So let's tell the story about the time I accidentally dated a whole-a$s child for a year.

It was my first year of college, I met a really cute guy at my part time job. We became friends pretty quickly, which turned into dates, hanging out with his family, etc.

The whole time he, and his family, tell me he is 23.

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Sex is an integral part of life. Even if you spend most of your living days single, you still need to find a little one on one human contact. It feeds the soul. But as imperative as sex is, you have to choose wisely. We compromise too much of ourselves when the sexy time is... just that good. Don't be blinded, pay attention.

Even serial killers can be good in bed, it doesn't mean we need to lay next to them.

Redditor u/ya7ta wanted everyone to share about a life weakness that binds us all together by asking... What is the biggest red flag you had overlooked because the sex was good?

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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Relationships are never easy. That is a fact we all tend to forget when we have some alone time between love interests. Admit it, how many of you have always been blue in between serious partners? Only to realize, once in you're in love again, you think, this is work. And a lot of that work comes in the boudoir. Why do so many people neglect the sex factor? If it's broke, you better fix it.

Redditor u/VILE_0RGANIZM wanted everyone to start discussing some uncomfortable facts about relationships by asking... [serious] [NSFW] People who left their SO because of the sex, what happened?

BTW.... ***THIS IS AN NC-17 PIECE***

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Image by Juergen_G from Pixabay

Many of us have lost our marbles at one time or another.

Let's face it, some people drive us crazy because of something they said or did.

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None of us are perfect.... well... besides me. But most of the mortals wandering about are doing their absolute best, every second. So it's always interesting to try to understand the reasons some people may chose to sever ties with a person. Like what could a friend have done that you would exile them? Aside from murder and philandering, let's list the reasons to dump a pal.

Redditor u/Sexysexsex6969420 wanted to discuss all the times we've been dumped by a friend by asking..... What was the dumbest reason a person had for no longer being friends with you?
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