TV Shows People Never Tire Of Rewatching

There is nothing people hate more than when a major turning point in their favorite TV show is spoiled for them.

Friends were undoubtedly lost over the fate of Derek Shepherd on Grey's Anatomy, fights broke out over who killed Omar Little on The Wire, and the identity of "A" on Pretty Little Liars.

The anger of these devoted viewers becomes more and more ironic with each passing year, as they eagerly rewatch these shows on a semi-regular basis.

Despite knowing every possible twist, turn, surprise kiss, or unexpected death.

This time, however, they don't care, as the mark of a good show is one that creates a world we just want to reenter over and over again.

Perhaps the lack of any possible "spoilers" only increases our enjoyment.

Redditor figinjosejospe was curious to hear what TV shows people simply can't watch too many times, leading them to ask:
"What show will you never get tired of rewatching?"

"A Dimension Not Only Of Sight And Sound, But Also Of Mind..."

"Twilight Zone."- whaler76

We All Need A Good Laugh...

"Whose Line Is It Anyway."- 4everlurk

The Brits Got It Right


"UK, which shouldn't need to be said, but it does."- findingthescore

Who Knew Vampires Could Be So Funny!

"What We Do in the Shadows."- zizismuq

Definitely The Crowd You Want To Be A Part of...

"IT Crowd."- zzzonked666

Reflecting On Our Past...

"Band of Brothers."- mrandmrsm

And King Of Our Hearts

"King of the Hill."- 661Lee93

The Truth Is Indeed Out There...

"X files."- Big-Pool

There's A Middle Child In All Of Us

"Malcolm in the Middle."- midoes

Live Long And Prosper!

"Star Trek: The Next Generation."- SAR81

With all the streaming services now available, not to mention promising new network shows, there are countless new series for us to enjoy.

However, sometimes committing to a new series and risking disappointment just seems less appetizing than re-watching a show we know and love.

Maybe returning to a place "where everybody knows our name", or watching Lost enough times to finally figure out if [SPOILER ALERT] the ending makes any sense...

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