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People Break Down The Dumbest Thing Someone's Ever Made Fun Of Them About

"Reddit user lionprincesslioness asked: 'What is the dumbest thing somebody has made fun of you for?'"

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Kids can be cruel.

We tend to be taught way too late just how much gravity words carry.

And kids who taunt others turn into adults who taunt others or become vicious adult bullies.

Making fun of someone is never okay.

But some insults make little to no sense.

Some people will come up with ammunition to throw at others that is so off the wall that you have to laugh before you cry.

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Person with kick-me sign on their back
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Even if society as a whole seems to become more tolerant with each passing year, bullying still remains an ever-growing problem.

Particularly at schools.

Some might say bullying has only gotten worse, as social media often means children are no longer safe when they're out of school hallways and in the comfort of their own homes.

What is perhaps most disturbing and perplexing about bullying is there is never a justifiable reason for people to behave so appallingly.

Often, children bully other children to make them seem cool or powerful in the eyes of others.

Most of the time, they will also pinpoint a certain thing about their helpless victims as a feeble excuse to justify their bullying.

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People Break Down The Times A Bully Absolutely Went Too Far
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Bullying seems to be a concept that has always been around. It comes in all forms, and in varying degrees.

Sometimes, the bullying can be mild and temporary. That doesn't make it okay, but it does make the bullying easier to deal with.

Other times, the bullying is harsh, and can even go too far. Sometimes, that can mean relentless teasing. Othertimes, it can mean that a bully took their torment to a new level, even proceeding into physical violence.

Whatever the case, when bullying goes too far, it sticks with you. Sometimes, you get revenge. Other times, you just deal with it until you can find a solution. Whichever method you choose, you will never forget it.

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People Confess How They Got The School Bully To Back Off Forever

Why do bullies bully? More importantly... how do we get bullies to back off?

Can we just use words? Does it always have to resort to violence?

There is no reason in this world for anyone to be a bully. It's all about power and self worth.

The bully has none and it's all they want.

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People Confess What They've Been Bullied About In The Past
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When you're young, being the victim of bullying can be a common problem. According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, "One out of every five... students report being bullied."

Bullying comes in all forms, including verbal teasing, physical violence, and cyberbullying. Bullying also focuses on a variety of different "reasons."

The National Center for Educational Statistics reports that students are bullied for uncontrollable factors, including, "...physical appearance, race/ethnicity, gender, disability, religion, sexual orientation."

While bullying is in no way okay, and should never be accepted, it might help to know no one is ever alone.

That may have been the thought process behind the question Redditor Melkermyrendal asked:

"What have you been bullied for?"
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