People Explain Which Pieces Of Life Advice Can F*** Off
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Sometimes the best advice is silence.

I think we're far enough along now in the self help stage of life where everyone can just shut up.

Often times... life just sucks.

I know that is hard to hear, well it's certainly depressing, but it's imperative to embrace.

And some of these wise catchphrases need a break.

Redditor ThrilledStoic wanted to share the sage wisdom that is on everyone's last nerve. They asked:

"What life advice can just f**k off?"

"Money doesn't buy happiness."

The HELL it doesn't! Just my experience.


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“'Cheaters never prosper.' Yes they freaking do."


So Much Time

"Pretty much anything about what age you have to be to like buy a house, have kids, get married, have a career or anything like that. Seriously every person lives a different life than everyone else. Live your life the way that makes you happy. If you want. Up to you."


Head Talk

"Telling people 'It's all in your head.'"


"Mental illness is in the head, that's why it's so hard for people to recognize it and empathy with it. If someone is paralyzed you can see it, if someone is suffering from depression it is invisible. This sentence should be 'people can suffer from things you can't always see or understand so be kind to them.'"


"cleans up"

"'Live every day as if it's your last.' No. That encourages people to keep up all kinds of terrible habits cause YOLO."


"There is a TV/movie show about how a guy with terminal cancer goes around and 'cleans up" society and corrupted politicians. Can't remember the name of it, but hell it's exactly what I'd do if I knew I had a time limit."



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“Ignore the bullying and it will go away,' like wtf is that logic, if you are actively letting bullying happen to you it will only get worse (in my experience)."


Yeah, the bullies don't leave until you send them packing. Just FYI.

Higher to?

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“Never settle. Reach for the stars.”

"Sometimes knowing your limits is a good thing. Otherwise you may refuse something good because you’re trying to get something that’ll never be possible."



“'What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.' Nope— not true. Some things leave you permanently changed, and not always for the better. Yes, it is possible (and often times a good thing!) to try and find silver-linings regarding crummy situations, but to completely ignore how something may hurt someone is absolutely foolish."


"My parents used to tell me this when I had a conflict with one of our class' teachers. 'You'll get better at dealing with stubborn cruel people,' they said. Well crap, they were wrong. In reality, the case turned out to not be 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger' but more like "what doesn't kill you leaves you crippled, then mutates and tries again" instead."


Happily Ever After

"You're not married because you're too picky. So I'm supposed to settle just so I can be married? You better believe I'm going to be picky when it comes to the person I'm going to interconnect everything with for the rest of my life. In fact, I know more married people that are in unhappy marriages because they weren't picky enough. Better to be single than with the wrong person."


Just Smile

"'Don't be depressed, there are other people doing worse than you.' Thanks, I know that and try to help them sometimes.But that won't help my depression leave just because i compare myself to other people having a worse life than me."


"I just saw a suggested response on another sub. If someone says, 'Don’t be depressed, there are people worse off than you,' you can reply with, 'Don’t be happy, there are people much better off than you.”


It's all Crap

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"That things will get better with time. Really. No. Sometimes crap don't get better with time. If people have nothing productive to say don't say anything."


overworking is rampant...

"Work faster, you need to manage your time better. Nooo, they need to hire a second person. One person can only do so much."


"I often doubted myself when I noticed that I was the only one staying late in the office. One of my colleagues even goes home early. But when I ask around, turns out that a few other colleagues work in the evening and on weekends at home too. So it’s not just me lol. The issue of overworking is rampant in many industries."


a theory...

"Anything involving the idea of 'soul mates' can really set you up for a big fall."


"Me and my friends have a theory. Sometimes you just come across people in your life that you have some sort of indescribable connection with. This is our definition of soul mates. We call them soul friends, and there no limit of how many you can come across."


No person is perfect...

"Some day you'll find the perfect person. No, relationships are work. No person is perfect. It's finding someone that you can learn and grow with that you in fact looking for."


"Also, and I'm sorry, but many people die without having a special one. A lot of people do not find love. The idea that it will happen at some point is not realistic for many. Just try to live a happy and fulfilled life. If somebody comes along, great, if they don't, remember that life is way too short. Do not wait to do things when you have somebody, because they might not appear."


How is this advice?'

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"'But they're family!' I didn't know being related stopped people from being AHs."

"On the flip side, if we're family, why are you treating me like shit in the first place? 'How is this advice?' Because I'm sure we've all been told at one point or another to forgive/apologize to an abusive family member, simply because we're related, as if that changes anything. Hope that clears it up."



"'Never go to bed angry.' When you're tired and cranky, that's not the best time to solve your problems. Get some sleep, clear your head, and talk about it in the morning... preferably after breakfast, so you're not hangry."


"HALT reacting to an issue until you’re not Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired. It’s good freaking advice. Eat. Chill yourself out. Talk to a friend. Sleep. Then deal."


Time will Tell...

"It gets easier with age."


"61 here, fwiw. Depends entirely on what 'it' is. Interacting with people instead of being paralyzed with embarrassment/anxiety/self-consciousness? Yes. Having your heart broken? No. Juggling the demands of your life? ehhh... at best I'd say one gets used to it. And damn, take care of your body when you're younger - the knees and liver are only so forgiving."



Arrested Development Do Not Want GIF Giphy

"'The customer is always right.' I don't work retail or anything, but whenever I go shopping, I see a lot of customers verbally abusing store associates. It's terrible."


"I used to work in customer service and I was specifically told during my training 'The customer is never right. You are right. You know the law and the company policy, the customer knows neither of those things no matter what they say.'"


No Guarantees...

"That going to college will guarantee you a high paying job.' I heard that shit all my childhood and it just absolutely is not always true. Trade school degrees that are way cheaper can pay more and give you a better chance at a job. Wish someone would have told me this 15 years ago."


Not Always...

"Always forgive' Some acts are unforgivable. Should you work through the horrible things that were done to you so that you can heal and aren't impacted negatively on a daily basis? Yes. Does that require forgiveness? No. 'Turn the other cheek' and 'Be the bigger person' are also tidbits of life advice that tend to work out mostly in the favor of the people who always take the low road. Stand up for yourself."


Yes, things can get better. But not always. You still have to survive. Just a heads up.

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