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People Explain Which TV Shows Were Great At First And Later Became Unwatchable
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You know, try as I might, I just can't bring myself to bother with The Walking Dead. I quit the show some years ago, probably around the time of that weird fakeout with Glen in the dumpster (and then his actual death right after that), but the truth is that the show was getting on my nerves for some time before that.

Did anyone actually care about all the nonsense going on with Deanna and the citizens of Alexandria? And can we go back a bit further and talk about how ludicrous Beth's death at the hands of some power-tripping officer in a hospital ward was? There was such a noticeable drop in quality after the third season that I questioned why I kept tuning in.

But this show is far from the only one to make people want to throw their remotes at their television screens.

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People Break Down Which Professions Hollywood Gets Completely Wrong
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More often than not, what gets us to keep tuning in to our favorite TV shows, or drawn to certain movies, is to get a glimpse into various professions which fascinate us, but which we wouldn't ever want to work ourselves.

Needless to say, there aren't many people who find the Indiana Jones films to be a remotely accurate depiction of archaeology, or that the Jurassic Park films show what paleontology is really like.

But many people tend to watch iconic procedurals like Grey's Anatomy and Law & Order under the notion that they both give an accurate depiction of the medical field and the legal world.

Only, how accurate are they?

Redditor Just_Surround_2108 was curious to learn which professions have been documented on screen without as much research as one might expect, leading them to ask:

"What profession does Hollywood get completely wrong in films and TV?"
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People Break Down Which Comfort TV Shows They Could Watch Endlessly
Touchstone Television

Streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu have enough shows that we'll never have enough hours of our lives to watch all of them.

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People Divulge Which Movies Or TV Shows Didn't Do Their Research On The World They Portray
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While the beautiful doctors might be the main reason viewers have been tuning in to Grey's Anatomy for nearly 20 years, one imagines it's also the curiosity of what it’s really like to be a doctor.

Which could also explain why we have no shortage of medical dramas, including The Good Doctor and The Resident.

Indeed, the biggest selling point for many movies and TV shows might be the audience's desire to learn more about the subject it presents.

But, do these films and television shows really offer an accurate depiction?

Redditor teskar2 was curious to learn which films and tv shows gave a less than authentic depiction of their respective subjects, leading them to ask:

"What movie/tv show clearly didn’t research the subject it tackled?"
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People Break Down Which TV Shows Never Had A Bad Episode
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So much time, effort, and energy goes into creating a television show, either for broadcast networks or streaming services, that you can't imagine any show is trying to be bad on purpose. It just means not every episode will be a slam dunk, "best episode ever," and that's fine. You can't be perfect all the time, right?

Then shows like these come along. Shows that, for a variety of reasons, were able to hit that, "Every episode is perfect" threshold, and might be worth your time checking out.

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