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Ever scoured the Internet for something you know is out there, only to time and again end up with nothing? It's frustrating af when "Googling it" doesn't work. But you're not alone, and maybe this thread will help you.

Nerfman2227 asked, What's your internet "white whale", something you've been searching for years to find with no luck?

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This probably isn't what search engines have in mind. Image of "We Are All in the Hands of Goliath" attached.

This painting of a tiny guy walking through a valley made of huge menacing statues/beings? And the sky was reddish yellow if I recall correctly.

You'd think there would be more than one.

A comedy sketch video where Clark Kent is an idiot and everyone just pretends that they don't know he's Superman because they feel bad for him.

This is some Philip K. Dick shi_t.

An animated short of Pinocchio, where he never turns to a real boy but spends his life as a wooden toy, but people around him treat him as real. He eventually becomes a great psychologist but it's replaced by a robot. 70's style animation. Seen late at night.

Edit: found it!!! Thank you kind stranger! Been 15 years looking for it.

Well, this is certainly dark. "The Wraith of Cobble Hill."

This claymation movie about this kid who watches a shopkeeper's store while he's away. Kid steals from the shop, neglects the guy's dog for a few days, then finds out that the shopkeeper killed himself. Kid feels bad, locks up the store, takes the guy's dog home, movie ends. Won some awards, but could never find it. Was released between 2006 and 2009 IIRC.

"The Wraith of Cobble Hill"

A literal lost whale.

It's literally a whale video. A group of people rehabbed a seal and gathered on a beach to tearfully release it back into the wild... only for a killer whale to eat it immediately in a truly dramatic fashion. I have wasted many hours trying to find it.

This is a whopper considering the details. The mystery endures.

EDIT Nov. 5, 2016: I get emailed about this post like once a week asking if I've figured it out yet. Still haven't figured it out. I will edit this if I ever do.

The name of a movie I saw at a sleepover when I was probably 8 or 9. For some reason, my friend's mom kept renting this movie for her completely unaware it had nudity.

Basically, it was a thriller about this guy who was either English or American, I can't remember which, who was visiting France (I think?) and for whatever reason stopped at this one big house and stayed with these strangers for a bit. One of the people in the house was a woman who he sleeps with and then a day or two later went on his way.

However, every road he went on away from the house brought him BACK to the house, and every time he got back to the house the people wouldn't remember him. This happened over and over. It was basically like a dramatic European version of groundhog day.

I've tried searching for this movie basically since I started using the internet and I have no idea what it was called. I'm starting to think I dreamed the whole thing.


  • I would have watched this movie around 1994/1995, it wasn't a new release but I don't remember thinking that it seemed like a really old movie, so I'm guessing it was made in the early 90s or 1980s.
  • This movie didn't have any sort of amnesia plot. A lot of people have suggested it. I BELIEVE there was some sort of ghost thing that happened (spoiler alert, but it's looking more and more like I imagined this all anyway).
  • There weren't any major celebrities in it that I can remember. I think it was a European film though so there may have been some European stars in it that' I'm not familiar with.
  • I remember it being really long. It was a cool movie but after the 6th or so time of him ending up at this house we were like, "REALLY?! AGAIN?!" so it wasn't a TV show.
  • I believe it took place in the past, like the 30s.

MOVIES PEOPLE HAVE GUESSED THAT IT'S DEFINITELY NOT: The Dreamers, The Others, Tales of the Unexpected, Cemetery Man, Somewhere in Time, The Legacy, Killing Zoe, The Tenant, Novo

They are referring to "Wild Board Games." Nostalgic, isn't it?

It was a late 90's pc game set in a house with different anthropomorphic animals, each would play a different board game with you and make a comment about each play (I believe the rabbit would get annoyed and accuse you of cheating at checkers).

Oh, also you could decorate cakes in the kitchen.

Wild Board Games

Awwww, remember Corduroy?

There's a very dark children's book series that I read when I was a kid. I can't remember much except for the illustrations. I think it was all stuffed animals, but there were good ones and very bad ones. The main character was a teddy bear that reminded me of Winney the Pooh, but with loose stitches and some stuffing maybe poking out. The main bad guy I think was a marionette that was very creepy. The illustrations were always very dark and the stories always had a sense of sadness and the futility of good trying to overcome evil. I checked out several of these from my middle school library but I just can't remember anything else about the series, much less the title.

Hint: it's not Minesweeper... what is it?

The program on windows that you could shoot up and bomb your desktop screen as much as you wanted. What was that called and where do I find it again?

It's Desktop Toys!

Paying it forward by paying homage to this AMAZING animated series.

I recently just found my white whale, and since I've seen no one hint at it I'll leave it here in case it helps someone anyway.

The Pirates Of Darkwater.

Change your life.

This is pretty depressing and will probably never be solved.

This'll get buried, but it's a story worth getting off my chest. My white whale is a girl from AUS (I'm Canadian.) We met on a fantasy RP chatroom and were assigned characters in different houses and over the next year we fell in love. It was 95% in-game that it happened, but in private messages and on MSN, it seemed like more than that. Everyone else in the channel knew who we were and what was happening and thought it was among the most adorable things they'd ever seen.

I never met her when voice chat was a thing. She only ever sent one picture, too. One day, she disappeared. I spoke with other people on the channel who were close to her who mentioned that she had problems at home. Whatever they were, we never spoke again. This all happened around 13-14 years ago. At least 8 years back, I sent a message out to as many Samantha Andersons as I could find on Facebook in Australia, asking if any had ever gone by "Lily," but it was something of a lost cause.

I haven't been searching of late, but I still wonder.

There were TV movies I saw as a kid that I can't find anywhere. I feel the hurt.

Back when I was a youngin (about 1998 or so) the Lord of the Flies was on TV and I was watching it. A song came on (apparently during a commercial because that movie doesn't have a damn soundtrack) that was the most beautiful sound, to this day I remember the tune because it was just like instant silken eargasm, but of course it had no lyrics and it was on a commercial and I've never been able to find it ever again.

Even on the whole internet.

If this sounds like an 80's flick... that's because it is.

A movie where a grandmother type nanny moves in with a family and she happens to be an Android.

She can pour tea out of her pinky finger that's all I remember.

The movie is called "The Electric Grandmother."

OMG, if only.

A download for Kid Pix studios.

If this is really a thing, I definitely want to see it.

A video where Jesus is at a swim meet and when the gun goes off, he takes off running across the water.

Clint Patterson/Unsplash

Conspiracy theories are beliefs that there are covert powers that be changing the course of history for their own benefits. It's how we see the rise of QAnon conspiracies and people storming the capital.

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