly how you feel (after my father's passing).... I felt exactly the same way when X broke up with me...'"

"I wish I was joking."


3 years later...

"Its a while back and like most of these comments it’s something my ex said. She said that she doesn’t fine me attractive anymore and that her feelings are not enough to love me as a boyfriend anymore but more like a good friend. We ended the relationship of 5 years and were just friends till i couldn’t do it anymore. 3 years later and I still think about it on a daily."


Not Perfect

"I'm going to make your son hate you when he gets older."


"As someone who was the kid in this situation. Just be there for him and do the best you can. You don’t have to be perfect. Just be honest. He will likely figure it out. It’s going to suck but you guys will get there."


I Still Remember

"I was in grade 3 and I was friends with 2 girls in my class. Their older sisters were a few grades above. One day they just collectively ganged up on me and told me that I can no longer play with them and they don't want to be friends with me. I was also still an only child back then and I just moved to a new school far from my best friend. I don't know why I still remember that moment but I do."



"I was 16 when my childhood best friend/boyfriend lost his battle with cancer. A few months later my big sister was ticked off and told me he was lucky he died so he didn’t have to spend the rest of his life with a *itch like me. I’m 29 and I’ll never forget the way that shattered my soul."



"I am autistic, so when I get passionate about something, I get really passionate. Like, consumes-my-life-learn-everything-there-is-to-know passionate. As a teenager, that topic was horror movies. I would talk to anyone who would listen. One day, someone interrupted me and yelled 'would you shut up??? No one cares about the stupid things you have to say!' It really hurt me and to this day I’m really hesitant to talk about my interests."


Time to say "Bye Felicia!" No one needs this mess. Be kind. Be strong.

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People Break Down The Most Beautiful Places To Visit In The United States
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America the beautiful.

So much to see. So much to experience.

Just because we don't have exotic oceans and ancient history doesn't mean there isn't majesty to take in.

There are many vacations to put together.

And now we don't have to use a paper map to plan.

Our apps and GPS have it all planned out.

Redditor driedkitten wanted to compare notes about the greatest ways to see the USA, so they asked:

"Where is the most beautiful place in the United States?"

So far the cliffs of California is my favorite part of the US.

The Falls

niagara falls GIFGiphy

"Subjective of course, but Crater Lake is certainly a sight to behold."


"My home state of Oregon is full of beautiful places, South Umpqua falls, Illinois River, and Multnomah falls. Are some favorites."


Oh Hoh...

"A tie for Acadia, Hoh rainforest, and Rainier in the fall."


"I was going to say Acadia. It's very underrated for some reason. My mom's friend by coincidence ended up being my English professor in college and we went on a trip to see family in ME. We stopped at Acadia for a day and she said it reminded her a lot of her visit to Greece."


"Hoh rainforest is absolutely devastatingly beautiful. Hiked the whole Hoh river trail when I was 17 and it's still near the top of the list for my favorite things I've ever done."


In Awe

"Glacier national park. I was continuously in awe that the place was real life."


"The vistas of this road, on a motorcycle, were beyond breathtaking to experience. Would 100% do it again. Being on a bike allowed for stops at the waterfalls where there was no room for vehicles to pull over, and the views from the tunnels under the road were supernatural."


The Road Ahead

"There is a stretch of the Navajo reservation where there is no cell service, AM or FM radio reception. The road stretches before you for miles surrounded by red rocks touching blue sky. The buzzing undercurrent of modern connectivity fades away and your brain can be truly still."


"We did a little unscheduled off-roading in that area when we came to a road closed barrier. A Navajo couple pulled up alongside us while we pondered the dirt road heading roughly in the direction we wanted to go and assured us it was passable. Really lonely place... but wonderful."


On a Clear Day

Mountain GIF by Sunshine VillageGiphy

"Mount Rainier."


"If I stand right at the doorjamb of my front door on a clear day, I have a beautiful view. I owned this house for 15 years before I figured that out. You can't see it from any other position in the doorway, or if you're outside."


Mountains are hot. That is all.

See the Country

Happy Dance GIF by PLAYMOBILGiphy

"Depends on what you’re looking for. The United States is a big place."

"For me - Hawaii is hard to beat."


Beautiful scenery...

"Zion National Park is the most well-known place in Utah. But my entire state is an outdoorsman's paradise. LOTs of beautiful scenery in both the northern and southern parts of the state."


"Totally!!! And it’s very different. I personally prefer Southern Utah because the red rocks make me feel like I’m on Mars. But I grew up in the salt lake valley, so the mountains lost a lot of their majesty. But if I’m being honest, I miss them terribly."


Smell the old growth

"I’m incredibly biased, but the most beautiful place is the California redwoods. Drive up 101, and then detour towards Petrolia. There is absolutely nothing like it. Roll down your windows and drive 35mph. Smell the old growth. Stop at the pull out. Take a small hike. It’s worth it."


"Yes, 100%. My brother lives in McKinleyville and I am going to see him the end of April. Can't wait. It's my happy place. They are like the Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls... you have to see them to believe them. Those redwoods are something else!"



"Yosemite! You drive thru the tunnel and come out the other side. Looks like heaven/Utopia."


"Did a hike in Yosemite on January 1 last year. A spectacular way to start the year. I had seen photos of it, seen it in movies, watched countless videos on Youtube about it but -nothing- prepares you for the sight of El Cap as you turn that corner. I was very nearly moved to tears."



Episode 1 Boat GIF by The SimpsonsGiphy

"The Shenandoah Valley. Its an amazing place if you're an outdoorsman. Hiking, fishing, hunting, bird watching, camping."


All the wonders of the world. I may have to check all of these out.

What did we miss? Let us know in the comments below.

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