Horror Movie Enthusiasts Reveal The Films That Scared Them The Most

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While some prefer to avoid things that frighten us, some people will pay to be scared. Whether it's movies, books, TV shows or amusement parks, horror is big business. In 2017 alone, horror movies grossed $983,741,727 domestically.

Reddit user a_random_user0000 asked "Horror movie enthusiasts, what's the most terrifying horror movie you've seen?"

Here are the frightening recommendations.

The Grudge

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The Grudge has always terrified me.

When I was young, one of the tv channels had it on reruns every Horror Friday.

The sounds from that movie still mess me up.

The thumping sounds of something crawling down the stairs and the throat sound....

The Strangers

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In my opinion, it's totally The Strangers.

-"Why are you doing this to us?"

-"Because you were home"

Goosebumps/henflesh every time.

Dark Skies

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Dark Skies. I love aliens and was never really scared of them. But then I watched that movie and I don't know why but it freaked me the out. Now I'm scared of aliens. This is coming from someone who NEVER gets scared.

The Sixth Sense

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The Sixth Sense: when the kid says "Come on, I'll show you where my dad keeps his gun" and turns around. Nightmares for days.

I snuck into that film at the cinema underage and definitely shouldn't have.


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Insidious scared the s* out of me. Mainly because of the red face demon behind the main character. It was something I definitely did not expect. I couldn't sleep for three days. That never happened to me.


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The french version of Martyrs (2008), the horror mostly comes from the psychological part but, the gore is pretty gnarly, too.

The nihilism is the best part. It almost reminds me of Rosemary's Baby but the nihilism is what truly makes it sick and also great.

I took a class in uni on the Gothic and had to write a presentation on this film. I had to watch it more than once and then analyze it. Needless to say, I did most of my watching and analyzing in the middle of the day, followed by some cat videos.

Event Horizon

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Event Horizon

I love scary movies and usually watch them alone at night. I started watching this alone at night and had to stop and finish it in the morning.

The Descent

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The Descent

The scariest part of that film had nothing to do with the monsters (when she gets stuck and looses the bag near the start, really made me feel trapped in there with her)

I also noticed there was barely a sign of them until half way through, which managed to keep the film so tense and exciting. Many films play the reveal too early and then have to keep the film going with silliness. If you watch it again with the brightness and contrast up to the max, you can actually see the creatures lurking in the tunnels during some scenes.


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Shutter, the original Thai version. I love scary movies, that's the only time I've ever found a film too scary.


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Sinister is really an homage to horror, I saw the writer talk about it, saying that they used no gore, no swearing, no sex, and went for a PG-13 rating and it was supposed to be kind of campy and cheesy. It came back with an R rating for "suspense and terror".

I love horror. Watch it all the time! I think I'm pretty brave in terms of not covering my eyes or getting too swept up in things.

Sinister made me cry.

Session 9

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Session 9

That movie really creeped me out. Probably my favorite of the horror genre. It's just a really good movie.

Rosemary's Baby

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For me it's probably Rosemary's Baby, but not because of the whole demon baby thing. The real horror of that movie is psychological. It's depiction of emotional abuse is way too real for anyone who's experienced it first-hand.

The Conjuring

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The Conjuring (The first one). No horror movie quite tops that movie for me. From the soundtrack to the eery vibe that whole movie gives.

A Quiet Place

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Don't think it's a true horror, but I've already watched A Quiet Place twice. Beautiful movie.

The Changeling

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The Changeling from 1980.

No sex. No violence. No gore.

Purely cerebral.

"My medal.... my medal... my medal...."

Funny Games

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I don't think I would necessarily call it "terrifying", but the original Austrian version of the movie Funny Games really disturbed me when I watched it. It was really good, but I don't think I would care to watch it again.

The Witch

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The Witch.

Finally, witches how witches should be. Love the choice to use period correct language, even though I had to keep the subtitles on to help follow along.

The Thing

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John Carpenter's The Thing. I still can't watch it alone, and I still can't figure out how they did some of the special effects for that movie.

The Ring

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The Ring.

We used to have one of those old combos, where the VCR was built right into the TV. It was a piece of sh!# that I picked up second hand, but it worked fine. Except for the fact that it would randomly turn itself on every once in a while.

Prior to watching The Ring, that feature was a mild annoyance. Afterwards, it was terror inducing.


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REC is an amazing Spanish found footage zombie movie. It starts slowly with a documentary film crew following a team of firefighters, but once it kicks into high gear it becomes a relentless, claustrophobic, violent hell ride.

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