People Confess How They Got The School Bully To Back Off Forever

Why do bullies bully? More importantly... how do we get bullies to back off?

Can we just use words? Does it always have to resort to violence?

There is no reason in this world for anyone to be a bully. It's all about power and self worth.

The bully has none and it's all they want.

RedditorYaboi2tallwanted to hear about how bullies can be stopped.

They asked:

"How did you get a high school bully to never mess with you again?"

I swung on my bully, with a pencil. Never had an issue again.

Pea Soup?

"Vomited all over him. After that he never messed with me again."


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"A group of sociopaths from my school that always tormented us followed me and my friends to my house one day in a pick up truck. They stole my friends shoes, pushed one of them until she fell, and took my sketchpad and threw it in a puddle. My stepbrother came outside, beat one of them badly, stole his pants, and threw his keys into a sewer grave before hitting him with an empty vodka bottle. It was traumatizing for me on both ends, but that group of kids never even looked at us again."


"Watch it!"

"He tried to shove me down an embankment while on a field trip. Had I fallen, I would have broken my leg or worse, because the embankment ended about 25 feet down, then dropped off into some deep brush and trees. Anyhow, my best friend was next to me, and said 'Watch it!' as he came at me."

"I side-stepped him, and he tumbled down the embankment and over the edge into the brush. Fractured several ribs, dislocated his shoulder and broke his ankle. He never did anything to me again. F**k you Darren! You b**ch!"



"She told me, my face made her want to kill herself. So I told the school counselor that she had confided in me she wanted to kill herself. She had to explain to the everyone what she really said. She would call me fat, and ugly everyday. She also would tell me I was trash because I was adopted. 'Your own mother thought you were so ugly she didn't want you.'"


Think Twice

"Made friends in the football team. Bullies think twice when you are buddies with a 6'2 250 pound Samoan. Crazy how nice so many Samoans are."


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I do like Football players. I knew they'd good for something.


"I was bullied for my wheelchair, so I ran their feet over."


"Fast and furious."


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The End

"A bully was harassing my daughter on the bus. Instead of calling his folks, or jumping on him, I did this…"

"I pulled him aside at the bus stop one day and asked for his help. “Hey Danny. I was hoping you could help me out. I guess there’s a kid on the bus who is picking on my daughter. She’s a girl and small and I’d like for you to help protect her. If you see anything like that, could you stick up for her please and let me know about it.'" That was the end of the bullying."





"Pretty much the same. Stopped associating with our mutual friends when I realized they're not my friends if they're friends with a bully like this person and ever since we graduated, and I've been out of that social bubble, it's just was over."


My Chair

"Not a bully per se, but a d**k." In my French class a guy who sat behind me would always kick my chair repeatedly, and I was at the point where I was visibly infuriated by this happening every lesson. The girl who sat next to me turned to him and said 'Hey, you should probably stop doing that, he looks like he's about to hit you.'"

"Guy laughed it off and said I wouldn't. I didn't, but I turned around and cocked my arm back. He was leaning back on the hind legs of his chair with his feet on mine, so when I did this, he flinched, fell backwards off his chair, and got a few laughs from the people behind us. He never kicked my chair after that."



"Challenged him to a fight at lunch, left during the period before lunch to move 800 miles away."


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I Love U... Not!

"I knew a girl like that in middle school. She made my bus rides to school and back miserable. Constantly abused me physically the whole school year. Stole my sweater to wear it herself. On the last day of school her friend handed me my sweater and a note that explained how she had a huge crush on me, asking me out, etc. On my walk home I crumpled that shit up and threw it as far as I could. Some girls have some f**ked up ways of showing affection, lol."


Never Again

"It wasn't high school, but it was summer camp and I was about 8 or 9 years old. This slightly older kid was always a huge bully, just total dbag for nothing. I went home and told my dad about it and he said 'next time he does something, punch him i the face, and if you do, I'll take you to a baseball game.'"

"Next day at camp I was minding my own business on the 4 square line, he came up and said something and I punched this fool right in the face. He was shocked, never said one bad thing to me ever again, and let me cut him in the 4 square line in my next turn."

"It was actually a great life lesson on how to stand up for yourself. I didn't start going around picking on kids or needlessly beating people up, but I never was bullied again. And yes, my dad took me to a ballgame."


Full Force

"Hit him in the face with a water bottle. For some reason I couldn't stand up for myself, but he started bugging my friend. It was during after school band practice (which my mom forced me into anyway, I already didn't want to be there). For some reason him teasing my friend just made me slug him full force in the face with said (plastic) water bottle. That got other students and the teacher involved. He didn't bug us again."



"Middle school. The bully challenged me to a fight after school. I told him to meet me on the soccer field which happened to be visible from where my bus home would park."

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"I made sure to get out of school as quickly as possible and sat on the bus so I could clearly see the field. As I expected, he never showed up. The next day at school I announced loudly so several classmates could hear 'Jason, you never showed up for our fight. I waited there after school and you never showed up. You are a f**king chicken. That was the end of the bullying."


Grade 11

"Started rugby in grade 10. Stood up to him in grade 11 and he got mad and he tried to kick me. I was almost 6 foot by then but always tall and weak, well training for rugby sort of fixed that a little so when he kicked me I caught his foot and whew I let it go it was a above my head... he fell backwards and landed on the back of his head, he never talked to me again."


One Day

"I didn't lol. I fought back, I got my a** kicked. I ran... he'd wait for me somewhere else and get my a** kicked. I fought back successfully once and it just made him and his friends jump me and my friends. Now he takes my sweaty towels from me at the gym so I make sure to make them as gross as I can."



"A friend of mine was being bullied at school decades ago, and after a few days of it, he stood up to the bully and said, 'Listen. If you keep doing this, we're gonna fight. And you may beat me, but we're gonna fight again, and again, and you're going to have to fight me every day until you leave me alone.' The kid left him alone."


Fancy Moves

"Headbutt, broke his nose. Got expelled 2 day, but i'm really happy I did. I don't remember him bullying anyone else after this :) "


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Sometimes all it takes is one good punch. Not that I'm advocating violence. But most bullies are just cowards.