Redditor creepystuffthrow is a plus-size woman who is engaged to someone whom she says is a “smoking hot man.” During the proposal in front of family and friends–who were in on the celebratory occasion–she noticed one person who was conspicuously missing. When she discovered the reason why she confronted that person to clear the air. […] More
Redditor /hiwhatdoisayidk and their partner had two new roommates, a couple, who recently moved into their home. A moment of defiance led to a deeply unfortunate circumstance that could have been avoided. Now there is tension in the home, and our Redditor is wondering if she was in the wrong for how things went down. […] More
People have very differing standards and levels of comfort with nudity and ways of dressing. For one woman on Reddit, her habits of swimming nude and dressing casually got her into trouble when her “prudish” mother-in-law came to stay for a month. Her refusal to be more modest caused a huge conflict, and she wasn’t […] More
The truth is, we never really know what a person is going through, and when we assume we do, we will either develop feelings of judgment or jealousy. The funny thing about jealousy is that it can go both ways. A person may think they have a reason to be jealous when they actually don’t, […] More
You always want to be there for your friends. Particularly when you know they’re going through a hard time. But, have you ever been in a situation where you tried to help, and only made things worse? Such was the case for Redditor LaidOffFromWork, who upon running into a former colleague of theirs, immediately offered […] More